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Wellington's Men

by W. H. Fitchett

"This volume is an attempt to rescue from undeserved oblivion a cluster of soldierly autobiographies; and to give to the general reader some pictures of famous battles, not as described by the historian or analysed...

Scotland and the Scots, 1707-2007

by Christian Auer

The main purpose of this volume is to demonstrate, through a variety of texts covering a vast historical period and from diverse sources (parliamentary reports, letters, memoirs, excerpts of books, newspaper...

Legacy of Empire

by Gardner Thompson

The Arab-Israeli conflict rages on, with no peace process and no sign of resolution. Much ignorance remains of the origins of the modern state of Israel, and in particular, Britain's key role in its creation....

The English Job

by Jack Straw

Amongst British diplomats there’s a rather poignant joke that ‘Iran is the only country in the world which still regards the United Kingdom as a super power’. But for many Iranians, it’s not a joke at...

Statecraft by Stealth

by Steven B. Wagner

Britain relied upon secret intelligence operations to rule Mandatory Palestine. Statecraft by Stealth sheds light on a time in history when the murky triad of intelligence, policy, and security supported colonial...

Twelve Days that Made Modern Britain

by Andrew Hindmoor

This is the story of modern Britain, focusing on twelve formative days in the history of the United Kingdom over the last five decades. By describing what happened on those days and what happened because of...

The Magnificent Century

by Thomas B. Costain

THE MAGNIFICENT CENTURY covers the turbulence, romance, and pageantry of Henry III's long and tumultuous reign, from 1216 to 1272. During his lifetime Henry was frequently unpopular, unreliable and inconsistent....

The Three Edwards

by Thomas B. Costain

THE THREE EDWARDS covers the years between 1272 and 1377 when three Edwards ruled England. Edward I brought England out of the Middle Ages. Edward II had a tragic reign but gave his country Edward III, who ruled...

Night Raiders

by Eloise Moss

Night Raiders is the first history of burglary in modern Britain. Until 1968, burglary was defined in law as occurring only between the 'night-time' hours of nine pm and six am in residential buildings. Time...

Edmund Burke and the British Empire in the West Indies

by P. J. Marshall

Edmund Burke was both a political thinker of the utmost importance and an active participant in the day-to-day business of politics. It is the latter role that is the concern of this book, showing Burke engaging...

Last Weapons

by Kevin Grant

The use of hunger strikes and fasts in political protest is a global phenomenon. This book explains how that came to be. Last Weapons examines the proliferation of hunger as a form of protest between the late...

Cornish Folk Tales of Place

by Anna Chorlton & Mazed Tales

This is the first ever collection of traditional folk tales from the moors, villages and coasts of North and East Cornwall. It is the culmination of the Mazed project in which local writers and storytellers...

Bigamy, Bankruptcy, War and Divorce

by Richard Hart & Paul Brown

A bundle of passionate but unclaimed love letters written a century ago and found in a London bank vault have led to the uncovering of an extraordinary story. Research has revealed the adventures of a spirited...

The Personal Life of Queen Victoria

by Sarah A. Southall Tooley

"Mrs. Tooley, in addition to the ordinary sources of information, has been favoured with many special anecdotes and particulars of incidents in the Queen's career. This gives her book a distinct.value." —...

A History of Amersham

by Julian Hunt

In this entertaining book the author identifies each of the old coaching inns which provide ample evidence of Amersham's importance as a stopping place on the great coach road from London to the Midlands. He...

Almanack, The

by Martine Bailey

The philosophy of time, destiny and the stars pervade this intricate historical mystery in which a young woman determines to avenge her mother’s death. 1752, Midsummer. Following a desperate summons from her...

Black Plaques London

by John Ambrose Hide

Black Plaques are not to be found proudly mounted on a wall – and for good reason. What with their commemoration of a brutal execution outside Westminster Abbey, the selling of sex toys in St James’s Park,...

The Little History of Kent

by Susan Hibberd

Kent has been the Gateway to Britain since prehistoric man first set foot on our soil, and its people have repelled invaders like Julius Ceasar, the Vikings and William I, while welcoming migrants from countries...

Henry VIII and the Reformation Parliament

by John Patrick Coby

Henry VIII and the Reformation Parliament transforms students into English lords and commoners during the tumultuous years of 1529 to 1536. Cardinal Wolsey has just been dismissed as lord chancellor for failing...

Queen Elizabeth I

by G W O Woodward

Queen Elizabeth I’s reign is amongst the most exciting and fascinating of any period of English history. She was a glamourous queen who ruled a vibrant nation full of legendary figures: Robert Dudley, Francis...