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The First Modern Clash over Federal Power: Wilson versus Hughes in the Presidential Election of 1916

by Lewis L. Gould

Fully examined for the first time in this engrossing book by one of America’s preeminent presidential scholars, the election that pitted Woodrow Wilson against Charles Evan Hughes emerges as a clear template...

B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration

by Jerome J. McLaughlin

B-17 Flying Fortress Restoration weaves lively narrative and first-person accounts to capture the restoration of a World War II-vintage Boeing B-17 bomber, from the airplane's arrival in pieces on the back of...

The Coming of the Nixon Court: The 1972 Term and the Transformation of Constitutional Law

by Earl M. Maltz

Beginning with Brown v. Board of Education and continuing with a series of decisions that, among other things, expanded the reach of the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court that Richard Nixon inherited had presided...

Wisdom Keeper: One Man's Journey to Honor the Untold History of the Unangan People

by Ilarion Merculieff & Nina Simons

Ilarion Merculieff weaves the remarkable strands of his life and culture into a fascinating account that begins with his traditional Unangan (Aleut) upbringing on a remote island in the Bering Sea, through his...

La Americana: A Memoir

by Melanie Bowden Simón

La Americana is the story of Melanie Bowden Simón, who, at the age of twenty-five, left her job at Tina Brown’s Talk magazine following the death of her mother and decided to take a vacation in Havana, Cuba,...

"The Bloody Fifth"-The 5th Texas Infantry, Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia: Vol. 1: Secession to the Suffolk Campaign

by John Schmutz

The 5th Texas Infantry—“The Bloody Fifth”—was one of only three Texas regiments to fight with Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Much like the army in which it served, the 5th Texas established...

A Long and Bloody Task: The Atlanta Campaign from Dalton through Kennesaw to the Chattahoochee, May 5-July 18, 1864

by Stephen Davis

Spring of 1864 brought a whole new war to the Western Theater, with new commanders and what would become a new style of warfare. Federal armies, perched in Chattanooga, Tennessee, after their stunning victories...

University, Court, and Slave

Containing Balkan Nationalism

Indian-Made: Navajo Culture in the Marketplace, 1868-1940

by Erika Bsumek

Ralph Emerson Twitchell Award

New Mexico Book Award

In works of silver and wool, the Navajos have established a unique brand of American craft. And when their artisans were integrated into the American economy...

Cumberland Sound and its Eskimos

by Franz Boas

This early work by Franz Boas was originally published in 1885 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Cumberland Sound and its Eskimos' is an anthropological work on the Inuit...

Recent Developments in European Thought

by Francis Sydney Marvin

This early work by Francis Sydney Marvin was originally published in 1921 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'Recent Developments in European Thought' is a work on the historical...

The Central Eskimo

by Franz Boas

This early work by Franz Boas was originally published in 1888 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'The Central Eskimo' was his first monograph and details his time spent...

Half a Man - The Status of the Negro in New York - With a Forword by Franz Boas

by Mary White Ovington

This early work by Mary White Ovington was originally published in 1911 and features a foreword by Franz Boas . 'Half a Man' is an anthropological work on the status of black people in society. Franz Boas was...


The Cleveland Neighborhood Guidebook: The Least Practical, Most Literary Guide To Cleveland

by Anne Trubek

Unfolding the real Cleveland, this guidebook features listings of the city's best cultural hotspots as well as essays about residential communities. Readers will learn about places that are no longer in existence,...

Whisky Tango Foxtrot: ...copy?

by john michael regan

Eighty-two men died in the collision between the destroyer HMAS Voyager and aircraft carrier Melbourne on a beautiful moonlit night in the summer of 1964. Jim Price only survived because of his mate Charlie,...

Book V. The improbable Rise of the Free Man

by Roland Maes

Book V details the expansion of the Christian nations, their interaction with other religions and secular entities and ends with the potential role of the United States.

Napoleon applied to Europe the fascist...

The Santa Fe Trail: Its History, Legends, and Lore

by David Dary

A prize-winning historian of the Old West brings to life the people who laid down the Santa Fe Trail and opened commerce with Spanish America. He uses first-hand accounts and contemporary records to give us...