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At the Temple Gates

The Story of Egypt: The Civilization that Shaped the World

by Joann Fletcher

The story of the world's greatest civilization—spanning 4,000 years of history—full of epic stories, spectacular places, and an evolving society rich in inventors, heroes, villains, and pioneers.  ...

Rome Seizes the Trident: The Defeat of Carthaginian Seapower and the Forging of the Roman Empire

by Marc G DeSantis

Seapower played a greater part in ancient empire building than is often appreciated. The Punic Wars, especially the first, were characterized by massive naval battles. The Romans did not even possess a navy...

The Tell El Amarna Period

by Carl Niebuhr

Under this title is being issued a series of short, popular, but thoroughly scientific studies, by the leading scholars of Germany, setting forth the recent discoveries and investigations in Babylonian, Assyrian...

Milvian Bridge AD 312

by Ross Cowan & Seán Ó?Brógáin

In AD 312, the Roman world was divided between four emperors. The most ambitious was Constantine, who sought to eliminate his rivals and reunite the Empire. His first target was Maxentius, who held Rome, the...

Book II. From Tribes to empires

by Roland Maes

We live in a world of violence, corruption and deceit. These violence and corruption are obvious throughout the world. Over the last few months, we have witnessed a global revolt against Western forms of government...

The Classical World: The Foundations of the West and the Enduring Legacy of Antiquity

by Nigel Spivey

A masterly investigation into the Classical roots of Western civilization, taking the reader on an illuminating journey from Troy, Athens, and Sparta to Utopia, Alexandria, and Rome.

An authoritative and accessible...

Aleppo: A History

by Ross Burns

Aleppo is one of the longest-surviving cities of the ancient and Islamic Middle East. Until recently it enjoyed a thriving urban life-in particular an active traditional suq, whose origins can be traced across...

Roman Army Units in the Western Provinces (1)

by Raffaele D?Amato & Raffaele Ruggeri

At its height the Roman Empire stretched across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, maintained by an army of modest size but great diversity. In popular culture these soldiers are often portrayed in a...

Poseidon’s Warriors

by John Lambshead

Poseidon's Warriors is a set of wargaming rules for large-scale naval actions between fleets of Classical galleys from the Greek and Persian clash at the battle of Salamis to the battle of Actium that decided...

The Tale of the Axe: How the Neolithic Revolution Transformed Britain

by David Miles

How the New Stone Age shaped our world Approximately 12,000 years ago, early humans in western Asia and Europe who had been itinerant foragers, subsisting on what food they could find, slowly began settling...

The Medea Of Euripides

by Frederic D. Allen

This vintage book contains "Medea", an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides. It is based on the legend of Jason and Medea and was first produced in 431 BCE. The plot follows the deeds and misdeeds of Medea,...

The Story Of Troy

by M. Clarke

This vintage book contains Mary Clarke's 1897 work, "The Story Of Troy". This volume tells the story of Troy, and particularly of the famous siege which ended in the total destruction of that renowned city....

The book of the dead

by E.A. Wallis Budge

The Egyptian Book of the Dead is a sacred text. It consists of a collection of magical and religious formulas that were to serve the deceased to protect him and help him on his journey to the afterlife, which...

Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible

by Russell E. Gmirkin

Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible for the first time compares the ancient law collections of the Ancient Near East, the Greeks and the Pentateuch to determine the legal antecedents for the biblical...

The Greek View of Poetry

by E.E. Sikes

The Greek View of Poetry details critical theories and the appreciation of poetry by the ancient Greeks. Originally published in 1931, this text deals with a whole range of Greek critics from very early criticism...

Women in Antiquity: Real Women across the Ancient World

by Stephanie Lynn Budin & Jean MacIntosh Turfa

This volume gathers brand new essays from some of the most respected scholars of ancient history, archaeology, and physical anthropology to create an engaging overview of the lives of women in antiquity. The...

Four Days in September: The Battle of Teutoburg

by Jason R Abdale

For twenty years, the Roman Empire conquered its way through modern-day Germany, claiming all lands from the Rhine to the Elbe. However, when at last all appeared to be under control, a catastrophe erupted that...

Being a Man: Negotiating Ancient Constructs of Masculinity

by Ilona Zsolnay

Being a Man is a formative work which reveals the myriad and complex negotiations for constructions of masculine identities in the greater ancient Near East and beyond. Through a juxtaposition of studies into...

Alexander's Marshals: A Study of the Makedonian Aristocracy and the Politics of Military Leadership

by Waldemar Heckel

This substantially revised and updated second edition of The Marshals of Alexander's Empire (1992) examines Alexander's most important officers, who commanded army units and were involved in military and political...