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Balloon Madness

by Clare Brant

"All the world is mad about balloons" observers recorded during the craze in Britain that lasted from 1783 to 1786. Excitement about the new invention spread rapidly, inspiring hopes, visions, fashions, celebrations,...

Cameralism in Practice

by Marten Seppel & Keith Tribe

This book discusses the impact of cameralism on the practices of governance, early modern state-building and economy in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Europe. It argues that the cameralist conception of...

The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to the Court of the Great Mogul, 1615-1619: As Narrated in his Journal and Correspondence. Volumes I-II

by William Foster

Edited from Contemporary Records. The main pagination of this and the following volume (Second Series 2) is continuous. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1899. Owing...

Making Money

by Colleen E. Kriger

A new era in world history began when Atlantic maritime trade among Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas opened up in the fifteenth century, setting the stage for massive economic and cultural change. In Making...

The Western Delaware Indian Nation, 1730–1795

by Richard S. Grimes

During the early eighteenth century, three phratries or tribes (Turtle, Turkey, and Wolf) of Delaware Indians left their traditional homeland in the Delaware River watershed and moved west to the Allegheny Valley...

Claiming Crimea: A History of Catherine the Great's Southern Empire

by Kelly O'Neill

The first comprehensive, archive-based history of Russia's original annexation of Crimea and its predominantly Muslim population more than two hundred years ago

Russia's long-standing claims to Crimea date back...


by Peter Ackroyd

The fourth volume of Peter Ackroyd's enthralling History of England, beginning in 1688 with a revolution and ending in 1815 with a famous victory.

In Revolution, Peter Ackroyd takes readers from William of Orange's...

Thomas Violet, a Sly and Dangerous Fellow

by Amos Tubb

A Sly and Dangerous Fellow chronicles the life and adventures of Thomas Violet, an Englishman who lived from 1609-1662. During the course of his tumultuous life Violet was a goldsmith, a spy, a prisoner of war...

History of the New World, by Girolamo Benzoni, of Milan: Shewing his Travels in America, from A.D. 1541 to 1556: with some Particulars of the Island o

by W.H. Smyth

Translated from the text originally published at Venice, 1572. The supplementary material consists of the 1857 annual report. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1857....

Singing the Resurrection

by Erin Lambert

Singing the Resurrection brings music to the foreground of Reformation studies, as author Erin Lambert explores song as a primary mode for the expression of belief among ordinary Europeans in the sixteenth century,...

Hidden Interests in Credit and Finance

by James B. Greenberg & Thomas K. Park

In this book, James B. Greenberg and Thomas K. Park take an anthropological approach to the economic history of the past one thousand years and define credit as a potentially transformative force involving inequalties,...

Rebel in the Ranks

by Brad S. Gregory

When Martin Luther published his 95 Theses in October 1517, he had no intention of starting a revolution. But very quickly his criticism of indulgences became a rejection of the papacy and the Catholic Church...

Freedom's Debtors: British Antislavery in Sierra Leone in the Age of Revolution

by Padraic X. Scanlan

A history of the abolition of the British slave trade in Sierra Leone and how the British used its success to justify colonialism in Africa

Napoleaon and his Marshals

by A. G. Macdonell

This vintage book contains a detailed account of the Napoleonic Wars by A. G. Macdonell. A. G. Macdonell (1895-1941) was a Scottish novelist and journalist. His most famous works include: "The Autobiography...

The Expanding Blaze

by Jonathan Israel

A major intellectual history of the American Revolution and its influence on later revolutions in Europe and the Americas

The Expanding Blazeis a sweeping history of how the American Revolution inspired revolutions...

Invisible Worlds

by Peter Marshall

How did traditional beliefs about the supernatural change as a result of the Reformation, and what were the intellectual and cultural consequences?

Following a masterly interpretative introduction, Peter Marshall...

Memory in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

by Judith Pollmann

For early modern Europeans, the past was a measure of most things, good and bad. For that reason it was also hotly contested, manipulated, and far too important to be left to historians alone. Memory in Early...

Conserving health in early modern culture

by Ssandra Cavallo & Tessa Storey

Did early modern people care about their health? And what did it mean to lead a healthy life in Italy and England? Through a range of textual evidence, images and material artefacts Conserving health in early...

The Discovery of the Solomon Islands by Alvaro de Mendaña in 1568: Translated from the Original Spanish Manuscripts. Volumes I-II

by Lord Amherst of Hackney & Basil Thomson

Four narratives, edited with introduction and notes, two of them by or attributed to Mendaña's companions, Hernando Gallego and Pedro Sarmiento. This and the following volume (Second Series 8) have continuous...

Huguenot Networks, 1560-1780: The Interactions and Impact of a Protestant Minority in Europe

by Vivienne Larminie

These chapters explore how a religious minority not only gained a toehold in countries of exile, but also wove itself into their political, social, and religious fabric. The way for the refugees' departure...