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Jabotinsky's Children

by Daniel Kupfert Heller

How interwar Poland and its Jewish youth were instrumental in shaping the ideology of right-wing Zionism

By the late 1930s, as many as fifty thousand Polish Jews belonged to Betar, a youth movement known for...

Rival Power: Russia's Influence in Southeast Europe

by Dimitar Bechev

A nuanced and comprehensive study of the political dynamics between Russia and key countries in Southeast Europe

Europe Faces Europe

by Johan Fornäs

How is Europe identified in narratives from its eastern periphery? This is the core question of this volume. Its chapters map narratives of Europe rooted in East Europe, as they circulate in phenomenological...

The NGO Game

by Patrice C. McMahon

In most post-conflict countries nongovernmental organizations are everywhere, but their presence is misunderstood. In The NGO Game Patrice McMahon investigates the unintended outcomes of what she calls the NGO...

Women as Essential Citizens in the Czech National Movement

by Dáša Frančíková

This study uses the Czech national movement in the Austrian Empire between the late 1820s and the late 1850s to examine the complex set of social, physical, physiological, and moral requirements through which...

A Short History of Russia

by Mary Platt Parmele

In A Short History of Russia Mary Platt Parmele takes the reader on a survey of Russia’s rich past, from the state’s early dramatic beginnings to its struggle to control society, the transformation of...

Governing Diasporas in International Relations: The Transnational Politics of Croatia and Former Yugoslavia

by Francesco Ragazzi

This book analyzes how states extend their sovereignty beyond their territories through the language of diasporas.

An increasing number of states are interested in supporting, managing or controlling their populations...

High Albania

by M. Edith Durham

Mary Edith Durham (1863-1944) was a British traveller, artist and writer who became famous for her anthropological accounts of life in Albania in the early 20th century.

She sailed to Montenegro and began a love...

The Habsburg Empire: A Very Short Introduction

by Martyn Rady

The Habsburgs are the most famous dynasty in continental Europe. From the thirteenth to the twentieth centuries, they ruled much of Central Europe, and for two centuries were also rulers of Spain. Through the...

Environmentalism in Central and Southeastern Europe

by Ivana Žebec Šilj, Hrvoje Petrić, Milica Prokić & Roman Holec et al.

Consisting of 12 chapters, the book presents the rise and development of environmentalism, environmental history as a discipline, and the history of environmental movements in the Central and South Eastern European...

War and Diplomacy in East and West: A Biography of Józef Retinger

by M. B. B. Biskupski

The New York Times said of Józef Hieronim Retinger that he was on intimate terms with most leading statesmen of the Western World, including presidents of the United States. He has been repeatedly acknowledged...

History Of Russia For Kids: A History Series - Children Explore Histories Of The World Edition

by Baby Professor

If you were to visit the Old Russia, what would you see? Open this educational book to find out! This book is filled with information that has been stripped down to the core to facilitate faster learning. It’s...

A Minor Apocalypse

by Robert Blobaum

In A Minor Apocalypse, Robert Blobaum explores the social and cultural history of Warsaw's "forgotten war" of 1914–1918. Beginning with the bank panic that accompanied the outbreak of the Great War, Blobaum...

New Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Gda?sk, Poland and Prussia

by Beata Mo?ejko

New Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Poland and Prussia: The Impact of Gda?sk draws together the latest reseach conducted by local historians and archaeologists on the city of Gda?sk and its impact on the...

The Summer Capitals of Europe, 1814-1919

by Marina Soroka

This book is about the great European health spas of the nineteenth century: what they were, how they operated, what life was like there and how their functions evolved to the point where their original medicinal...

The Polish Crisis and Relations with Eastern Europe, 1979-1982: Documents on British Policy Overseas, Series III, Volume X

by Isabelle Tombs & Richard Smith

This volume presents a collection of diplomatic documents describing Britain's relations with Eastern Europe from 1979 to 1982, with special focus on the crisis in Poland.

After coming to power in 1979, the...

Love and Science: A Memoir

by Jan Vilcek

Long before he became one of the world's most celebrated immunologists, Jan Vilcek began life in Slovakia as the child of Jewish parents at a time when Jews were being exterminated all across Europe. He owes...

Seed in Snow

by Knuts Skujenieks & Bitite Vinklers

This first U.S. publication of Knuts Skujenieks—one of Latvia’s foremost poets—is the author’s most important and widely-translated body of work. Convicted in 1962 of anti-Soviet sentiment, Skujenieks...

Final Solution

by David Cesarani

David Cesarani’s Final Solution is a magisterial work of history that chronicles the fate of Europe’s Jews. Based on decades of scholarship, documentation newly available from the opening of Soviet archives,...

Therapeutic Fascism