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European Angst

by Goethe & Institut

What is ‘European Angst’? Is it the extension of ‘German Angst’ to a whole continent? The latter term is often used disparagingly to describe the German tendency to problematise, weigh up and hesitate,...

Heidegger's Black Notebooks

by Andrew J. Mitchell & Peter Trawny

The 2014 publication of the first three volumes of Martin Heidegger’s Black Notebooks, the philosopher’s private writings from the war years, sparked international controversy. While Heidegger’s engagement...

Defeat in the West

by Milton Shulman

Milton Shulman (1913 – 2004) was a Canadian author, film and theatre critic.

After the phoney war period Shulman signed up for the Canadian army, was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Canadian Armoured...

Jewish Responses to Persecution, 1933–1946

by Emil Kerenji & Jürgen Matthäus

Combining rich documentation selected from the five-volume series on Jewish Responses to Persecution, this text combines a carefully curated selection of primary sources together with basic background information...

Death of an Assassin: The True Story of the German Murderer Who Died Defending Robert E. Lee

by Ann Marie Ackerman

From the depths of German and American archives comes a story one soldier never wanted told. The first volunteer killed defending Robert E. Lee's position in battle was really a German assassin. After fleeing...

Surviving Uncle Hitler: Journey of a German Girl

by Dorothea Wollin Null

[UPDATED AND REVISED FOR 2017]  Dorothea Wollin was just a young girl when American bombs demolished her German town. Uprooted overnight, she and her family found themselves on a journey of survival across...

Demolition on Karl Marx Square

by Andrew Demshuk

Communist East Germany's demolition of Leipzig's perfectly intact medieval University Church in May 1968 was an act decried as "cultural barbarism" across the two Germanies and beyond. Although overshadowed...

The German Pacific Locomotive: Its Design and Development

by David Maidment

The German Pacific Locomotive (Its Design and Development) is David Maidments fourth book in the series of Locomotive Profiles published by Pen & Sword. It is the first in the series to tackle an important range...

Lossberg's War

by Fritz von Lossberg, Dieter J. Biedekarken, David T. Zabecki & Holger H. Herwig

General Fritz von Lossberg (1868--1942) directed virtually all the major German defensive battles on the Western Front during the First World War. Hailed as "the Lion of the Defensive," he was an extremely influential...

A Magnificent Faith

by Bridget Heal

A Magnificent Faith explains how and why Lutheranism - a confession that derived its significance from the promulgation of God's Word - became a visually magnificent faith, a faith whose adherents sought to...

A Tragic Fate

by Nicholas M. O'Donnell

The organized theft of fine art by Nazi Germany has captivated worldwide attention in the last twenty years. As much as any other topic arising out of World War Two, stolen art has proven to be an issue that...


by J.B. Kingsley-Lauren

Germany during the 1930s was a grim place for those unemployed and not associated with the rising Nazi Party. The Jews, who had contributed immensely to the culture and economics of that society were being portrayed...

Bernhard Lichtenberg

by Brenda L. Gaydosh

Bernhard Lichtenberg: Roman Catholic Priest and Martyr of the Nazi Regime is the definitive English biography of the martyred Nazi-era Berlin provost, Bernhard Lichtenberg. This work presents a broad overview...

Through the Lion Gate

by Gary Bruce

In 1943, fierce aerial bombardment razed the Berlin zoo and killed most of its animals. But only two months after the war's end, Berliners had already resurrected it, reopening its gates and creating a symbol...

The Evil That Surrounds Us

by Martina Cucchiara, Kevin P. Spicer & Esther-Maria Nagele

In 1931, Gustav Becker and Erna Kohen married. He was Catholic and she was Jewish. Erna and Gustav had no idea their religious affiliations, which mattered so little to them, would define their marriage under...

The Russo-Japanese War and its Shaping of the Twentieth Century

by Frank Jacob

The Russo-Japanese War was in essence a colonial conflict between the expanding interests of Russia and Japan in East Asia. However, while appearing regional, the war itself in fact had a major global impact....

The Trial of Adolf Hitler: The Beer Hall Putsch and the Rise of Nazi Germany

by David King

The never-before-told story of the scandalous courtroom drama that paved the way for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

On the evening of November 8, 1923, the thirty-four-year-old Adolf Hitler stormed...

A History of Germany in the Middle Ages

by Ernest F. Henderson

"The fortunes and misfortunes of a Charlemagne and Henry IV., of a Barbarossa, a Henry VI. and an Emperor Frederick II... The rise and fall of the mediæval German Empire is in itself a subject boundlessly interesting,...

A Short History of Germany

by Mary Platt Parmele

The concept of Germany as a distinct region in central Europe can be traced to Julius Caesar, who referred to the unconquered area east of the Rhine as Germania, thus distinguishing it from Gaul (France), which...

Hitler's Irish Slaves

by David Blake Knox

Hitler’s Irish Slaves tells the shocking story of 32 merchant seamen from Ireland who were held in conditions of great hardship in an SS slave labour camp from 1943 to 1945. Mercilessly punished for their...