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A Rifleman Went to War

by Herbert W. Mcbride

Over 70 years after it was first published, this book remains one of the all-time classics on the art of military sniping, and is still on the required reading list of the U.S. Marine Corps Sniper School. The...

Haig's Enemy

by Jonathan Boff

During the First World War, the British army's most consistent German opponent was Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria. Commanding more than a million men as a General, and then Field Marshal, in the Imperial...

Aerial Warfare

by Frank Ledwidge

Aerial warfare which has dominated western war-making for over 100 years, and despite regular announcements of its demise, it shows no sign of becoming obsolete. Frank Ledwidge offers a sweeping look at the...

Pearls before Poppies

by Rachel Trethewey

In February 1918, Lady Northcliffe, wife of the owner of The Daily Mail and The Times had the idea of raising funds for the Red Cross by asking women to give a pearl as a tribute to the dead and the wounded...

The YMCA at War

by Yan Xu, Jeffrey C. Copeland, John Moremon & Ugo Pavan Dalla Torre et al.

The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) is best known for its athletic and youth programs, a heritage that draws on its origins in 1844 to provide wholesome recreation to urban youth away from the moral...

THE DIGGERS - The Australians in France

by Patrick MacGill

In this free ebook, are but nine chapters which give an Australian perspective of their time spent on the Western Front in France.

The imperishable deeds of the Commonwealth’s glorious soldiers, least of all...

Society in the First World War

by Caroline Playne

This volume contains four essays by Caroline Playne on the anthropology and social psychology of the First World War:

The Pre-War Mind in Britain (1928)

Society at War, 1914–16 (1931)

Britain Holds on, 1917,...

Carry On: Letters in Wartime

by Coningsby Dawson

In 1914, Coningsby Dawson went to Ottawa, saw Sir Sam Hughes, and was offered a commission in the Canadian Field Artillery on the completion of his training at the Royal Military College of Canada, at Kingston,...

Paths of Glory

by Irvin S Cobb

What is enclosed between these covers was written as a series of first hand impressions during the fall and early winter of 1914 while the writer was on staff service for The Saturday Evening Post in the western...

Eating in Two or Three Languages

by Irvin S Cobb

The famous book of wartime culinary memoirs by Irvin S. Cobb.

Cobb joined the staff of the magazine Saturday Evening Post during 1911, and covered the Great War for the magazine. At the same time, he wrote a...

Sister: The War Diary of a Nurse (Illustrated)

by Helen Dore Boylston

Sister: The War Diary of a Nurse is Helen Boylston's famous account of life on the front-lines as a US Army nurse stationed in France during World War I. Boylston vividly recounts the long, grueling hours in...

France at War

by Rudyard Kipling

In 1915, in the second year of the Great War, Kipling made a tour as a journalist on the front of some of the French armed forces. His report of what he had seen of the military activity was published in six...

Soldiers Three

by Rudyard Kipling

Soldiers Three is a collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling. The three soldiers of the title are Learoyd, Mulvaney and Ortheris, who had also appeared previously in the collection Plain Tales from the...

My Four Years in Germany

by James W. Gerard

At the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Gerard assumed the care of British interests in Germany, later visiting the camps where British prisoners were confined and doing much to alleviate their condition. His...

The Reminiscences of a Marine

by Major General John A. Lejeune

John Archer Lejeune (1867 – “Although there have been many men who have left their mark on the United States Marine Corps, few have created such a lasting impression as John Archer Lejeune."

Historical Studies...


by John Denton Pinkstone French

Known as The Viscount French between 1916 and 1922, French was a British Army officer. Born in Kent to an Anglo-Irish family, he saw brief service as a midshipman in the Royal Navy, before becoming a cavalry...

War In The Garden of Eden

by Kermit Roosevelt

War in the Garden of Eden is a book written by Kermit Roosevelt in 1919 which recounts his experiences during World War I in Mesopotamia (Modern-day Iraq).

Over The Top

by Arthur Guy Empey

Empey served for six years in the US Cavalry and was performing duty as recruiting for the New Jersey National Guard in New York City when World War I began. He left the United States at the end of 1915 frustrated...

My Home In The Field Of Honour

by Frances Wilson Huard

My Home in the Field of Honour is a heartfelt, fun and gripping story of war and human nature. It is known for it’s great story and it’s example of such a strong female character. It reads as though it could...

With the Allies

by Richard Harding Davis

An early appeal by Richard Davis, American war correspondent, to denounce neutrality and take an active role in the conflict on the side of the Triple Entente. Makes his case from German ‘crimes of aggression’....