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Dining Posture in Ancient Rome

by Matthew B. Roller

What was really going on at Roman banquets? In this lively new book, veteran Romanist Matthew Roller looks at a little-explored feature of Roman culture: dining posture. In ancient Rome, where dining was an...

Quo Vadis

by Henryk Sienkiewicz

A Narrative of the Time of Nero, also known as Quo Vadis, is a historical novel written by Henryk Sienkiewicz in Polish. "Quo vadis Domine" is Latin for "Where are you going, Lord?" and alludes to the apocryphal...

The Complete Plays of Aristophanes

by Aristophanes

A poet who hated an age of decadence, armed conflict, and departure from tradition, Aristophanes' comic genius influenced the political and social order of his own fifth-century Athens. But as Moses Hadas writes...

The Byzantine Empire (Serapis Classics)

by Charles Oman

Two thousand five hundred and fifty-eight years ago a little fleet of galleys toiled painfully against the current up the long strait of the Hellespont, rowed across the broad Propontis, and came to anchor in...

The Caesars (Serapis Classics))

by Thomas de Quincey

The condition of the Roman Emperors has never yet been fully appreciated; nor has it been sufficiently perceived in what respects it was absolutely unique. There was but one Rome: no other city, as we are satisfied...

The Story of Ancient Egypt (Serapis Classics)

by James Baikie

If we were asked to name the most interesting country in the world, I suppose that most people would say Palestine—not because there is anything so very wonderful in the land itself, but because of all the...

The Barbarian Invasions (Serapis Classics)

by Pasquale Villari

What caused the fall of the Roman Empire? The first reply that occurs to us is this: That the Romans were corrupt and enfeebled by corruption; the Barbarians, while rougher, were also stronger and less corrupt....

Roman Imperialism (Serapis Classics)

by Tenney Frank

My purpose in the following pages has been to analyze, so far as the fragmentary sources permit, the precise influences that urged the Roman republic toward territorial expansion. Imperialism, as we now use...

Rome During the Later Republic (Serapis Classics)

by A. H. J. Greenridge

The period of Roman history on which we now enter is, like so many that had preceded it, a period of revolt, directly aimed against the existing conditions of society and, through the means taken to satisfy...

Mystery of the Magi

by Dwight Longenecker

The Magi of nativity scenes are romanticizeed as well-dressed wisemen bringing gifts to Jesus. Traditional Chrstians tell of a miraculous star that guided exotic kings from Persia, India and Africa. Academics...

The Egyptian Conception of Immortality

by George Andrew Reisner

Of the nations which have contributed to the direct stream of civilization, Egypt and Mesopotamia are at present believed to be the oldest. The chronological dispute as to the relative antiquity of the two countries...

The Essence of Edward Gibbon on Christianity

by Hunter Lewis

Edward Gibbon (1737–1794) became world famous as the author of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Of the early Christian era, he wrote: “The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world,...

Republics Ancient and Modern, Volume I

by Paul A. Rahe

An assessment of the ancient Greek city and its subsequent influence. A masterwork of political theory and comparative politics for the classroom.

"In a series of sketches touching on everything from the lust...

The Eternal City

by Peter Bondanella

A major new interpretation of the impact of ancient Rome on our culture, this study charts the effects of two diametrically opposed views of Roman antiquity: the virtuous republic of self-less citizen soldiers...

Edward I's Conquest of Wales

by Sean Davies

Edward I’s conquest of Wales was a key formative event in the history of Britain, but it has not been the subject of a scholarly book for over 100 years. Research has advanced since then, changing our perception...

Modern Sons of the Pharaohs

by Simon Henry Leeder

This interesting study of the Copts deserves attention. The Copts are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians, though many of them show a strain of Syrian or Jewish blood, and the Coptic church preserves in...

A Thousand Miles Up The Nile

by Amelia Ann Blandford

Miss Blandfords' 'A Thousand Miles Up the Nile ' is one of the classics of the literature of Egypt. Her work as an Egyptologist, and deserved reputation as such, began with the expedition of which it is the...

Veiled Mysteries of Egypt and the Religion of Islam

by Simon Henry Leeder

This Western apologist for Islam claims that no writings on Mohammedanism are "more misleading than those of missionaries," especially those published in recent years. Their writings are said to be cruel and...

Aristophanes: The Complete Plays

by Aristophanes

A poet who hated an age of decadence, armed conflict, and departure from tradition, Aristophanes' comic genius influenced the political and social order of his own fifth-century Athens. But as Moses Hadas writes...

The Oxford Handbook of the Second Sophistic

by Daniel S. Richter & William A. Johnson

Focusing on the period known as the Second Sophistic (an era roughly co-extensive with the second century AD), this Handbook serves the need for a broad and accessible overview. The study of the Second Sophistic...