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Dear Willy, The True Story of a Life Well Lived

by Willy Oswald Geheb & Claire Ohlsson Geheb

Dear Willy, is the true story of Willy Oswald Geheb’s life told through journals, letters, documents, and photos found in an old suitcase stored away since 1947. When translated from the old German script,...

In Fair Silesia

by Gustav Nieritz & Ireland E Mary

Joseph and Helena are so poor their mother can not afford to feed them. They must go to live with their uncle in Reichenstein. They hope to get a job in the factory like other children do in their time, and...

Maximilian I

by Robert Seton-Watson

There is a peculiar difficulty in bridging over long periods of history, and in clearing our minds of the habits and prejudices of today, before we criticize characters and events which belong to distant periods...

Origins of the Lombard people

by Anonymous - King Rotari

This Mini eBook contains the Latin version of Origo, the legend about the origin of the Lombards.

History of Germany

by Bayard Taylor

After the destruction of the Teutons and Cimbrians by Marius, more than forty years elapsed before the Romans again came in contact with any German tribe. During this time the Roman dominion over the greater...

History of the German Empire

by William Dawson

AT the opening of the nineteenth century the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation still existed, after a thousand years of chequered life. Long decadent, it was now moribund, however, and perpetuated only...

The Wehrmacht's Last Stand: The German Campaigns of 1944-1945

by Robert M. Citino

By 1943, the war was lost, and most German officers knew it. Three quarters of a century later, the question persists: What kept the German army going in an increasingly hopeless situation? Where some historians...

For the Honor of Our Fatherland

by Tracey Hayes Norrell

For the Honor of Our Fatherland: German Jews on the Eastern Front during the Great War focuses on the German Jews’ role in reconstructing Poland’s war-ravaged countryside. The Germany Army assigned rabbis...

Fulda Gap

by David R. Dorondo, Volker Bausch, Dieter Krüger & Torsten Diedrich et al.

This edited collection examines the role of the Fulda Gap—located at the border between East and West Germany—in Cold War politics and military strategy. The contributors analyze the strategic deliberations...

Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective

by Michael Meng & Adam R. Seipp

Bringing together incisive contributions from an international group of colleagues and former students, Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective takes stock of the field of German history as exemplified...

The Rise and Fall of Weimar Democracy

by Hans Mommsen

In this definitive analysis of the Weimar Republic, Hans Mommsen surveys the political, social, and economic development of Germany between the end of World War I and the appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor...

Art, Ideology, and Economics in Nazi Germany

by Alan E. Steinweis

From 1933 to 1945, the Reich Chamber of Culture exercised a profound influence over hundreds of thousands of German artists and entertainers. Alan Steinweis focuses on the fields of music, theater, and the visual...

The Arms of Krupp: The Rise and Fall of the Industrial Dynasty That Armed Germany at War

by William Manchester

The Krupp family were the premier German arms manufacturers from the middle of the 19th century until the end of World War II, producing artillery pieces and submarines that set the standard for effectiveness....

Holocaust Theater: Dramatizing Survivor Trauma and its Effects on the Second Generation

by Gene A. Plunka

Facts about the Holocaust are one way of learning about its devastating impact, but presenting personal manifestations of trauma can be more effective than citing statistics.

Holocaust Theater addresses a selection...

Compensation in Practice

by Constantin Goschler

Founded in 2000, the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" is one of the largest transitional justice initiatives in history: in cooperation with its international partner organizations,...

Beyond the Trenches – The Social and Cultural Impact of the Great War

by Piotr Zawilski, Elzbieta Katarzyna Dzikowska & Agata Handley

This collection of articles is the outcome of extensive investigations into archival materials, concerning the involvement of various nations in the Great War. The authors analyse the wartime experiences of...

German Liberalism and the Dissolution of the Weimar Party System, 1918-1933

by Larry Eugene Jones

Jones offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of the development and decline of the German Democratic party and the German People's party from 1918 to 1933. In tracing the impact of World War I, the runaway...

German Peasants and Agrarian Politics, 1914-1924

by Robert G. Moeller

Robert Moeller investigates the German peasantry's rejection of the Weimar Republic in the 1920s and provides a new interpretation of Catholic peasant conservatism in western Germany. According to Moeller, rural...

The Collapse of the German War Economy, 1944-1945

by Alfred C. Mierzejewski

In this book Alfred Mierzejewski describes how the German economy collapsed under Allied bombing in the last year of World War II. He presents a broad-based, original study of German wartime industry and transportation,...

The Berlin Airlift

by Barry Turner

Acclaimed historian Barry Turner presents a new history of the Cold War's defining episode.

Berlin, 1948 – a divided city in a divided country in a divided Europe. The ruined German capital lay 120 miles inside...