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Street Without Joy: The French Debacle in Indochina

by Bernard Fall

A poignant, angry, articulate book Newsweek 'Mr Fall's book is a dramatic treatment of a historic event graphic impact New York Times Originally published in 1961, before the United States escalated its involvement...

Voyages of the Discovery: An illustrated history of Scott's Ship

by Ann Savours

Discovery was built for Captain Scott's first Antarctic expedition of 1901-04 and was launched more than 100 years ago in 1901, at Dundee. She had a long and intriguing career before her final voyage back there...

Three's Company

by Jack T C Long

No 3 Squadron was formed at Larkhill in 1912 from the No 2 (Aeroplane} Company under the command of the famous Major Robert Brooke-Popham. More importantly the squadron was the first in the RFC to be equipped...

Coasters: An Illustrated History

by Roy Fenton

John Masefield's 'dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack, butting through the Channel in the mad March days' has become a ship type of universal appeal, both for its simple, functional beauty and...

The Fighting Cocks: 43 (Fighter) Squadron

by Jimmy Beedle

In April 1916, a group of early aviators gathered in the fields beneath the crags and ramparts of Stirling Castle to form what was to become one of the Royal Air Force's most distinguished fighter squadrons....

Mosquito to Berlin: Story of 'Bertie' Boulter DFC, One of Bennett's Pathfinders

by Peter Bodle FRAeS & Bertie Boulter DFC

When Don Bennett formed the Pathfinder squadrons in 1942, the majority of the chosen pilots were highly experienced aircrew who had learned their skills in the opening years of World War Two. Some, however,...

Sieges of Alexander the Great

by Stephen English

During his spectacular career of conquest Alexander the Great attacked many cities and fortresses, never failing to take them. Such operations occupied more of his time than his famous pitched battles and were...

Prisoners Of Santo Tomas

by Celia Lucas

There have been countless books about the sub-human brutality of the Japanese to their prisoners-of-war, nearly all of which have been written by Soldiers. There have been few, if any, books which describe what...

Japanese Heavy Cruisers: Myoko and Takao Classes

by Steve Backer

The 'ShipCraft' series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject...

Tupolev TU-22

by Sergey Burdin

This historic Russian aircraft was first delivered to the Soviet Air Force at the height of the Cold War in 1961. It remained in service until replaced by the much modified Tu-22M Backfire which was introduced...

No Memorial: The story of a Triumph of Courage over Misfortune and Mind over Body

by Anthony Babington

This is the story of a man who was wounded in Holland during the war and returned to consciousness to find that his right arm and leg were paralysed and that he was unable to speak. After a long struggle he...

Naseby-June 1645: English Civil War

by Philip Burton, Martin Marix Evans & M Westaway

The Battle of Naseby was the decisive engagement of the English Civil War and the battlefield is the first to have been radically reinterpreted in the light of metal detector research. This guide, co-authored...

Life & Death Afrika Korps

by Robin Lewin

Afrika Korps is an illustrated record of Field-Marshal Erwin Rommel and his desert troops that fought in North Africa against British and Commonwealth forces between 1941 and 1943. Using previously rare and...

King George V Shipcraft

by Roger Chesneau

The 'ShipCraft' series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject...

Douglas A-4 Skyhawk: Attack & Close-Support Fighter Bomber

by Jim Winchester

The Skyhawk first entered service with the US Navy almost 50 years ago. It is still in service with various US units and remains the backbone of many of the air forces of those countries to which it has been...

The Venlo Incident: A True Story of Double-Dealing, Captivity, and a Murderous Nazi Plot

by Nigel Jones

In November 1939, the Nazis used the so-called Venlo Incident as a pretext for invading the Netherlands. Following orders from Himmler, two British intelligence officers, Sigismund Payne Best and Richard Stevens,...

Special Operations in Iraq

by Mike Ryan

This sensational book reveals the true and compelling story of the Special Force units of the Coalition, such as the SAS, SBS and Delta Force who worked in the shadows, often unseen, unheard and unsung. It describes...

Rorke's Drift: Zulu War

by Ian Knight & Ian Castle

The heroic defence of the mission station at Rorke's Drift became the epic action of the Anglo-Zulu War. A small garrison defended this valuable border-post for ten hours and in the process won the northern...

Britain's Brigade of Gurkhas

by E.D Smith

Four regiments of Nepalese mountaineers remained with the British Army after Indian independence. They have seen a great deal of tough campaigning, particularly in Southeast Asia. This new edition updated to...

Flers & Gueudecourt: Somme

by Trevor Pidgeon

Flers is of course best remembered for the first use of tanks in modern war. But the battles at Flers and Gueudecourt were also memorable as forming part of the last great advance of the British Army in this...