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Ethnographic Encounters in Israel: Poetics and Ethics of Fieldwork

by Fran Markowitz

Israel is a place of paradoxes, a small country with a diverse population and complicated social terrain. Studying its culture and social life means confronting a multitude of ethical dilemmas and methodological...

Asia Overland: Tales of Travel on the Trans-Siberian & Silk Road

by Bijan Omrani

The story of travel through the centuries along Eurasia's great land routes, told through the observations and accounts of many of the world’s great travelers, and enhanced by wonderful illustrations both...

Reconstructing Russia: The Political Economy of American Assistance to Revolutionary Russia, 1917-1922

by Leo C. Bacino

In an original and stimulating manner, Reconstructing Russia focuses on the Wilson administration's efforts to find some way to provide economic support to Russian Siberia as a counterpoint to German economic...

The German Question and the Origins of the Cold War

by Nicolas Lewkowicz

The book analyses the role of the German Question in the origins of the Cold War. The work evaluates the transformation which occurred in Germany and the post-war international order due to the inter-Allied...

The Chronicles of England, France and Spain

by John Froissart

Jean Froissart or John Froissart to the English, was a chronicler during the 14th and 15th century. His chronicles have become famous as an important source for the first half of the Hundred Years' War.

Yellow Wolf - His Own Story

by Lucullus Virgil Mcwhorter

Yellow Wolf -His Own Story By LUCULLUS VIRGIL McWHORTER, ILLUSTRATED WITH ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Originally published in 1940 YELLOW WOLF His Own Story. Contents include:INTRODUCTION 13 Part One The War and the...

At Whatever Cost - The Story Of The Dieppe Raid

by R.W. Thompson

The Dieppe Raid is perhaps the best known and the least known about of all the important actions of the Second World War. The complete facts were never made known to the public, and the scrappy bits and pieces...

Mediavel Feudalism

by Carl Stephenson

Feudalism was a set of legal and military customs in mediaeval Europe that structured society in a way that the poorest worked the land and had to pay the rich for the right to do so.

The Indian Church During The Great Rebellion - An Authentic Narrative

by Rev. M.A. Sherring

A historical text about a fascinating period in Indian history, written for the keen amateur historian.

Cape Horn

by Felix Riesenberg

Felix Riesenberg history of sea travel around Cape Horn. Begining with Magellan's magnificent discovery of the strait through to the Pacific at the tip of South America. It is difficult for us to comprehend...

The Battle Of Lake Erie

by Charles Oscar Paullin

The Battle of Lake Erie' by Charles Oscar Paullin contains A Collecion of Documents, chiefly by Commodore Perry including the Court-martial of Commander Barclay & the Court of Enquiry on Captain Elliott. This...

The United States Soldiers' Home - A History Of Its First Hundred Years

by Paul R. Goode

Colonel Paul R. Goode's history of The United States Soldiers' Home. Shortly after the Mexican War, General Winfield Scott and several other senior Army officers suggested the establishment of a "Military Asylum"...

Ireland Under The Normans 1169-1216 - Vol. I

by Goddard Henry Orpen

The Norman invasion is often thought of as a wholly English affair but in reality the Norman's took control of large portions of Wales and Ireland. Here is a fascinating and in-depth history of a little told...

Lectures Of Lola Montez (Countess Of Landsfeld) : Including Her Autobiography

by Lola Montez

Lectures Of Lola Montez (Countess Of Landsfeld) : Including Her Autobiography. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive....

1915 Campaign in France, The Battles of Aubers Ridge, Festubert and Loos

by A. Kearsey

A fascinating history of some of the most savage fighting of the First World War, collected from official documents and accounts from the men who fought there. perfect for any keen military historian.

Michigan Legends: Folktales and Lore from the Great Lakes State

by Sheryl James

Over the course of its history, the state of Michigan has produced its share of folktales and lore. Many are familiar with the Ojibwa legend of Sleeping Bear Dunes, and most have heard a yarn or two told of...

Che Wants to See You: The Untold Story of Che Guevara

by Ciro Bustos, Anne Wright & Jon Lee Anderson

For the first time, Ciro Bustos, Che’s right-hand man in the struggle for Argentina, tells his story. As a young man inspired by the example of Cuba, Bustos was determined to bring revolution to the home country...

The Girl Who Stole My Holocaust: A Memoir

by Noam Chayut & Tal Haran

“She took from me the belief that absolute evil exists in this world, and the belief that I was avenging it and fighting against it. For that girl, I embodied absolute evil ... Since then I have been left...

Sadism And Masochism - The Psychology Of Hatred And Cruelty - Vol. I.

by Carl Stephenson

Wilhelm Stekel (1868 - 1940) was an Austrian physician and psychologist, who became one of Sigmund Freud's earliest followers, and was once described as "Freud's most distinguished pupil." According to Ernest...

Mental Efficiency and Other Hints to Men and Women

by Carl Becker

Enoch Arnold Bennett (1867 - 1931) was an English writer. He is best known as a novelist, but he also worked in other fields such as journalism, propaganda and film. In this light-hearted yet thought-provoking...