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Gilgamesh Plays

by Jonathan Bayliss

These stage plays, The Tower of Gilgamesh and The Acts of Gilgamesh, are loosely based on the Sumerian Gilgamesh legend. Together they form a comedic tragedy exploring - with humor, imagination, and spirited...

Introduction and Succession of Vertebrate Life in America

by Charles O. Marsh

The origin of life and the order of succession in which its various forms have appeared upon the earth offer to science its most inviting and most difficult field of research. Although the primal origin of life...

Evidences of Glacial Man in America

by Benjamin Franklin de Costa & George Frederick Wright

In that distant age when Nature was still toiling at the foundations of the Eastern Continent, portions of America had become dry land, and mountain-peaks in North Carolina were illuminated by rising and setting...

Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens

by Robin Waterfield

"We Greeks are one in blood and one in language; we have temples to the gods and religious rites in common, and a common way of life." Herodotus Throughout the course of ancient Greek civilization, there always...

The Empire of Alexander the Great

by John Mahaffy

Most of the great changes in the world's history come about gradually and wise men can see them coming, for it is very hard to run counter to the nature of average men, and all great advances and degradations...

The Anabasis of Alexander

by Arrian

The Anabasis is by far the fullest surviving account of Alexander's conquest of the Persian empire. It is primarily a military history, reflecting the content of Arrian's model, Xenophon's Anabasis; the work...

The Amazing Emperor Heliogabalus

by John Hay

The life of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, generally known to the world as Heliogabalus, is as yet shrouded in impenetrable mystery. The picture we have of the reign is that of an imperial orgy - sacrilegious,...

The Science of Roman History

by Walter Scheidel

This groundbreaking book provides the first comprehensive look at how the latest advances in the sciences are transforming our understanding of ancient Roman history. Walter Scheidel brings together leading...

Greeks and Barbarians

by James Thomson

IT began in Ionia. It may in truth have been a reawakening. But if this be so (and it is entirely probable), it was after so long and deep a slumber that scarcely even dreams were remembered. The Ionians used...

The Language of Ruins

by Patricia A. Rosenmeyer

A colossal statue, originally built to honor an ancient pharaoh, still stands today in Egyptian Thebes, with more than a hundred Greek and Latin inscriptions covering its lower surfaces. Partially damaged by...

Serviani in Vergili Aeneidos libros IX-XII commentarii

by Completed and Prepared for Publication by Robert A. Kaster & Charles Murgia

This edition of the Servian commentaries on Aeneid 9-12 was originally conceived as the final volume of the so-called "Harvard Servius", begun by Edward Kennard Rand and his students at Harvard in the 1920s....


by Jean Racine

Phèdre (originally Phèdre et Hippolyte) is a dramatic tragedy in five acts written in alexandrine verse by Jean Racine, first performed in 1677.

With Phèdre, Racine chose once more a subject from Greek mythology,...

Infancy and Earliest Childhood in the Roman World

by Maureen Carroll

Despite the developing emphasis in current scholarship on children in Roman culture, there has been relatively little research to date on the role and significance of the youngest children within the family...

Interpreting Herodotus

by Thomas Harrison & Elizabeth Irwin

Charles W. Fornara's Herodotus: An Interpretative Essay (Oxford, 1971) was a landmark publication in the study of the great Greek historian. Well-known in particular for its main thesis that the Histories should...

Defining Citizenship in Archaic Greece

by Alain Duplouy & Roger W. Brock

Citizenship is a major feature of contemporary national and international politics, but rather than being a modern phenomenon it is in fact a legacy of ancient Greece. The concept of membership of a community...

Famous Men of Ancient Times

by S. G. Goodrich

The reader of these pages will perhaps remark, that the length of the following sketches is hardly proportioned to the relative importance of the several subjects, regarded in a merely historical point of view....

Sabina Augusta

by T. Corey Brennan

Sabina Augusta (ca. 85-ca. 137), wife of the emperor Hadrian (reigned 117-38), accumulated more public honors in Rome and the provinces than any imperial woman had enjoyed since the first empress, Augustus'...

The Story of the Greeks

by Helene Guerber

The history of Greece goes back to the time when people did not know how to write, and kept no record of what was happening around them. For a long while the stories told by parents to their children were the...

The Story of Assyria

by James Baikie

At the beginning of all things, when the world was new, and men were finding out bit by bit what they could do and how to do it, there were two countries that were more important than any others. They were both...

A History of Ancient Rome

by Robert Pennell

So far as we know, the early inhabitants of Italy were divided into three races, the IAPYGIAN, ETRUSCAN, and ITALIAN. The IAPYGIANS were the first to settle in Italy. They probably came from the north, and were...