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The Waffen-SS

Eugenics: A Very Short Introduction

The Flight and Fall of the Eagle: A History of Medieval Germany 800-1648

by John R. Sommerfeldt

In addition to tracing the political, cultural and religious history of medieval Germany, this volume examines the thought of outstanding German men and women, and includes an extensive account of the changing...

Occupied Ruptures in Space

by Günter Marks

With the reunification of Germany in 1990, the two sides of the former inner German border area found itself no longer as remote regions on the margins of two separated political and social hemispheres, but...

Barbarossa 1941: Reframing Hitler's Invasion of Stalin's Soviet Empire

by Frank Ellis

Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's plan for invading the Soviet Union, has by now become a familiar tale of overreach, with the Germans blinded to their coming defeat by their initial victory, and the Soviet Union...

Historical Dictionary of Contemporary Germany

by Derek Lewis & Ulrike Zitzlsperger

This second edition of Historical Dictionary of Contemporary Germany contains a chronology, an introduction, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 500 cross-referenced entries...

The Plots Against Hitler

by Danny Orbach

A new and definitive account of the anti-Nazi underground in Germany and its numerous plots to assassinate Adolf Hitler

Dachau and the SS

Rails Across Europe: Northern and Western Europe

by David Cable

The two volumes covering Rails Across Europe are divided into one, covering the North and West of the continent, the other dealing with the South and East.

The photos were taken by David Cable, a well-regarded...

Order and Insecurity in Germany and Turkey: Military Cultures of the 1930s

by Emre Sencer

This book examines processes of military, political and cultural transformation from the perspective of officers in two countries: Germany and Turkey in the 1930s. The national fates of both countries interlocked...

Lives of Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: Untold Tales of Men of Jewish Descent Who Fought for the Third Reich

by Bryan Mark Rigg

They were foot soldiers and officers. They served in the regular army and the Waffen-SS. And, remarkably, they were also Jewish, at least as defined by Hitler's infamous race laws. Pursuing the thread he first...

A French Slave in Nazi Germany: A Testimony

by Elie Poulard & Jean V. Poulard

The Required Work Service Law, or Service du Travail Obligatoire, was passed in 1943 by the Vichy government of France under German occupation. Passage of the law confirmed the French government's willing collaboration...

A History of Modern Germany: 1871 to Present

by Dietrich Orlow

Covering the entire period of modern German history - from nineteenth-century imperial Germany right through the present - this well-established text presents a balanced, general survey of the country's political...

The Discourse Strategies of Imperialist Writing: The German Colonial Idea and Africa, 1848-1945

by Felicity Rash

In this monograph, Felicity Rash examines German colonialist texts through the lens of linguistics, using multiple analytic approaches in order to contribute to the study of ideological discourse. Focusing on...


by Thomas Anderson

The Sturmartillerie was a key part of Germany's armoured arsenal throughout World War II. Its armoured assault guns were designed to support the artillery on the battlefield, largely using the purpose-built...

Dorothea Gutzeit: Be True and Serve

by Dorothea Gutzeit

“An amazing family story of courage and immigration."— Siegfried Hansch (President, German-Canadian Business Association, Ottawa)

“An authentic and absorbing account of one woman's courage, tracing her...

The Myth and Reality of German Warfare: Operational Thinking from Moltke the Elder to Heusinger

by Gerhard P. Gross, David T. Zabecki & Robert M. Citino

Surrounded by potential adversaries, nineteenth-century Prussia and twentieth-century Germany faced the formidable prospect of multifront wars and wars of attrition. To counteract these threats, generations...

Hitler's Wehrmacht, 1935--1945

by Rolf-Dieter Müller & Janice W. Ancker

Since the end of World War II, Germans have struggled with the legacy of the Wehrmacht -- the unified armed forces mobilized by Adolf Hitler in 1935 to ensure the domination of the Third Reich in perpetuity....

Hitler's French Volunteers

by Christophe Leguérandais

From 1941 to 1945, a large number of foreign soldiers were incorporated into the ranks of the German army in order to compensate for the enormous losses suffered by the Wehrmacht, including thousands of French....

The Jutland Scandal: The Truth about the First World War¿s Greatest Sea Battle

by Vice-Admiral John Harper & Admiral Reginald Bacon

Two high-ranking officers defied the British Admiralty to tell the tale of World War I’s first naval battle against Germany.

The Royal Navy had ruled the sea unchallenged for one hundred years since Nelson...