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Yamamoto Isoroku

by Mark Stille & Adam Hook

Yamamoto Isoroku is the most well-known of Japan's military leaders and his name will be forever linked to the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Because the attack was such an apparent success, he has gone down as...

Tokugawa Ieyasu

by Stephen Turnbull & Giuseppe Rava

Towards the end of the 16th century three outstanding commanders brought Japan's century of civil wars to an end, and even though reunification was first achieved under Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it was his successor...

Demyansk 1942-43: The Frozen Fortress

by Robert Forczyk & Peter Dennis

The fighting around the town of Demyansk was one of the longest encirclement battles on the Eastern Front during the Second World War, stretching from February 1942 to February 1943. Originally, the German 16....

Twelve Desperate Miles: The Epic World War II Voyage of the SS Contessa

by Tim Brady

The Dirty Dozen meets Band of Brothers in this true story of how a rusty old New Orleans banana boat staffed with an unlikely crew of international merchant seamen, a gang of inmates from a local jail, and...

Occupy: American Spring: The Making of a Revolution

by Buck Sexton

Glenn Beck TV and Blaze correspondent Buck Sexton goes behind the scenes at Occupy Wall Street and explores the radical roots and revolutionary goals that lie beneath the not-so-ragtag movement.

Occupy Wall Street...

Undefeated: America's Heroic Fight for Bataan and Corregidor

by Bill Sloan

Based on exclusive interviews with more than thirty survivors, Undefeated tells the courageous story of the outnumbered American soldiers and airmen who stood against invading Japanese forces in the Philippines...

American Canopy: Trees, Forests, and the Making of a Nation

by Eric Rutkow

This fascinating and groundbreaking work tells the remarkable story of the relationship between Americans and their trees across the entire span of our nation's history.

Like many of us, historians have long...

When the Tea Party Came to Town: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives' Most Combative, Dysfunctional, and Infuriating Term in Modern History

by Robert Draper

When the Tea Party Came to Town demonstrates Robert Draper’s uncanny ability to ferret out news-making tidbits and provides us with the first look at this game-changing Congress—sure to be a classic work....

Oklahoma City: What the Investigation Missed--and Why It Still Matters

by Andrew Gumbel & Roger G. Charles

In the early morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh drove into downtown Oklahoma City in a rented Ryder truck containing a deadly fertilizer bomb that he and his army buddy Terry Nichols had made the previous...

First Founders: American Puritans and Puritanism in an Atlantic World

by Francis J. Bremer

An introduction to the diverse lives of the Puritan founders by a leading expert

Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948

by Madeleine Albright

Before Madeleine Albright turned twelve, her life was shaken by the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia—the country where she was born—the Battle of Britain, the near total destruction of European Jewry, the...

Nights Out: Life in Cosmopolitan London

by Judith Walkowitz

London’s Soho district underwent a spectacular transformation between the late Victorian era and the end of the Second World War: its old buildings and dark streets infamous for sex, crime, political disloyalty,...

Opium: Reality's Dark Dream

by Thomas Dormandy

Opium and its derivatives morphine and heroin have destroyed, corrupted, and killed individuals, families, communities, and even whole nations. And yet, for most of its long history, opium has also been humanity's...

Carved from Granite: West Point Since 1902

by Lance Betros

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of America’s oldest and most revered institutions. Founded in 1802, its first and only mission is to prepare young men—and, since 1976, young women—to...

The Chaplain's Conflict: Good and Evil in a War Hospital, 1943-1945

by Tennant McWilliams

As chaplain for the US Army's 102nd Evacuation Hospital in the European Theater, Renwick C. Kennedy--"Ren" to those who knew him--witnessed great courage, extreme talent, and many lives snatched from the precipice...

Allies at Dieppe: 4 Commando and the Us Rangers: Operation Cauldron

by Will Fowler

Written by celebrated author Will Fowler, Allies at Dieppe: 4 Commando and the US Rangers tells the fascinating history of that fateful landing. The heroic, ultimately unsuccessful, landings of the British and...

Berlin on the Brink: The Blockade, the Airlift, and the Early Cold War

by Daniel F. Harrington

The Berlin blockade brought former allies to the brink of war. Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union defeated and began their occupation of Germany in 1945, and within a few years, the Soviets...

Researching Your Irish Ancestors at Home and Abroad

by David R. Elliott

This book will help those who are searching for ancestors in Ireland. David R.Elliott gives practical advice on preparing for your trip with tips on travel, driving, accommodation, and meals. An annotated bibliography...

The Secrets of Pirate Management: From "The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates"

by Peter T. Leeson

What can today's corporate raiders learn from the scourge of the high seas? A lot, as it turns out! Pirates have a surprising amount to teach about building better organizations, promoting diversity in the workplace,...

The Education of Barack Obama: From "Reading Obama"

by James T. Kloppenberg

If you really want to know what makes Barack Obama tick, you need to understand his education. James T. Kloppenberg explains the rich American intellectual tradition that shapes Obama's beliefs and influences...