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Allied POWs in German Hands 1914 - 1918

by David Bilton

In this first fully illustrated history of the Kaiser’s unwanted guests, the author looks at the lives of the thousands of Allied men who became PoWs during the Great War.

After making the decision to surrender,...

Beneath the Killing Fields: Exploring the Subterranean Landscapes of the Western Front

by Matthew Leonard

Beneath the Killing Fields of the Western Front still lies a hidden landscape of industrialised conflict virtually untouched since 1918. This subterranean world is an ambiguous environment filled with material...

Firing Lines

by Debbie Marshall & Anna Maria Tremonti

Read between the front lines: The stories of three Canadian female journalists stationed in England and France during the First World War.

Europe: 1914–1918. Mary MacLeod Moore, a writer for the Vancouver...

The Amateur Army

by Patrick MacGill

I am one of the million or more male residents of the United Kingdom, who a year ago had no special yearning towards military life, but who joined the army after war was declared. At Chelsea I found myself a...

A Boy from Botwood: Pte. A.W. Manuel, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, 1914-1919

by Bryan Davies & Andrew Traficante

Newfoundlander Arthur Manuel's retelling of his harrowing First World War experiences are raw and real. Painstakingly researched after the long-hidden manuscript's discovery by Bryan Davies and Andrew Traficante,...

The Western Front: Landscape, Tourism and Heritage

by Stephen Miles

The Western Front has become, once again, and after 100 years, an important and increasingly popular tourist destination. The Centenary is already encouraging large numbers of visitors to engage with this highly...

Never to Return: Brighton College's Fallen 1914Â?18

by Max Usher

In the early summer of 1914, the headmaster of Brighton College, Canon W. R. Dawson, spoke to the school in chapel. He called on every boy present to stand ready to sacrifice his life in defence of his country....

Cadets of Annapolis - First Year

by Newport P John

Stories of the war between the states were still being told by veterans of the Civil war, and the Spanish American War had ended only fourteen years earlier when Philip Warren and Anson Bigelow received appointments...

Harrogate and Ripon in the Great War

by Stephen Wade

Harrogate and Ripon, just a few miles apart in one of the most beautiful localities in Yorkshire, have rarely had their contributions to the Great War told all together, in one volume. Stephen Wade has written...

Edinburgh in the Great War

by Derek Tait

When news of the war broke out in 1914, nothing could prepare the citizens of Edinburgh for the changes that would envelop their city over the next four years. The story of Edinburgh in the Great War is both...

Spy of the Century: Alfred Redl and the Betrayal of Austria-Hungary

by John Sadler & Silvie Fisch

'The Redl Affair had everything: sex, espionage, betrayal, a fall from greatness and a sensational climax in which Redl went to his death like a figure of high tragedy.' The New York Times 'A story like that...

Last Stand At Zandvoorde 1914: Lord Hugh Grosvenor's Noble Sacrifice

by Mike McBride

Being the son of the Duke of Westminster, whose family traces its lineage back to 1066, Lord Hugh Grosvenor was destined to become a cavalry officer in the prestigious 1st Regiment of Life Guards. Using unpublished...

Sea and Air Fighting: Those Who Were There

by David Bilton

This is a compelling book for lovers of sea and air stories from the Great War era. In the thirteen stories told by the participants, many of whom were decorated for bravery, they describe their experiences...

Britain and a Widening War, 1915-1916: From Gallipoli to the Somme

by Dr Peter Liddle

In a series of concise, thought-provoking chapters the authors summarize – and make accessible – the latest scholarship on the middle years of the Great War – 1915 and 1916 – and cover fundamental issues...

The Red Baron: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives

by Barry Pickthall

Beginning his wartime career on the Western Front in August 1916, Manfred von Richthofen, or the Red Baron as he became known, had shot down an impressive total of fifteen aircraft by January 1917, as well as...

Eleven Months to Freedom

by Dwight R. Messimer

Eleven Months to Freedom is about the wartime experience of a twenty-one year old German midshipman, Erich Killinger. When the German Navy’s officers’ school closed at the start of World War I Killinger,...

Deborah and the War of the Tanks

by John Taylor

Deborah is a British First World War tank that rose from the grave after taking part in one of the most momentous battles in history. In November 1917 she played a leading role in the first successful massed...

Going to Extremes: The Adventurous Life of Harry de Windt

by Stephen Wade

Harry de Windt (1856–1933) was a man who, by any standards, was a personality, a marked presence in the world of Victorian and Edwardian literature and social life. He was a member of the literary circle around...

Wind in the Wires and An Escaper's Log: A British Pilot's Classic Memoir of Aerial Combat, Captivity and Escape during the Great War

by Duncan Grinnell-Milne

Duncan Grinnell-Milne was one of that select band of young men who made history in the air between 1915 and 1918 when they learned to fly in machines that resembled box-kites and laid the foundations of aerial...

The Somme 1916: The First of July

by Ed Skelding

The Walking the Western Front series started in 2012 with the release of two films on the Ypres Salient. Directed by acclaimed film maker Ed Skelding with guest historian Nigel Cave, the series of films offered...