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Prolonging the Agony: How The Anglo-American Establishment Deliberately Extended WWI by Three-and-a-Half Years.

by Jim Macgregor & Gerry Docherty

The fact that governments lie is generally accepted today, but World War I was the first global conflict in which millions of young men were sacrificed for hidden causes. They did not die to save civilization;...

History of the Great War (All 6 Volumes)

by Arthur Conan Doyle

This book is a complete six-volume history of the First World War, written during the war by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle interviewed army generals, read their papers and diaries, and he also talked to numerous...

The Irish Guards in the Great War (Vol. 1&2)

by Rudyard Kipling

These volumes try to give soberly and with what truth is possible, the experiences of both battalions of the Irish Guards from 1914 to 1918. The point of view is the battalions', and the facts mainly follow...

The Victory at Sea

by William Sowden Sims & Burton J. Hendrick

This 1921 Pulitzer Prize awarded history has been written in response to a demand for some account of the generally very misunderstood German submarine campaign in the World War I and particularly of the means...

Peanut Patriotism and Pure Patriotism

by R. A. Torrey

Our subject this morning is “Peanut Patriotism and Pure Patriotism: Our Duty to God and our Country in this Time of Crisis.” You will find the text in Judges 5:23, “Curse ye Meroz, said the angel of the...

Commemorating Gallipoli through Music

by John Morgan O'Connell

This monograph examines the relationship between music and memory as it relates to the Gallipoli Campaign (1915-6). Drawing upon a wide variety of sources in many languages, it explores the multiple ways in...

The Smell of War: Three Americans in the Trenches of World War I

by Virginia Bernhard

Historian Virginia Bernhard has deftly woven together the memoirs and letters of three American soldiers—Henry Sheahan, Mike Hogg, and George Wythe—to capture a vivid, poignant portrayal of what it was like...

Eyewitnesses at the Somme: A Muddy and Bloody Campaign 1916-1918

by Tim Cook

In 1915, news of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landing and the slaughter at Gallipoli stirred tens of thousands of young men to go to war.

They answered the call and formed battalions of the Australian...

Pioneers of Armour in the Great War

by David A Finlayson & Michael K Cecil

Pioneers of Armour in the Great War tells the story of the only Australian mechanized units of the Great War. The 1st Australian Armoured Car Section, later the 1st Australian Light Car Patrol, and the Special...

Allenby's Gunners

by Alan Smith

Alan Smith's Allenby's Gunners tells the story of artillery in the highly successful World War I Sinai and Palestine campaigns. Following Gallipoli and the reconstitution of the AIF, a shortage of Australian...

The Kaiser's First POWs

by Philip Chinnery

In 1915, the German government published a book entitled 1915 in an attempt to portray the Germans as a civilized people who were destined to win the war, who would treat their prisoners with care and compassion....


by Arthur Herman, PhD

This is the story of two men, and the two decisions, that transformed world history in a single tumultuous year, 1917: Wilson’s entry into World War One and Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution. 

In April 1917...

For the Honor of Our Fatherland

by Tracey Hayes Norrell

For the Honor of Our Fatherland: German Jews on the Eastern Front during the Great War focuses on the German Jews’ role in reconstructing Poland’s war-ravaged countryside. The Germany Army assigned rabbis...


by Susan Raby Dunne & Edward Morrison

The never-before-published memoir of Major-General Sir Edward Morrison, a true Canadian hero of the First World War.

The First World War marked a turning point in Canadian history and in Canada’s self-identification...

Tank Hunter

by Craig Moore

The First World War’s fierce battles saw the need to develop military technology beyond anything previously imagined: as exposed infantry and cavalry were mowed down by relentless machine-gun attacks, so tanks...

The Great Halifax Explosion

by John U. Bacon

NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The riveting, tick-tock account of the largest manmade explosion in history prior to the atomic bomb, and the equally astonishing tales of survival and heroism that emerged from...

The Halifax Explosion

by Ken Cuthbertson

On December 6, 1917, the French munitions ship Mont Blanc and the Norwegian war-relief vessel Imo collided in the harbour at Halifax, Nova Scotia. That accident sparked a fire and an apocalyptic explosion that...

The Imperial Aircraft Flotilla

by Margaret Hall

A great wave of fundraising patriotic associations followed in the wake of Great Britain's declaration of war on Germany on 4 August 1914, at home but also right across the empire. The most successful public...

Isle of Thanet in the Great War: Broadstairs - Margate - Ramsgate

by Stephen Wynn

Because of the geographical location of the Isle of Thanet, it was always going to play a part in the First World War. For some wounded British and Commonwealth troops returning from the fighting in France and...

Bloody Bullecourt

by David Coombes

In April-May 1917 the sleepy hamlet of Bullecourt in Northern France became the focus of two battles involving British and Australian troops. Given the unique place in Australia's military history that both...