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State, Economy and the Great Divergence: Great Britain and China, 1680s-1850s

by Peer Vries

State, Economy and the Great Divergence provides a new analysis of what has become the central debate in global economic history: the 'great divergence' between European and Asian growth. Focusing on early modern...

Black Shame: African Soldiers in Europe, 1914-1922

by Dick van Galen Last, Marjolijn De Jager & Ralf Futselaar

Black Shame offers a detailed analysis of the recruitment and deployment of � and reactions to � African soldiers in the WWI European theatre of war. In so doing, the book paints a vivid picture of the wider...

Youth, Heroism and War Propaganda: Britain and the Young Maritime Hero, 1745-1820

by D. A. B. Ronald

Youth, Heroism and Naval Propaganda explores how the young maritime hero became a major new figure of war propaganda in the second half of the long eighteenth century. At that time, Britain was searching for...

Media, Propaganda and Politics in 20th-Century Japan

by The Asahi Shimbun Company, Barak Kushner & Yoichi Funabashi

This book investigates the role played by the Asahi Newspaper, one of Japan's largest daily newspapers, as a mediator of information and power during the 20th century. Members of the staff at the paper, including...

Public History: A Practical Guide

by Faye Sayer

Public History: A Practical Guide explores history in the public sphere and examines the variety of skills that historians require in the practice of public history. It discusses how through various mediums...

Gabrielle Petit: The Death and Life of a Female Spy in the First World War

by Sophie De Schaepdrijver

In central Brussels stands a statue of a young woman. Built in 1923, it is the first monument to a working-class woman in European history. Her name was Gabrielle Petit. History has forgotten Petit, an ambitious...

A History of the Urals: Russia's Crucible from Early Empire to the Post-Soviet Era

by Paul Dukes

The Urals are best known as the boundary between Europe and Asia. A History of the Urals demonstrates the region's importance in its own right, as a crucible of Russia's defence industry in particular.

In the...

A Short History of Britain

by Jeremy Black

Covering over 2,000 years in under 200 pages, Jeremy Black takes the reader on a breathless tour of British history, providing invaluable context for students of any period. A truly British overview, this book...

Language of War, Language of Peace: Palestine, Israel and the Search for Justice

by Raja Shehadeh

Award-winning author Raja Shehadeh explores the politics of language and the language of politics in the Israeli Palestine conflict, reflecting on the walls that they create - legal and cultural - that confine...

Alien Imaginations: Science Fiction and Tales of Transnationalism

by Ulrike Küchler, Silja Maehl & Graeme Stout

As both an extra-terrestrial and a terrestrial migrant, the alien provides a critical framework to help us understand the interactions between cultures and to explore the transgressive force of travel over geographical,...

Clinton's Grand Strategy: US Foreign Policy in a Post-Cold War World

by James D. Boys

President Clinton's time in office coincided with historic global events following the end of the Cold War. The collapse of Communism called for a new US Grand Strategy to address the emerging geopolitical era...

Design and the Question of History

by Tony Fry, Clive Dilnot & Susan Stewart

Design and the Question of History is not a work of Design History. Rather, it is a mixture of mediation, advocacy and polemic that takes seriously the directive force of design as an historical actor in and...

The Black Pacific: Anti-Colonial Struggles and Oceanic Connections

by Robbie Shilliam

Why have the struggles of the African Diaspora so resonated with South Pacific people? How have Maori, Pasifika and Pakeha activists incorporated the ideologies of the African diaspora into their struggle against...

Sex Versus Survival: The Life and Ideas of Sabina Spielrein

by John Launer

The first full and accessible account of one of the most significant and overlooked figures in the field of sexual psychology

Who was Sabina Spielrein? She is probably best known for her notorious affair with...

The World of States

by John L. Campbell & John A. Hall

This book is a historical account of state forms in the 21st century, outlining characteristics that make states effective. It analyses the emergence of NICs, the future of American hegemony and much more. Accessible...

Alliance: The Inside Story of How Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill Won One War and Began Another

by Jonathan Fenby

The history of the Second World War is usually told through its decisive battles and campaigns. But behind the front lines, behind even the command centres of Allied generals and military planners, a different...

A Companion to Ronald Reagan

by Andrew L. Johns

A Companion to Ronald Reagan evaluates in unprecedenteddetail the events, policies, politics, and people of Reagan’sadministration. It assesses the scope and influence of his variouscareers within the context...

Life Among the Apaches: The Classic History of Native American Life on the Plains

by John C. Cremony

One of the original seventeenth-century historical accounts of the Apaches and the southwestern American Indians.

John C. Cremony’s first encounter with the Indians of the Southwest occurred in the early 1850s,...

Bayonets, Balloons & Ironclads: Britain and France Take Sides with the South

by Peter G. Tsouras

This fascinating third volume in the Britannia's Fist series will have you pondering how easily history could have been swayed differently.

What if other countries had become involved in America’s Civil War?...

Autobiography of an Archive: A Scholar's Passage to India

by Nicholas B. Dirks

The decades between 1970 and the end of the twentieth century saw the disciplines of history and anthropology draw closer together, with historians paying more attention to social and cultural factors and the...