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Facing Armageddon: The First World War Experience

by Hugh Cecil & Peter Liddle

Facing Armageddon is the first scholarly work on the 1914-18 War to explore, on a world-wide basis, the real nature of the participants experience. Sixty-four scholars from all over the globe deliver the fruits...

Dragon Rampant: The Royal Welch Fusiliers at War

by Donald Graves

'I never saw any regiment in such order,' said Wellington before the Battle of Waterloo, 'it was the most complete and handsome military body I ever looked at.' The object of the Duke's admiration was the 23rd...

The Battle At Sangshak: Prelude to Kohima

by Harry Seaman

This book tells the story of a small, yet significant, battle that was a precursor to the better known battles for Imphal and Kohima.

Among Friends: The Scots Guards 1956-1993

by Murray Naylor

This book provides a complete insight into the history of the Scots guards from 1956-1993.

Lighthouse Legacies

by Chris Mills

Imagine living your life perched on a tiny island, without electricity, exposed to the fury of the sea, and always at the service of the mariner. This is how lightkeepers and their families spent their lives,...

Islands of New Brunswick: Living Between the Tides

by Allison Mitcham

Culled from her collections Offshore Islands and Paradise or Purgatory(1984), New Brunswick Islands is part ecocritical exploration and part historical survey, as Mitcham explores the province's not-so-far-off...

British Battalions on the Somme: Battles & Engagements of the 616 Infantry Battalions Involved in the Battle of the Somme

by Ray Westlake

This book tells the story of the actions made by the 616 battalions that were involved in the attack on the somme.

Cavalier Generals

by John Barratt

Previous studies of the Royalist high command have concentrated largely upon a handful of notable individuals such as King Charles himself and Prince Rupert. In this ground-breaking study, John Barratt re-examines...

Burnside's Bridge: Antietam

by John Cannon

The stone bridge on the southern flank of the Antietam battlefield became one of the Civil War's most powerful symbols of courage and sacrifice. Each stage of the battle is described by extracts from memoirs...

Burma: The Turning Point

by Ian Lyall Grant

The turning point of the war in Burma was the Imphal/Kohima campaign of 1944. For four months there was intense and savage fighting. The Japanese plan was to encircle and destroy the British and Indian positions...

The British Army in Italy 1917-1918

by John Wilks & Eileen Wilks

After the Italian defeat at Caporetto, a Bri tish Expeditionary Force under General Plumer was despatched from France. This account describes the campaign which ende d after the victory at Vittorio Veneto over...

Boom Ravine: Somme

by Trevor Pidgeon

The principal action that took place here in February 1917 was of short duration and failure but with fascinating overtones. This is the dramatic story of the events on the Somme after the great battle of 1916...

Bomber Barons

by Chaz Bowyer

At the end of the Second World War over 55,000 air crew of Bomber Command had lost their lives, in this authoritative book, the Author selects a number of men, some well known like Leonard Cheshire, Hughie Edwards,...

Beaumont Hamel: Newfoundland Park

by Nigel Cave

Designed to act as a diversion to the 'big push', Gommecourt was an attempt to force the Germans to commit their reserves to the front line before the main battle took place. This Battlefield Guide tells the...

Airfields of the D-Day Invasion Air Force: 2nd Tactical Air Force in South-East England in WWII

by Peter Jacobs

As part of the Aviation Heritage Trail series, the airfields and interest in this book are concentrated in a particular area - in this case Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, Essex and Greater London. The South east...

Accrington Pals Trail

by William Turner

Follow the footsteps of the Pals in their journey from Lancashire to their training camps in England and Wales and to the villages and battlefields of France. A comprehensive account, with maps and pictures,...

The Nova Scotia Black Experience

by Bridglal Pachai

The Nova Scotia Black Experience Through the Centuries is a comprehensive account of the African Nova Scotian struggle to build a vital community in the face of racial discrimination. Originally published in...

Land, Livelihood, and Civility in Southern Mexico: Oaxaca Valley Communities in History

by Scott Cook

In the Valley of Oaxaca in Mexico's Southern Highland region, three facets of sociocultural life have been interconnected and interactive from colonial times to the present: first, community land as a space...

The Third Horseman: Climate Change and the Great Famine of the 14th Century

by William Rosen

How a seven-year cycle of rain, cold, disease, and warfare created the worst famine in European history


In May 1315, it started to rain. It didn’t stop anywhere in north Europe until August. Next came the...

Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State

by James D Nowlan & J Thomas Johnson

A blueprint for solving the state's problems, just in time for the 2014 elections