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The Love of Strangers: What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen's London

by Nile Green

In July 1815, six Iranian students arrived in London under the escort of their chaperone, Captain Joseph D’Arcy. Their mission was to master the modern sciences behind the rapid rise of Europe. Over the next...

Chinese Education in Singapore: An untold story of conflict and change

by Zhang & Zhixiong

Strife. That’s the Chinese word tattooed on the wrist of the raised fist. The story about conflict in Singapore’s Chinese community was always told from the viewpoint of the British colonizers. The perspective...

Fighting over Fidel: The New York Intellectuals and the Cuban Revolution

by Rafael Rojas & Carl Good

New York in the 1960s was a hotbed for progressive causes of every stripe, including women’s liberation, civil rights, opposition to the Vietnam War—and the Cuban Revolution. Fighting over Fidel brings this...

Fox Tossing: And Other Forgotten and Dangerous Sports, Pastimes, and Games

by Edward Brooke-Hitching

In the spirit of Schott’s Miscellany and The Dangerous Book for Boys, a quirky collection of history’s most bizarre sports and stories of mankind’s most daring and ridiculous recreational pursuits—from...

This Victorian Life: Modern Adventures in Nineteenth-Century Culture, Cooking, Fashion, and Technology

by Sarah A. Chrisman

Part memoir, part micro-history, this is an exploration of the present through the lens of the past.

We all know that the best way to study a foreign language is to go to a country where it's spoken, but can...

The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Scoundrels, and the History of American Comedy

by Kliph Nesteroff

In The Comedians, comedy historian Kliph Nesteroff brings to life a century of American comedy with real-life characters, forgotten stars, mainstream heroes and counterculture iconoclasts. Based on over two...

The Four Freedoms: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Evolution of an American Idea

by Jeffrey A. Engel

The specter of global war loomed large in President Franklin Roosevelts mind as he prepared to present his 1941 State of the Union address. He believed the United States had a role to play in the battle against...

No Depression in Heaven: The Great Depression, the New Deal, and the Transformation of Religion in the Delta

by Alison Collis Greene

In No Depression in Heaven, Alison Collis Greene demonstrates how the Great Depression and New Deal transformed the relationship between church and state. Grounded in Memphis and the Delta, this book traces...

The 50s: The Story of a Decade

by The New Yorker Magazine, Henry Finder & David Remnick

Including contributions by Elizabeth Bishop • Truman Capote • John Cheever • Roald Dahl • Janet Flanner • Nadine Gordimer • A. J. Liebling • Dwight Macdonald • Joseph Mitchell • Marianne Moore...

The Longest Trail: Writings on American Indian History, Culture, and Politics

by Alvin M. Jr Josephy

Alvin Josephy Jr.’s groundbreaking, popular books and essays advocated for a fair and true historical assessment of Native Americans, and set the course for modern Native American studies. This collection,...

Who's Afraid of the Easter Rising? 1916-2016

by James Heartfield & Kevin Rooney

One hundred years on from the Rising that set Ireland free, Ireland's leaders in politics and letters are running scared from their history.

The Astronomer and the Witch: Johannes Keplers Fight for his Mother

by Ulinka Rublack

Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) was one of the most admired astronomers who ever lived and a key figure in the scientific revolution. A defender of Copernicus´s sun-centred universe, he famously discovered that...

Founders, Classics, Canons: Modern Disputes over the Origins and Appraisal of Sociologys Heritage

by Peter Baehr & Steven Lukes

Founders, classics, and canons have been vitally important in helping to frame sociology’s identity. In this volume, Peter Baehr defends the continuing importance of sociology’s classics and traditions in...

Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty

by Dan Jones

"Dan Jones has an enviable gift for telling a dramatic story while at the same time inviting us to consider serious topics like liberty and the seeds of representative government." —Antonia Fraser

From the...

The Making of the Ancient Greek Economy: Institutions, Markets, and Growth in the City-States

by Alain Bresson & Steven Rendall

This comprehensive introduction to the ancient Greek economy revolutionizes our understanding of the subject and its possibilities. Alain Bresson is one of the world’s leading authorities in the field, and...

Scotland Yard’s History of Crime in 100 Objects

by Alan Moss & Keith Skinner

Explore Britain’s dark criminal history through the fascinating objects that have been hidden away in the Crime Museum at Scotland Yard, a collection that, although world famous, is so sensitive it has never...

1950s Housewife

by Sheila Hardy

Being a housewife in the 1950s was quite different to today. Women were expected to create a spotless home, delicious meals and an inviting bedroom. From the perils of 'courting' to the inevitable list of wedding...

In the Heart of the Sea: The Epic True Story that Inspired ‘Moby Dick’ (Text Only)

by Nathaniel Philbrick

The epic true-life story of one of the most notorious maritime disasters of the nineteenth century – and inspiration for ‘Moby-Dick’ – reissued to accompany a major motion picture due for release in...

Rainham Hall

by Jenny Collett

Since it was built for maritime merchant John Harle in 1729, Rainham Hall has been home to coal traders, a scientist vicar, Vogue photographer Anthony Denney, and even hosted a wartime nursery. For the very...

The Value of Money

by Ellen R. Feingold

The Value of Money celebrates the power of using monetary objects to explore history. This richly illustrated book features over 175 objects from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History’s National...