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Four Weeks in the Trenches

by Fritz Kreisler

In trying to recall my impressions during my short war duty as an officer in the Austrian Army, I find that my recollections of this period are very uneven and confused. Some of the experiences stand out with...

The Marne

by Georges Blond

One of the decisive battles of the 20th century began on August 29, 1914 with the cry that echoed throughout France: “The Prussians are coming!” It ended on September 10th, that same year. Earlier, more...

Children Born of War in the Twentieth Century

by Sabine Lee

This book explores the life courses of children born of war in different twentieth-century conflicts, including the Second World War, the Vietnam War, the Bosnian War, the Rwandan Genocide and the LRA conflict....

The General

by C. S. Forester & Max Hastings

The book John Kelly reads every time he gets a promotion to remind him of ‘the perils of hubris, the pitfalls of patriotism and duty unaccompanied by critical thinking’

The most vivid, moving – and devastating...

Carl's Story

by Noretta Willig

Carl’s Story begins in the woods near St. Mihiel, France, almost a century ago on September 16, 1918. On that victorious day, when the US Army won its first battle in Europe and the war was just days from...

The Sunken Gold: A Story of World War I Espionage and the Greatest Treasure Salvage in History

by Joseph A. Williams

On January 25, 1917, HMS Laurentic struck two German mines off the coast of Ireland and sank. The ship was carrying 44 tons of gold bullion to the still-neutral United States via Canada in order to finance the...

Voices in Flight: Escaping Soldiers and Airmen of World War I

by Martin W Bowman

This thrilling new volume from Martin Bowman focusses on British, Canadian, Australian and German soldiers and airmen who were captured during the First World War. Determined that they wouldn’t spend the rest...

City of Manchester in the Great War

by Glynis Cooper

The war touched almost every aspect of life on the Home Front, and those who were left behind suffered terribly. This book meticulously explores the problems, hardships and grief faced by Manchesters people...

German Submarine Warfare in World War I

by Lawrence Sondhaus

This compelling book explores Germany’s campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare in World War I, which marked the onset of total war at sea. Noted historian Lawrence Sondhaus shows how the undersea campaign,...

The Passage Home to Meuse

by Gail Noble-Sanderson

The year is 1923 and the world continues its recovery from the ravages of World War I.  In this second historical novel in the "Meuse Trilogy", MARIE DURANT CHAGALL, now 27 years old, continues her own journey...

Tommies: The British Army in the Trenches

by John Sadler & Rosie Serdiville

The Casemate Short History Series presents readable and entertaining introductions to military history topics.

British soldiers have been known as Tommies for centuries, but the nickname is particularly associated...

Fighter Aces: Knights of the Skies

by John Sadler & Rosie Serdville

The Casemate Short History Series presents readable and entertaining introductions to military history topics.

Just over a decade after the first successful powered flight, fearless pioneers were flying over...

Lossberg's War

by Fritz von Lossberg, Dieter J. Biedekarken, David T. Zabecki & Holger H. Herwig

General Fritz von Lossberg (1868--1942) directed virtually all the major German defensive battles on the Western Front during the First World War. Hailed as "the Lion of the Defensive," he was an extremely influential...

Rats Alley

by Peter Chasseaud

This book makes it possible to comprehend, via the trench naming, the daily life in the trenches, the vast range of weaponry and the lethal nature of the titanic battles. Names such as Lovers Lane, Doleful Post,...

Red October

by Douglas Boyd

The October Revolution happened in November 1917. Later Soviet propaganda pretended for several decades that it was ‘the will of the people’, but in reality the brutal rebellion, which killed millions and...

Great War Britain Lancaster: Remembering 1914-18

by Ian Gregory, Corinna Peniston-Bird, Peter Donnelly & Michael Hughes

This book looks at the impact that the loss of so many men had on the community and offers an intimate portrayal of Lancaster and its people living in the shadow of the 'war to end all wars'.

The Passchendaele Campaign 1917

by Andrew Rawson

This is an account of the British Expeditionary Force’s battles in the summer and autumn of 1917. It begins with the Allied plan to free up the Flanders coast, to limit German naval and submarine attacks on...

Wakefield in the Great War

by Tim Lynch

The Great War saw thousands of Wakefield men enlist in the armed forces, serving in every arm of the services. Wakefield in the Great War tells the story of the men who fought and the families they left behind....

Norfolk coast in the Great War: King's Lynn, Hunstanton, Sheringham, Cromer and Great Yarmouth

by Stephen Browning

t-style:italic;" Norfolk Coast in the Great War focuses on the trials and joys, the achievements and disappointments, the humor and the sadness of everyday life in a region living on the edge of the country...

Fighting France, from Dunkerque to Belfort

by Edith Wharton

"Fighting France: From Dunkerque to Belfort" is a 1918 collection of articles written by American writer Edith Wharton. The articles are based on the time that she spent in France during the First World War,...