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Containing Balkan Nationalism

The Jutland Scandal: The Truth about the First World War's Greatest Sea Battle

by Vice-Admiral John Harper & Admiral Reginald Bacon

Two high-ranking officers defied the British Admiralty to tell the tale of World War I’s first naval battle against Germany.

The Royal Navy had ruled the sea unchallenged for one hundred years since Nelson...

Conceal, Create, Confuse

by Martin Davies

This is the story of the British Army's endeavours during the Great War to deceive the enemy and trick him into weakening his defences and redeploying his reserves. In this year by year account, Martin Davies...

The Mystery of Isabella and the String of Beads: A Woman Doctor in WW1

by Kirkwood Katrina

It was the inscription that made the antique scalpels so tantalising: ‘Isabella Stenhouse’. A woman doctor? A woman doctor who was rumoured to have served in the First World War? Could Isabella have treated...

Lighter Than Air: The Life and Times of Wing Commander N.F. Usborne RN, Pioneer of Naval Aviation

by Guy Warner

Neville Florian Usborne entered the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1897. In the years between him joining up and the outbreak of the First World War, he engaged in a huge number of enterprises and endeavours. Praise...

Wigan in the Great War

by Stephen McGreal

On 4 August 1914, Britain declared war on Germany. Originally perceived as a short campaign to curtail Germanic imperialism, it developed into a catastrophic four-year-long war of attrition. The First World...

The First Day on the Somme: Revised Edition

by Martin Middlebrook

After an immense but useless bombardment, at 7.30 am. On 1 July 1916 the British Army went over the top and attacked the German trenches. It was the first day of the battle of the Somme, and on that day the...

Major & Mrs Holt's Definitive Battlefield Guide Somme: 100th Anniversary: 7th Revised, Expanded GPS Edition

by Major Tonie Holt & Valmai Holt

The 100th Anniversary of the most publically aware battle of WW1 - the

battle of the Somme, will be on 1 July 2016 and every media form will be

covering it from January onwards. The book has taken 20 years to...

Eyewitness on the Somme 1916

by Matthew Richardson

What was the soldier’s experience of the Battle of the Somme? How did the men who were there record their part in the fighting or remember it afterwards? How can we, 100 years later, gain an insight into one...

Somme 1916: Success and Failure on the First Day of the Battle of the Somme

by Paul Kendall

What really happened on the first day of the Somme?

Much controversy has surrounded the Somme offensive relating to its justification and its impact upon the course of the war. General Sir Douglas Haig's policies...

Rendezvous with Death: The Americans Who Joined the Foreign Legion in 1914 to Fight for France and for Civilization

by David Hanna

They volunteered for the French, but they were fighting for the future of civilization.

Before America joined World War I, a small group of Americans volunteered for the French Foreign Legion to help defeat the...

The First Hundred Thousand

by Ian Hay

This book contains a fictionalised account of the day-to-day experiences of soldiers in Kitchener's Army, the voluntary section of the British Army formed following the outbreak of the First World War in 1914....

Stockport in the Great War

by Glynis Cooper

Interest in the theft of cucumbers initially took precedence over news that war had been declared, but Stockport rallied quickly. Wakes week was cancelled, the local 6th Battalion of the Cheshires went to the...

Keswick in the Great War

by Ruth Mansergh

Keswick in the Great War is an expert account of this Lake District market town's fascinating, yet largely forgotten, contribution to the Great War effort from the outbreak of war in 1914, to the long-awaited...

24 Hours at the Somme

by Robert Kershaw

The first day of the Somme has had more of a widespread emotional impact on the psyche of the British public than any other battle in history. Now, 100 years later, Robert Kershaw attempts to understand the...

Eyes All Over the Sky: Aerial Reconnaissance in the First World War

by James Streckfuss

After the first successful flight by the Wilbur brothers in 1903, the age of aviation was born, and by 1910 army commanders in the United States and Europe began ordering aircraft and experimenting with them....

Too Important For The Generals: Losing and Winning the First World War

by Allan Mallinson

'War is too important to be left to the generals' snapped future French prime minister Georges Clemenceau on learning of yet another bloody and futile offensive on the Western Front.

One of the great questions...

Douglas Haig: From the Somme to Victory

by Gary Sheffield & Saul David

'Well written and persuasive ...objective and well-rounded....this scholarly rehabilitation should be the standard biography', Andrew Roberts, Mail on Sunday 'A true judgment of him must lie somewhere between...

Jutland 1916: Twelve Hours to Win the War

by Angus Konstam

Using a narrative approach, Jutland 1916 - Twelve Hours that Decided the War tells the story of the Battle of Jutland, the greatest naval clash of the First World War. Drawing on a wealth of first-hand accounts,...

Summary of Dead Wake: by Erik Larson | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of Dead Wake by Erik Larson | Includes Analysis 



Dead Wake by Erik Larson is a non-fiction account of the German Unterseeboot, or U-boat, sinking of Lusitania, a British merchant vessel...