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Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State

by James D Nowlan & J Thomas Johnson

A blueprint for solving the state's problems, just in time for the 2014 elections

William Wallace

by Chris Brown

William Wallace of Elderslie, younger son of a country knight, came to fame through his active opposition to the aggressive imperialism of England's King Edward I. From political and social obscurity he seized...

A 1940s Childhood

by James Marsh

Do you remember collecting shrapnel and listening to Children's Hour? Carrying gas masks or sharing your school with evacuees from the city? The 1940s was a time of great challenge for everyone who lived through...

Kerry Girls

by Kay Moloney Caball

<div>The true story of the Kerry girls who were shipped to Australia from the four Kerry Workhouses of Dingle/Kenmare/Killarney and Listowel in 1849/1850, as part of the Earl Grey Scheme. From scenes of...

Our Land at War

by Nick Bosanquet

<div>The First World War was a human catastrophe but it also saw a dynamic development of new weapons and a new kind of war; between the lions and the donkeys came the managers - and the workers - who...

The Cairngorms

by Patrick Baker

The Cairngorms: A Secret History is a series of journeys exploring barely known human and natural stories of the Cairngorm Mountains. It looks at a unique British landscape, its last great wilderness, with new...

Down But Not Out

by Maurice Mayne & Mark Ryan

Maurice 'Moggy' Mayne was a cricket-loving air gunner in the Second World War, with a pretty girlfriend back home in rural England. His turret was in a Bristol Beaufort - and his pilot had to fly with almost...

Britannia and the Bear

by Victor Madeira & Madeira Victor

Decades before the Berlin Wall went up, a Cold War had already begun raging. But for Bolshevik Russia, Great Britain - not America - was the enemy. Now, for the first time, Victor Madeira tells a story that...

Food, Eating and Identity in Early Medieval England

by Allen J. Frantzen

Food in the Middle Ages usually evokes images of feasting, speeches, and special occasions, even though most evidence of food culture consists of fragments of ordinary things such as knives, cooking pots, and...

Warning: The Story of Cyclone Tracy

by Sophie Cunningham

Warning is the definitive account of one of the most frightening extreme weather events our country has ever seen.

When Cyclone Tracy swept down on Darwin at Christmas 1974, the weather became not just a living...

With the German Guns: four years on the western front

by Herbert Sulzbach

At once harrowing and light-hearted, Sulzbach's exceptional diary has been highly praised since its orginal publication in Germany in 1935. With the reprint of this classic account of trench warfare it records...

Waves of Hate: Naval Atrocities of the Second World War

by Tony Bridgland

Whilst researching his earlier book Sea Killers in Disguise, the author unearthed a rich stem of incidents at sea which happened during the two World Wars that shocked and surprised him. This book is the result...

Waterloo 1815: Captain Mercers Journal

by Alexander Cavalié|| Mercer

Originally published in 1900, this book features excerpts from Alexander Cavalié Mercer's account of the battle of Waterloo. As an artillery officer at the sharp end, this is his eye-witness account of the...

A Vatican Lifeline '44: Allied Fugitives aided by the Italian Resistance foil the Gestapo in Nazi-occupied Rome

by William Simpson

It is a widely held belief that the Italians in the Second World War failed to win much in the way of martial glory. But the scoffers tend to overlook the fact that most Italians had little or no feeling of...

Unconditional Surrender: the Memoir of the Last Days of the Third Reich and the Donitz

by Walter Ludde-Neurath

This is the first English-language translation of a crucial memoir of the dying days of Hitler's Third Reich. Walter Ludde-Neurath was an accomplished officer, who served with a variety of torpedo boats and...


by V.E Tarrant

By November, 1942, the empire of Adolf Hitler had reached its zenith. It stretched from North Africa to the Arctic, from the English Channel to Stalingrad deep inside the Russian interior. The German Army seemed...

Shot at Dawn

by Julian Putkowski & Julian Sykes

The issue of military executions during the war has always been controversial and embargoes have made it difficult for researchers to get at the truth. Now these two writers give us a vast amount of information....

The Salford Lancaster

by Joe Bamford

On Sunday, 30 July 1944, Lancaster PB304 cra shed on the banks of the River Irwell at Salford. This book traces the history of the 7 airmen who died & follows them t hrough training & operations they completed...

Pure Poett: The Autobiography of General Sir Nigel Poett

by General Sir Nigel Poett

This is the story of a professional soldier and of his many adventures throughout the world. His father was a soldier, and it was no surprise when young Nigel Poett went to Sandhurst and then to Egypt, the North-West...

No Mercy, No Leniency

by Cyril Cunningham

This is the most authoritative and comprehensive British account ever published of the brutal North Korean and Chinese mistreatment of British POWs during the Korean War.The author, a psychologist, was a Scientific...