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Modern Italy: A Very Short Introduction

The Golden Talking-Shop

History of the Maya

by Njord Kane

Definitively tracing the evolution and history of the Maya civilization from the arrival of migrating 'first peoples' to the end of the Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican World with the Spanish Conquest in the 16th...

The Vikings: The Story of a People

by Njord Kane

The story of the Norse is a Viking adventure in history.

The Norse saga began with the first ancient tribes of Norsemen during the Early Nordic Stone Age. The beginning of the Nordic Ax Culture when primitive...

Barbarossa 1941: Reframing Hitler's Invasion of Stalin's Soviet Empire

by Frank Ellis

Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's plan for invading the Soviet Union, has by now become a familiar tale of overreach, with the Germans blinded to their coming defeat by their initial victory, and the Soviet Union...

The Hindenburg Line

by Patrick R. Osborn, Marc Romanych & Adam Hook

Jagging across north-western Europe like an ugly scar, the Hindenburg Line was Germany's most formidable line of defence in World War I. Its fearsome reputation was matched only by its cunning design, with deep...

World War II Infantry Fire Support Tactics

by Gordon L. Rottman & Peter Dennis

As infantry units advanced across Europe the only support they could rely on from day to day was that provided by the heavy weapons of their own units. While thundering tanks struck fear into the hearts of their...

British Light Infantry & Rifle Tactics of the Napoleonic Wars

by Philip Haythornthwaite & Adam Hook

In an age when infantry units manoeuvred and fought in rigid blocks, the idea of encouraging initiative and allowing a unit to 'skirmish' was regarded as revolutionary and fell out of favour in the years following...

MiG-17/19 Aces of the Vietnam War

by Istvan Toperczer & Jim Laurier

At the beginning of the Vietnam War, the Vietnam People's Air Force (VPAF) were equipped with slow, old Korean War generation fighters – a combination of MiG-17s and MiG-19s – types that should have offered...

Sympathy, Madness, and Crime: How Four Nineteenth-Century Journalists Made the Newspaper Women's Business

by Karen Roggenkamp

In one of her escapades as a reporter for Joseph Pulitzer's New York World, the renowned Nellie Bly feigned insanity in 1889 and slipped, undercover, behind the grim walls of Blackwell's Island mental asylum....

The Fall of the Tay Bridge

by David Swinfen

It took 600 men six years to build and was one of the longest bridges in the world. On its completion in 1878, famous visitors, including the Emperor of Brazil, Prince Leopold of the Belgians and Queen Victoria...

Struggle for a vast future

by Aaron Sheehan-Dean & James McPherson

Tearing apart a nation founded on ideals of liberty and union, the American Civil War saw some of the most bitter and bloody fighting that humankind has ever witnessed. The war changed America forever, shaping...

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment

by Matthias Strohn

In 2014 the Royal Gibraltar Regiment celebrated its 75th anniversary. This is the history of the regiment and its preceding formations, a history that shows how a locally raised volunteer unit developed into...

War over the Steppes

by E. R. Hooton

The air war over the Steppes was more than a brutal clash in which might alone triumphed. It was a conflict that saw tactical and technological innovation as the Soviet air force faced off against Herman Göring's...

We March Against England

by Robert Forczyk

In May 1940 Nazi Germany was master of continental Europe, the only European power still standing was Great Britain – and the all-conquering German armed forces stood poised to cross the Channel. Following...

From the Archives

by Mike Sibbons

Modern soldiers depend on their equipment, from the weapons in their hands and the tanks that support them, to the communications equipment that connect them to their commanders. Formed in 1942, the Corps of...

Sikunder Burnes

by Craig Murray

This is an astonishing true tale of espionage, journeys in disguise, secret messages, double agents, assassinations and sexual intrigue. Alexander Burnes was one of the most accomplished spies Britain ever produced...

Malaya and Singapore 1941–42

by Mark Stille & Peter Dennis

For the British Empire it was a military disaster, but for Imperial Japan the conquest of Malaya was one of the pivotal campaigns of World War II. Giving birth to the myth of the Imperial Japanese Army's invincibility,...

Ecclesiastics and political state building in the Iberian monarchies, 13th-15th centuries

by Maria João Branco & Hermínia Vasconcelos Vilar

The project "The European Dimension of a Group of Power: Ecclesiastics and the political State Building of the Iberian Monarchies (13th-15th centuries)” supported by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia...

Wandering Jew: The Search for Joseph Roth

by Dennis Marks

Joseph Roth, best known as the author of the novel The Radetzky March and the nonfiction work The Wandering Jews, was one of the most seductive, disturbing, and enigmatic writers of the twentieth century....