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The Rise and Fall of Weimar Democracy

by Hans Mommsen

In this definitive analysis of the Weimar Republic, Hans Mommsen surveys the political, social, and economic development of Germany between the end of World War I and the appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor...

Art, Ideology, and Economics in Nazi Germany

by Alan E. Steinweis

From 1933 to 1945, the Reich Chamber of Culture exercised a profound influence over hundreds of thousands of German artists and entertainers. Alan Steinweis focuses on the fields of music, theater, and the visual...

The Arms of Krupp: The Rise and Fall of the Industrial Dynasty That Armed Germany at War

by William Manchester

The Krupp family were the premier German arms manufacturers from the middle of the 19th century until the end of World War II, producing artillery pieces and submarines that set the standard for effectiveness....

Beyond the Trenches – The Social and Cultural Impact of the Great War

by Piotr Zawilski, Elzbieta Katarzyna Dzikowska & Agata Handley

This collection of articles is the outcome of extensive investigations into archival materials, concerning the involvement of various nations in the Great War. The authors analyse the wartime experiences of...

German Liberalism and the Dissolution of the Weimar Party System, 1918-1933

by Larry Eugene Jones

Jones offers a detailed and comprehensive overview of the development and decline of the German Democratic party and the German People's party from 1918 to 1933. In tracing the impact of World War I, the runaway...

German Peasants and Agrarian Politics, 1914-1924

by Robert G. Moeller

Robert Moeller investigates the German peasantry's rejection of the Weimar Republic in the 1920s and provides a new interpretation of Catholic peasant conservatism in western Germany. According to Moeller, rural...

The Collapse of the German War Economy, 1944-1945

by Alfred C. Mierzejewski

In this book Alfred Mierzejewski describes how the German economy collapsed under Allied bombing in the last year of World War II. He presents a broad-based, original study of German wartime industry and transportation,...

The Berlin Airlift

by Barry Turner

Acclaimed historian Barry Turner presents a new history of the Cold War's defining episode.

Berlin, 1948 – a divided city in a divided country in a divided Europe. The ruined German capital lay 120 miles inside...

Hitler and the Forgotten Nazis

by Bruce F. Pauley

Pauley shows that the Austrian Nazis were not compliant servants to the German Nazi party and that they controlled a fascinating movement troubled by contradictions between perverted idealism and violence. Pauley...

The Participants

by Hans-Christian Jasch & Christoph Kreutzmüller

On January 20, 1942, fifteen senior German government officials attended a short meeting in Berlin to discuss the deportation and murder of the Jews of Nazi-occupied Europe. Despite lasting only a few hours,...

The Making of Martin Luther

by Richard Rex

A major new account of the most intensely creative years of Luther's career

The Making of Martin Luther takes a provocative look at the intellectual emergence of one of the most original and influential minds...

Germany and the Ottoman Railways: Art, Empire, and Infrastructure

by Peter H. Christensen

The complex political and cultural relationship between the German state and the Ottoman Empire is explored through the lens of the Ottoman Railway network, its architecture, and material culture.


European Angst

by Goethe & Institut

What is ‘European Angst’? Is it the extension of ‘German Angst’ to a whole continent? The latter term is often used disparagingly to describe the German tendency to problematise, weigh up and hesitate,...

Napoleon's Paper Kingdom

by Sam A. Mustafa

Placing the creation of Westphalia within the context of the larger German story of the Napoleonic Wars, this groundbreaking book offers the only complete history of Napoleon’s grand experiment to construct...

Heidegger's Black Notebooks

by Andrew J. Mitchell & Peter Trawny

The 2014 publication of the first three volumes of Martin Heidegger’s Black Notebooks, the philosopher’s private writings from the war years, sparked international controversy. While Heidegger’s engagement...

Defeat in the West

by Milton Shulman

Milton Shulman (1913 – 2004) was a Canadian author, film and theatre critic.

After the phoney war period Shulman signed up for the Canadian army, was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Canadian Armoured...

Jewish Responses to Persecution, 1933–1946

by Emil Kerenji & Jürgen Matthäus

Combining rich documentation selected from the five-volume series on Jewish Responses to Persecution, this text combines a carefully curated selection of primary sources together with basic background information...

Death of an Assassin: The True Story of the German Murderer Who Died Defending Robert E. Lee

by Ann Marie Ackerman

From the depths of German and American archives comes a story one soldier never wanted told. The first volunteer killed defending Robert E. Lee's position in battle was really a German assassin. After fleeing...

Surviving Uncle Hitler: Journey of a German Girl

by Dorothea Wollin Null

[UPDATED AND REVISED FOR 2017]  Dorothea Wollin was just a young girl when American bombs demolished her German town. Uprooted overnight, she and her family found themselves on a journey of survival across...

Demolition on Karl Marx Square

by Andrew Demshuk

Communist East Germany's demolition of Leipzig's perfectly intact medieval University Church in May 1968 was an act decried as "cultural barbarism" across the two Germanies and beyond. Although overshadowed...