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Leadership Secrets of Liu Bang: The Emperor of China's Han Dynasty with a Surprising Connection with Steven Spielberg

by Ryuho Okawa

Liu Bang, also known as Gaozu, began from humble peasant roots and served as a police officer under the Qin dynasty. He rose through the ranks, first receiving control of western China, and eventually becoming...

The Blitzed City: The Destruction of Coventry, 1940

by Karen Farrington

The Luftwaffe's targetting and destruction of Coventry city remains the biggest and most destructive air raid on British soil during the Second World War. Seen as a centre of British armaments production, the...

Rebel Girls: How votes for women changed Edwardian lives

by Jill Liddington

Rejecting the deadening conventions of their Victorian elders, the rebel girls demanded new freedoms and new rights. They took their suffrage message out to the remotest Yorkshire dales and fishing harbours,...

Black Blue Bloods: Legacy of an African-American Plantation Owner

by Christopher Emil Williams

The Saxons always knew three things in life: church, school and farming.  Having land made them free to own their souls.  When they took good care of the land, it took good care of them.  This was the sacred...

Law Dogs: Great Cops in American History

by Lt. Dan Marcou

Law Dogs presents more than thirty real-life stories about law officers who have distinguished themselves by going above and beyond the call of duty. From Texas Rangers to US Deputy Marshalls, FBI agents to...

TIME-LIFE World War II: 1945: The Final Victories

by The Editors of Cooking Light Magazine

The name TIME-LIFE has become synonymous with providing readers with a deeper understanding of subjects and world events that matter to us all. Now, as the U.S. commemorates the 70th anniversary of the end of...

The Strait Gate: Thresholds and Power in Western History

by Daniel Jütte (Jutte)

Exploring a chapter in the cultural history of the West not yet probed, The Strait Gate demonstrates how doors, gates, and related technologies such as the key and the lock have shaped the way we perceive and...

Rising Sun Victorious: Alternate Histories of the Pacific War

by Peter G. Tsouras

In war, victory can be held hostage to seemingly insignificant incidents–chance events, opportunities seized or cast aside–that can derail the most brilliant military strategies and change the course of history....

The Mighty Eighth: The Air War in Europe as Told by the Men Who Fought It

by Gerald Astor

Europe has fallen. Pearl Harbor is in flames. Enter: the Eighth.

In 1941 the RAF fought a desperate battle of survival against the Luftwaffe over Britain. Then, from across the Atlantic, came a new generation...

Racism: A Short History

by George M. Fredrickson & Albert Camarillo

Are antisemitism and white supremacy manifestations of a general phenomenon? Why didn't racism appear in Europe before the fourteenth century, and why did it flourish as never before in the eighteenth and nineteenth...

Freddie Steinmark: Faith, Family, Football

by Thomas J. Cryan & Bower Yousse

Freddie Steinmark started at safety for the undefeated University of Texas Longhorns in 1969. In the thrilling "Game of the Century," a come-from-behind victory against Arkansas that ensured Texas the national...

Border Sanctuary: The Conservation Legacy of the Santa Ana Land Grant

by Morgan Jane Morgan

The Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge lies on the northern bank of the Rio Grande in South Texas, about seventy miles upriver from the Gulf of Mexico. In Border Sanctuary, M.J. Morgan uncovers how 2,000 acres...

Contested Empire: Rethinking the Texas Revolution

by Gerald D. Saxon, Sam W. Haynes & Gregg Cantrell

To a large degree, the story of Texas’ secession from Mexico has been undertaken by scholars of the state. Early twentieth century historians of the revolutionary period, most notably Eugene Barker and William...

The Village of Waiting

by George Packer

Now restored to print with a new Foreword by Philip Gourevitch and an Afterword by the author, this book is a frank, moving, and vivid account of contemporary life in West Africa. Stationed as a Peace Corps...

Paradise of the Pacific

by Susanna Moore

The dramatic history of America's tropical paradise

The history of Hawaii may be said to be the story of arrivals--from the eruption of volcanoes on the ocean floor 18,000 feet below, the first hardy seeds that...

The Israeli Mind

by Alon Gratch

Israelis are bold and visionary, passionate and generous. But they can also be grandiose and self-absorbed. Emerging from the depths of Jewish history and the drama of the Zionist rebellion against it, they...

The Making of Asian America: A History

by Erika Lee

The definitive history of Asian Americans by one of the nation’s preeminent scholars on the subject.

In the past fifty years, Asian Americans have helped change the face of America and are now the fastest growing...

Jacob L. Devers: A General's Life

by James Scott Wheeler & Rick Atkinson

General Jacob L. "Jake" Devers (1897--1979) was one of only two officers -- the other was Omar C. Bradley -- to command an army group during the decisive campaigns of 1944--1945 that liberated Europe and ended...


by Robyn Mary McSweeney

This is the amazing story of my great grandfather Albert Edmund Cockram who was, in his time, was the largest importer of Thoroughbred Racehorses into Australia from Europe and New Zealand.  The best blood...

Greek Satyr Play: Five Studies

by Mark Griffith

With a new introduction and some revisions, these reprinted essays on Classical Greek satyr plays suggest new critical approaches to this important dramatic genre. Griffith argues that satyr plays presented...