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G.I. Messiahs: Soldiering, War, and American Civil Religion

by Jonathan H. Ebel

Jonathan Ebel has long been interested in how religion helps individuals and communities render meaningful the traumatic experiences of violence and war. In this new work, he examines cases from the Great War...

Imagining Early Modern Histories

by Elizabeth, Dr Ketner & Allison, Professor Kavey

Interpreting textual mediations of history in early modernity, this volume adds nuance to our understanding of the contributions fiction and fictionalizing make to the shape and texture of versions of and debates...

Writing the Lives of People and Things, AD 500-1700: A Multi-disciplinary Future for Biography

by Gemma L., Dr Watson & Robert F.W., Dr Smith

Historical biography has a mixed reputation: at its best it can reveal much not only about an individual, but the wider context of their life and society; at worst it can result in a narrowly focused work of...

Biopolitics and Memory in Postcolonial Literature and Culture

by Michael R, Dr Griffiths

From the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa to the United Nations Permanent Memorial to the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, many worthwhile processes of public memory have...

The Reception of Byzantium in European Culture since 1500

by Dion C., Dr Smythe & Przemyslaw, Dr Marciniak

Studies on the reception of the classical tradition are an indispensable part of classical studies. Understanding the importance of ancient civilization means also studying how it was used subsequently. This...

Cultures of Conflict Resolution in Early Modern Europe

by Laura, Dr Kounine & Stephen, Dr Cummins

Disputes, discord and reconciliation were fundamental parts of the fabric of communal living in early modern Europe. This edited volume presents essays on the cultural codes of conflict and its resolution in...

Europe's Rich Fabric: The Consumption, Commercialisation, and Production of Luxury Textiles in Italy, the Low Countries and Neighbouring Territories (

by Bart, Dr Lambert & Katherine Anne, Dr Wilson

Throughout human history luxury textiles have been used as a marker of importance, power and distinction. Yet, as the essays in this collection make clear, the term ‘luxury’ is one that can be fraught with...

The Objects and Textures of Everyday Life in Imperial Britain

by Deirdre H, Professor McMahon & Janet C, Professor Myers

Focusing on everyday life in nineteenth-century Britain and its imperial possessions—from preparing tea to cleaning the kitchen, from packing for imperial adventures to arranging home décor—the essays in...

Early Modern Dynastic Marriages and Cultural Transfer

by Joan-Lluís, Professor Palos, Magdalena, Professor Sánchez & Ann Rosalind, Professor Jones

Toward the end of the fifteenth century, the Habsburg family began to rely on dynastic marriage to unite an array of territories, eventually creating an empire as had not been seen in Europe since the Romans....

Exploring Russia in the Elizabethan Commonwealth

Voices from the Storm: The People of New Orleans on Hurricane Katrina and Its Aftermath

by Lola Vollen & Chris Ying

Hurricane Katrina inflicted damage on a scale unprecedented in American history, nearly destroying a major city and killing thousands of its citizens. With far too little help from indifferent, incompetent government...

The Mythical Indies and Columbus's Apocalyptic Letter: Imagining the Americas in the Late Middle Ages

by Elizabeth Moore Willingham

With his letter of 1493 to the court of Spain, Christopher Columbus heralded his first voyage to the present-day Americas, creating visions that seduced the European imagination and birthing a fascination with...

Cheddar: A Journey to the Heart of America's Most Iconic Cheese

by Gordon Edgar

One of the oldest, most ubiquitous, and beloved cheeses in the world, the history of cheddar is a fascinating one. Over the years it has been transformed, from a painstakingly handmade wheel to a rindless, mass-produced...

New Zealand's Worst Disasters: True stories that rocked a nation

by Graham Hutchins & Russell Young

The 30 stories in this book describe some of the most extraordinary events in New Zealand history. Who knew that a fire killed 39 people at Seacliff Mental Hospital in 1942? That 10 people died in a lahar on...

Eyes of the Comet: An American Slave Odyssey

by Dennis Lee Hague

The Eyes of the Comet - An American Slave Odyssey is a “highly charged” historical novel whose time has finally arrived. The story captures the “vibrancy” of the South during the ante-bellum period....

Germany: Memories of a Nation

by Neil MacGregor

For the past 140 years, Germany has been the central power in continental europe. Twenty-five years ago a new German state came into being. How much do we really understand this new Germany, and how do its people...

Outback: The Discovery of Australia's Interior

by Derek Parker

Derek Parker's new and exciting book gathers together the stories of the early inland explorers of Australia who forged the routes which would enable the country's development.

One Hundred Years of Protest

by Christopher Catherwood

From the Suffragettes to Stonewall, from the Prague Spring to the Arab Spring, from the Jarrow Marchers to the Poll Tax Riots, from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, we have witnessed a century and more of highly...

An Uncommon History of Common Things

by John Thompson, Bethanne Patrick & Henry Petroski

Sometime about 30,000 years ago, somebody stuck a sharp rock into a split stick—and presto! The axe was born. Our inquisitive species just loves tinkering, testing, and pushing the limits, and this delightfully...

The Thames Ironworks

by Brian Belton

The Thames Ironworks was an East London, Thames-side shipbuilding company that gave rise to West Ham United. The company also undertook civil engineering, marine engines, electrical engineering and motor cars,...