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The Mosin-Nagant Rifle

by Bill Harriman, Alan Gilliland & Johnny Shumate

The Mosin-Nagant is the world's longest-surviving and most widely distributed military rifle, having armed the forces of Russia and many other countries for more than five decades. It has seen action from World...

The Extinguished Flame: Olympians Killed in The Great War

by Nigel McCrery

In August 2016 the world will be spellbound by the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as 10,500 athletes from 206 countries compete in 306 events. Tracing their origins back to the Greeks in 776 BC, the history...

Betrayal of an Army: Mesopotamia 1914-1916

by N.S. Nash

The British invasion of Mesopotamia was initially successful in securing the oil fields around Basra by November 1914.

Despite evidence of stiffening Turkish resistance and inadequate supply lines which relied...

The Great War and the Middle East

Pack Up Your Troubles

by James TAYLOR

Artist-drawn humorous postcards were growing considerably in popularity at the start of the 20th century. When war broke out in 1914 trade in them soared as the government utilised them as a widespread means...

Russia's Last Gasp

by Prit Buttar

In Russia's Last Gasp, Prit Buttar looks at one of the bloodiest campaigns launched in the history of warfare ? the Brusilov Offensive, sometimes known as the June Advance. The assault was intended to ease the...

King's African Rifles Soldier vs Schutztruppe Soldier

by Gregg Adams & Johnny Shumate

Specially commissioned artwork and thrilling combat accounts transport the reader to the far-flung and inhospitable East African theatre of World War I, where the Schutztruppe faced off against the King's African...

Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I

by Graziella Parati, Cinzia Blum & Diego Lazzarich

In Italy and the Cultural Politics of World War I, well-known scholars of history, political science, film, literature, and cultural studies explore the impact that the Great War had on twentieth-century culture...

I Will Hold: The Story of USMC Legend Clifton B. Cates, from Belleau Wood to Victory in the Great War

by James Carl Nelson

The incredible true story of Clifton B. “Lucky” Cates, whose service in World War I and beyond made him a legend in the annals of the Marine Corps.

Cates knew that he and his small band of marines were in...

The Lusitania's Last Voyage: Being a Narrative of the Torpedoing and Sinking of the RMS Lusitania by a German Submarine off the Irish Coast May 7, 191

by Jr., Charles E. Lauriat & Geoffrey Wawro

A first-hand account of the Lusitania’s doomed final voyage.

On May 7, 1915, the German U-boat U-20 fired a torpedo into the side of the passenger liner RMS Lusitania as it passed the Old Head of Kinsale in...

The Path to War

Oswestry and Whitchurch in the Great War

by Janet Johnstone

At the outbreak of hostilities, Oswestry and Whitchurch in rural north Shropshire were busy market towns that depended largely on agriculture for a living and justly famed for butter and cheese production. Within...

The Great War Illustrated 1916: Archive and Colour Photographs of WWI

by Jack Holroyd & William Langford

With conscription introduced, Zeppelins carrying out bombing raids on key towns and cities across England, the Battle of Jutland seeing fourteen British ships sunk and the Battle of the Somme claiming 20,000...

Tumult & Tears: An Anthology of Women's First World War Poetry

by Vivien Newman

During the First World War and its immediate aftermath, hundreds of women wrote thousands of poems on multiple themes and for many different purposes. Women’s poetry was published, sold (sometimes to raise...

Ancestor's Footsteps: The Somme 1916

by Andrew Rawson

This book answers one of biggest unanswered questions asked by visitors to the Somme; where did my ancestor fight? The combination of First World War battle accounts and annotated trench maps throughout this...

The Lengthening War: The Great War Diary of Mabel Goode

by Michael Goode

This is a strong narrative of the war, easy to read, mixing news with personal feelings and events (often revealing gap between official news and reality).

The diary captures the authors' growing disillusionment...

The First Day of the Somme: Gommecourt to Maricourt, 1 July 1916

by Jon Cooksey & Jerry Murland

Many guidebooks cover the Somme offensive in 1916, the five-month struggle that has come to be seen as one of the defining episodes in the history of the fighting on the Western Front during the First World...

The 1916 Battle of the Somme Reconsidered

by Peter Liddle

Twenty-four years after the publication of his classic study of the Somme, Peter Liddle reconsiders the battle in the light of recent scholarship. The battle still gives rise to fierce debate and, with Passchendaele,...

French Tanks of the Great War: Development, Tactics and Operations

by Tim Gale

The French tank corps was an essential part of the French army from 1917 onwards, yet its history has been strangely neglected in English accounts of the Western Front – and that is why Tim Gale’s meticulously...

War! Hellish War! Star Shell Reflections 1916-1918: The Illustrated Diaries of Jim Maultsaid

by Jim Maultsaid & Barbara McClune

Jim Maultsaid’s illustrated diaries of his Great War service offer a unique and completely original perspective of a fighting man’s experiences.

Although an American citizen Jim was living in Donegal in 1914...