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Their Home and Native Land

by Robert MacBain

With the skills he honed as one of Canada’s top newspaper reporters and speech writers, Toronto author Robert MacBain tells the absorbing story of life in four Ojibway communities in northwestern Ontario in...

The Minor Intimacies of Race: Asian Publics in North America

by Christine Kim

Race, emotional states of intimacy, and social publics among Asian Canadians and Asian Americans

Astrid Taim's Almaguin Chronicles 2-Book Bundle: Almaguin / Almaguin Chronicles

by Astrid Taim

Once considered as a site for a First Nations Reserve in the early 1800s, The Almaguin Highlands are now year-round mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. This 2-book bundle is Astrid Taim's definitive guide to the...

The Last of the Wild Rivers: The Past, Present, and Future of the Rivière du Moine Watershed

by Wallace A Schaber

For four hundred years, the journals of all the great explorers of Canada have mentioned the Deux Joachims portage and the wild Rivière du Moine as they made their way west to discover riches, routes, or souls...

Stubborn Resistance

by Brian Cuthbertson

When New Brunswick became its own colony in 1784, the government concluded several peace treaties with the Mi'kmaq and Maliseet in the territory that protected First Nations lands. But as settlers, loyalists,...

At Home in Tay Valley: Celebrating Our 200th Anniversary

by Kay Rogers

In 1816, the British government founded the Perth Military Settlement, to help address a number of issues it faced following the War of 1812. How to protect Upper Canada against future attack from the United...

Canada's War Grooms and the Girls Who Stole Their Hearts

by Judy Kozar

Boy meets girl.  It's a story that never grows old.  Yet, occasionally, it gets a new twist, as in Canada's War Grooms and the Girls Who Stole Their Hearts.

During World War II, thousands of servicemen came...

The Long Run

by Joan Sullivan

On the morning of July 1, 1916, at Beaumont-Hamel, the men of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment climbed out of their trenches and advanced into no man's land. Eric Mackenzie Robertson went over the top on that...

Better Off Dead

by Fred Doucette

Fred Doucette always wanted to be a soldier. In the 1960s he joined the Canadian Armed Forces and served in Cyprus in the 1970s and '80s and Bosnia in the 1990s. When he returned home to New Brunswick in 1999...

The French Problem in Canada and The Early Years of the Conqueror of Quebec

by Goldwin Smith & George H. Clarke

"The rapid growth of the French population in the Canadian provinces and the New England States has given rise to much speculation as to the future of the race. Thoughtful men in the Dominion see in its steady...

The Civil War in Canada

by Henry S. Chapman

This book relates the Civil War in Canada, with ample details of the immediate causes and progress thereof, from the commencement to its final conclusion; preceded by an introduction, containing a faithful...

Terry Boyle's Discover Ontario 5-Book Bundle: Discover Ontario / Hidden Ontario / Haunted Ontario / Haunted Ontario 3 / Haunted Ontario 4

by Terry Boyle

Terry Boyle returns with five must-read guides to Ontario's hidden surprises!


Discover Ontario

Hidden Ontario

Haunted Ontario

Haunted Ontario 3

Haunted Ontario 4

Inside Hamilton's Museums

by John Goddard

Take a journey through Hamilton's past by way of the houses, heritage museums, and historic sites. Learn about founders, families, wars, and politics through tours of the grounds and houses and a discussion...

Tidbits Not Doughnut Holes

by W. M. Tremblay

This is a fascinating collection of short pieces about Canadian firsts, ranging from Canada's first Potter's Field through technical developments and inventions like Sonar and the variable pitch aircraft propeller,...

Fatal Intentions: True Canadian Crime Stories

by Barbara Smith

Using contemporary accounts, Barbara Smith vividly recreates a number of murder cases from 1920s Nova Scotia to 1980s British Columbia.

Earliest Toronto

by Robert M. MacIntosh

Almost half the population of Toronto-immigrants and newcomers from elsewhere in Canada-has no cultural memory of our city's beginnings. In a bid to fill this gap, Earliest Toronto tells the city's story up...

A Most Ungentlemanly Way of War: The SOE and the Canadian Connection

by Colonel Bernd Horn

Created by Winston Churchill to sabotage and subvert the enemy in WWII, the Special Operations Executive (SOE) was an innovative and at times infamous group, a band fanatically devoted to the Allied cause and...

The History of Canada Series: Three Weeks in Quebec City: The Meeting That Made Canada

by Christopher Moore

In 1864, thirty-three delegates from five provincial legislatures came to Quebec City to pursue the idea of uniting all the provinces of British North America. The American Civil War, not yet over, encouraged...

The Royal Fjord: Memories of Jervis Inlet

by Ray Phillips

The most accessible and popular of British Columbia’s great scenic fjords, Jervis Inlet punches 60 kilometres into the Coast Mountains a day’s cruising north of Vancouver. It deserves to be called the “Royal...

Alan Bowker's Canadian Heritage 2-Book Bundle: A Time Such as There Never Was Before / On the Front Line of Life

by Alan Bowker

In this two-book bundle, Alan Bowker sheds new light on two subjects with a surprising connection: the great Canadian writer Stephen Leacock and the rise of Canada on the world stage. With Bowker as your guide,...