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Operation Desert Storm

by 50MINUTES.Com

In August 1990, Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, shortly after the beginning of the second Gulf War. Afraid that the situation would become explosive once again, the UN launched Operation Desert Storm on 17th January...

The Rig-Vedic and Post-Rig-Vedic Polity (1500 BCE-500 BCE)

by R.U.S. Prasad

The book critically examines and assesses the literary evidence available through Vedic and allied literature portraying the nature of Vedic polity, the functionalities of its various institutions, and the various...

Japan's Imperial Army: Its Rise and Fall

by Edward J. Drea

Society for Military History Distinguished Book Award

Popular impressions of the imperial Japanese army still promote images of suicidal banzai charges and fanatical leaders blindly devoted to their emperor....

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Chuyen My Chau, Trong Thuy

by Nam Vu Tu

 An Duong Vuong King and set up its capital in Phong Khe province and built Loa Thành citadel. By the Golden Turtle Genie’s grace, An Duong Vuong had a magic bow which was able to kill thousands of invaders...

Recovering Buddhism in Modern China

by Jan Kiely & J. Brooks Jessup

Modern Chinese history told from a Buddhist perspective restores the vibrant, creative role of religion in postimperial China. It shows how urban Buddhist elites jockeyed for cultural dominance in the early...

Sensitive Space: Fragmented Territory at the India-Bangladesh Border

by Jason Cons

Enclaves along the India-Bangladesh border have posed conceptual and pragmatic challenges to both states since Partition in 1947. These pieces of India inside of Bangladesh, and vice versa, are spaces in which...

China and Japan at War 1937 - 1945

by Philip Jowett

The 1937-1945 war between China and Japan was one of the most bitter conflicts of the twentieth century. It was a struggle between the two dominant peoples of Asia. Millions of soldiers fought on each side and...

New Korean Wave: Transnational Cultural Power in the Age of Social Media

by Dal Yong Jin

The forces that converged to unleash a pop culture tsunami

Forgery and Impersonation in Imperial China: Popular Deceptions and the High Qing State

by Mark P. McNicholas

Across eighteenth-century China a wide range of common people forged government documents or pretended to be officials or other agents of the state. This examination of case records and law codes traces the...

Refocusing Central Asia

by Frantz Grenet

The notion of Central Asia emerged at a late stage, replacing that of “Tartary”, often associated with the Mongol Terror, in 1825 only. Two twentieth-century archaeological currents profoundly contributed...

Willow Pattern Walkabout

by Kirwan Ward, Paul Rigby & Graham Earnshaw

Unexpectedly in 1958, an irreverent British journalist and Australian cartoonist duo were granted visas to visit Communist China at its most closed and inscrutable. Emerging from the writings of Kirwan Ward...

On The Laws Of Japanese Painting

by Henry P. Bowie

This vintage book contains a detailed introduction to Japanese art, with historical information, directions for using materials, details on influential artists and pieces, and much more. "On The Laws Of Japanese...

The Great East Asian War and the Birth of the Korean Nation

by JaHyun Kim Haboush, William J. Haboush & Jisoo Kim

The Imjin War (1592–1598) was a grueling conflict that wreaked havoc on the towns and villages of the Korean Peninsula. The commitment of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean forces, not to mention the regional scope...

The End of Karma: Hope and Fury Among India's Young

by Somini Sengupta

A penetrating, personal look at contemporary India—the world’s largest democracy at a moment of transition.

Somini Sengupta emigrated from Calcutta to California as a young child in 1975. Returning thirty...

China Coast Ballads: With Illustrations by Sapajou

by Shamus A'Rabbitt & Georgi "Sapajou" Sapojnikoff

A collection of poetry—by poet laureate of the China Treaty Ports Shamus A'Rabbit—and cartoons by Sapajou, this compilation offers a fresh perspective on the foreign experience in Old China. From A'Rabbit’s...

Joy and Sorrow ¿ Songs of Ancient China: A New Translation of Shi Jing Guo Feng: A Chinese¿English Bilingual Edition

by Ha Poong Kim

The Shi Jing is the oldest anthology of Chinese songs. It contains 305 songs of ancient China, composed in the 12th to 7th century BCE. The collection is divided into four parts. The present work is a translation...

Afghanistan and Central Asia: A Modern History

by Martin McCauley

  The Afghan crisis has grabbed the attention of the entire world, and underlined the desperate need in the West for a better understanding of the region and its challenges in the face of increasingly militant...

Asian Democracy in World History

by Alan T. Wood

Taking a comparative approach, Alan T. Wood traces the evolution of democracy from its origins in prehistoric times and describes democratic growth in thirteen Asian countries from Japan in East Asia to Pakistan...

Environment and Pollution in Colonial India: Sewerage Technologies along the Sacred Ganges

by Janine Wilhelm

India is facing a river pollution crisis today. The origins of this crisis are commonly traced back to post-Independence economic development and urbanisation. This book, in contrast, shows that some important...

Ballads of the East: With Illustrations by Sapajou

by Shamus A'Rabbitt & Georgi "Sapajou" Sapojnikoff

A collection of poetry—by poet laureate of the China Treaty Ports Shamus A'Rabbit—and cartoons by Sapajou, This compilation offers a fresh perspective on the foreign experience in Old China. From A'Rabbit’s...