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Buying Time

by Thomas F. McDow

In Buying Time, Thomas F. McDow synthesizes Indian Ocean, Middle Eastern, and East African studies as well as economic and social history to explain how, in the nineteenth century, credit, mobility, and kinship...

A Mill Behind Every Stump

by Marianne Van Osch

The story of one family's settlement in the Cariboo and the culture of early sawmills that developed around them.

In 1922, the Judson family arrived in the Cariboo by covered wagon. The stories of their life...

Sir Philip Sidney

by Dorothy Connell

Queen Elizabeth’s court, 1580: Europe was at war or under Inquisition rule, sea voyages were opening an exciting New World, but England alone kept to a rare and tenuous peace. Philip Sidney was highly-educated,...

Citizenship, Inequality, and Difference

by Frederick Cooper

A succinct and comprehensive history of the development of citizenship from the Roman Empire to the present day

Citizenship, Inequality, and Difference offers a concise and sweeping overview of citizenship's...

A Local History of Global Capital

by Tariq Omar Ali

Before the advent of synthetic fibers and cargo containers, jute sacks were the preferred packaging material of global trade, transporting the world's grain, cotton, sugar, tobacco, coffee, wool, guano, and...

Objects of War

by Leora Auslander & Tara Zahra

Historians have become increasingly interested in material culture as both a category of analysis and as a teaching tool. And yet the profession tends to be suspicious of things; words are its stock-in-trade....

History Is a Contemporary Literature

by Ivan Jablonka & Nathan J. Bracher

Ivan Jablonka’s  History Is a Contemporary Literature offers highly innovative perspectives on the writing of history, the relationship between literature and the social sciences, and the way that both social-scientific...

Sediments of Time

by Reinhart Koselleck, Sean Franzel & Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann

Sediments of Time features the most important essays by renowned German historian Reinhart Koselleck not previously available in English, several of them essential to his theory of history. The volume sheds...

Historical Dynamics: Why States Rise and Fall

by Peter Turchin

Many historical processes are dynamic. Populations grow and decline. Empires expand and collapse. Religions spread and wither. Natural scientists have made great strides in understanding dynamical processes...

An American Anarchist

by Paul Avrich & Robert P. Helms

An American Anarchist closes a major gap in our understanding of American an- archism and particularly a gap in our understanding of its deep roots in American radicalism. It makes the same contribution to...

History and the State in Nineteenth-Century Japan

by Margaret Mehl

The nineteenth century saw the emergence both of history as an independent scientific discipline and of national history as a means to legitimize the nation state. In History and the State in Nineteenth-Century...

The Colonization of North America

by Herbert Eugene Bolton & Thomas Maitland Marshall

This book represents an attempt to bring into one account the story of European expansion in North America down to 1783. The authors wrote this book in response to a clear demand for a text written from the...

Two Sieges of Vienna by the Turks

by Karl Schimmer

The fall of Constantinople in 1453 was followed by a rapid extension of the arms and power of the conqueror, Mahomet II. Within a short period he subjected Persia, the whole of Greece and the Morea, most of...

Migrant Architects of the NHS

by Julian Simpson

Migrant architects of the NHS draws on forty-five oral history interviews and extensive archival research to offer a radical reappraisal of how the National Health Service was made. It tells the story of migrant...

The White House and Education through the Years

by M. Scott Norton

The book sets forth the early developments established by colonial leaders to place public education in the forefront of their new America. The ups and downs of the educational perspectives of the many national...

Children of the Kootenays

by Shirley D. Stainton

A warm-hearted memoir of a childhood spent living in various mining towns in the Kootenays throughout the 1930s and ’40s.

When young Shirley Doris Hall and her family moved to BC’s West Kootenay region in...

Historical Dictionary of the Hittites

by Charles Burney

The Hittites created one of the great civilizations of the ancient world, although it remained almost unknown until excavations in the early 20th century revealed the extent and importance of its culture. For...

Civilization and Its Discontents

by Sigmund Freud & GP Editors

Civilization and Its Discontents is one of the last of Freud's books, written in the decade before his death and first published in German in 1929. It is considered his most brilliant work. In it he states...

To Bury Our Fathers

by Sergio Ramírez & Nick Caistor

Sergio Ramírez, writer and former civilian leader in the Sandinista revolutionary government from 1985-1990, has now won the Cervantes Prize, the highest literary award in the Hispanic world. He wrote his great...

Inventing Pollution

by Peter Thorsheim

Going as far back as the thirteenth century, Britons mined and burned coal. Britain’s supremacy in the nineteenth century depended in large part on its vast deposits of coal, which powered industry, warmed...