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The Blue Badge Guide's Liverpool Quiz Book

by Peter J. Colyer

Celebrating Liverpool’s cultural heritage, world-class sport and unrivalled musical legacy, this quiz book invites you to come on a wide-ranging exploration of this vibrant city. Peel away its many layers...

Backseat Drivers

by Craig Cormick

It’s a fact not yet universally acknowledged, that everybody should at some point in their lives attempt to follow in the footsteps of the explorers Hume and Hovell down the Hume Highway, preferably in the...

Foundational Texts of Mormonism

by Mark Ashurst-McGee, Robin Jensen & Sharalyn D. Howcroft

Joseph Smith, founding prophet and martyr of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, personally wrote, dictated, or commissioned thousands of documents. Among these are several highly significant sources...

American Empire

by A. G. Hopkins

A new history of the United States that turns American exceptionalism on its head

American Empire is a panoramic work of scholarship that presents a bold new global perspective on the history of the United States....

Gandhi against Caste

by Nishikant Kolge

In 1909, while still in South Africa, Gandhi publicly decried the caste system for its inequalities. Shortly after his return to India though, he spoke of the generally beneficial aspects of caste. Gandhi’s...

A Memoir of Pre-Partition Punjab

by Neera Burra

A Memoir of Pre-Partition Punjab is a richly annotated autobiography of Ruchi Ram Sahni (1863–1948)—social reformer, scientist, science educator, and, later, active participant in political affairs. A riveting...

The Collected Major Works of Brooks Adams

by Brooks Adams

Peter Chardon Brooks Adams was an American historian, political scientist and a critic of capitalism.

Greatest Collection of Brooks Adams


The Emancipation of Massachusetts...

Historical Dictionary of the Kurds

by Michael M. Gunter

The failed states of Iraq and Syria plus the rise and fall of ISIS have helped lead to near Kurdish statehood in Iraq (the KRG) and Kurdish autonomy in Syria (Rojava). In Turkey too—as illustrated by its negotiations...

Socialist Realism in Central and Eastern European Literatures under Stalin

by Evgeny Dobrenko & Natalia Jonsson-Skradol

Socialist Realism in Central and Eastern European Literatures' is the first published work to offer a variety of alternative perspectives on the literary and cultural Sovietization of Central and Eastern Europe...


by May Mayko Ebihara, Andrew C. Mertha & Judy Ledgerwood

May Mayko Ebihara (1934–2005) was the first American anthropologist to conduct ethnographic research in Cambodia. Svay provides a remarkably detailed picture of individual villagers and of Khmer social structure...

Sexual Politics and Feminist Science

by Kirsten Leng

" Sexual Politics and Feminist Science is a highly original, exceedingly well-researched, historically significant, and beautifully written book."—Dagmar Herzog, Graduate Center, City University of New York...

Rigorism of Truth

by Hans Blumenberg, Joe Paul Kroll & Ahlrich Meyer

In "Moses the Egyptian"—the centerpiece of Rigorism of Truth, the German philosopher Hans Blumenberg addresses two defining figures in the intellectual history of the twentieth century: Sigmund Freud and Hannah...

War In The Garden of Eden

by Kermit Roosevelt

War in the Garden of Eden is a book written by Kermit Roosevelt in 1919 which recounts his experiences during World War I in Mesopotamia (Modern-day Iraq).

Over The Top

by Arthur Guy Empey

Empey served for six years in the US Cavalry and was performing duty as recruiting for the New Jersey National Guard in New York City when World War I began. He left the United States at the end of 1915 frustrated...

My Home In The Field Of Honour

by Frances Wilson Huard

My Home in the Field of Honour is a heartfelt, fun and gripping story of war and human nature. It is known for it’s great story and it’s example of such a strong female character. It reads as though it could...

With the Allies

by Richard Harding Davis

An early appeal by Richard Davis, American war correspondent, to denounce neutrality and take an active role in the conflict on the side of the Triple Entente. Makes his case from German ‘crimes of aggression’....

The Tale of a Trooper

by Clutha N. Mackenzie

THE TALE OF A TROOPER is a first-hand account in novel form of World War I by soldier, author, and distinguished New Zealand activist for the blind, Clutha N. Mackenzie.

Blinded in action in 1915, while serving...

The Soul of the War

by Philip Gibbs

Gibbs reviews the true horror of man, the true horror of war. In this book he spends much time revealing the sacrifices, heartaches and unimaginable horrors that the French and the Belgians had to endure during...

The Black Watch

by Joe Cassells

Joe Cassells offers the reader a superb memoir of the earliest days of World War I as seen through the eyes of a private soldier in one of Britain’s best regiments. The reader is given an account of the dark...

Speaking of Prussians

by Irvin S Cobb

Read in the light of WW2, this book is chilling.

Cobb joined the staff of the magazine Saturday Evening Post during 1911, and covered the Great War for the magazine. At the same time, he wrote a book about his...