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Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent Who Fought for the Third Reich

by Bryan Mark Rigg

They were foot soldiers and officers. They served in the regular army and the Waffen-SS. And, remarkably, they were also Jewish, at least as defined by Hitler's infamous race laws. Pursuing the thread he first...

A French Slave in Nazi Germany: A Testimony

by Elie Poulard & Jean V. Poulard

The Required Work Service Law, or Service du Travail Obligatoire, was passed in 1943 by the Vichy government of France under German occupation. Passage of the law confirmed the French government's willing collaboration...

The Myth and Reality of German Warfare: Operational Thinking from Moltke the Elder to Heusinger

by Gerhard P. Gross, David T. Zabecki & Robert M. Citino

Surrounded by potential adversaries, nineteenth-century Prussia and twentieth-century Germany faced the formidable prospect of multifront wars and wars of attrition. To counteract these threats, generations...

Hitler's Wehrmacht, 1935--1945

by Rolf-Dieter Müller & Janice W. Ancker

Since the end of World War II, Germans have struggled with the legacy of the Wehrmacht -- the unified armed forces mobilized by Adolf Hitler in 1935 to ensure the domination of the Third Reich in perpetuity....

Hitler's French Volunteers

by Christophe Leguérandais

From 1941 to 1945, a large number of foreign soldiers were incorporated into the ranks of the German army in order to compensate for the enormous losses suffered by the Wehrmacht, including thousands of French....

The Jutland Scandal: The Truth about the First World War¿s Greatest Sea Battle

by Vice-Admiral John Harper & Admiral Reginald Bacon

Two high-ranking officers defied the British Admiralty to tell the tale of World War I’s first naval battle against Germany.

The Royal Navy had ruled the sea unchallenged for one hundred years since Nelson...

Hitler and Nazi Germany: A History

by Jackson J. Spielvogel

This text is based on current research findings and is written for students and general readers who want a deeper understanding of this period in German history. It provides a balanced approach in examining...

Holocaust Angst

The Story of Nuremberg (Medieval Towns Series)

by Cecil Headlam

This book presents a detailed historical account of the Nuremberg Trials, the military tribunals orchestrated by the Allied forces after World War II and held in Nuremberg, Germany. A fascinating and insightful...

Harmful and Undesirable

German Reunification: A Multinational History

by Frédéric Bozo, Andreas Rödder & Mary Elise Sarotte

This book provides a multinational history of German reunification based on empirical work by leading scholars.

The reunification of Germany in 1989-90 was one of the most unexpected and momentous events of...

Summary of In the Garden of Beasts: by Erik Larson | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of In the Garden of Beasts: by Erik Larson | Includes Analysis



In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror and an American Family in Hitler’s Berlin

by Erik Larson explores several crucial years...

The British Army of the Rhine: Turning Nazi Enemies into Cold War Partners

by Peter Speiser

How British soldiers helped sworn enemies find common ground against the Soviet threat

The Battle of Kursk

by 50MINUTES.Com

After the crushing defeat suffered at Stalingrad, Adolf Hitler more than ever needed to lead an attack that would reassure the German people and restore his prestige. To do this, he chose the Kursk region, and...

The Battle of Stalingrad

by 50MINUTES.Com

On 23rd August 1942, the German army truly believed in its own superiority and had no idea of the fate that awaited them in Stalingrad. However, faced with the unwavering resistance of the Red Army during their...

The Battle of Verdun

by 50MINUTES.Com

At 7:15am on 21st February 1916, Erich Falkenhayn launched an assault on Verdun. His goal was simple: to bleed the French army dry and end war of attrition. This conflict lasted nearly ten months, engaging the...

The Battle of the Bulge

by 50MINUTES.Com

Since the Normandy landings, the Allied forces continued to grow, repelling the Germans further and further. But in September 1944, Hitler saw an opportunity to direct a counter-attack. His plan was simple:...

The Battle of the Marne

by 50MINUTES.Com

Before 4th August 1914, the Allied armies had not managed to gain any victories over the vicious German troops. However, on 6th September, everything changed and hope was restored once again with the Battle...

Hitler's Soldiers: The German Army in the Third Reich

by Ben H. Shepherd

For decades after 1945, it was generally believed that the German army, professional and morally decent, had largely stood apart from the SS, Gestapo, and other corps of the Nazi machine. Ben Shepherd draws...

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