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Dancing in the English style

by Allison Abra

Dancing in the English style explores the development, experience, and cultural representation of popular dance in Britain from the end of the First World War to the early 1950s. It describes the rise of modern...

Never Call Me a Hero

by N. Jack "Dusty" Kleiss, Timothy Orr & Laura Orr


When I Grow Up I Want To Be...Third Edition

by Gino Narboni & Charlotte Narboni

As a young boy living a sheltered life in a predominately Sephardic Jewish enclave in pre-WWII North Africa, Gino Narboni dreamed of a military life in service to his country.

But life has a way of intruding...

In the Woods of Memory

by Shun Medoruma, Takuma Sminkey & Kyle Ikeda

The novel focuses on two incidents during the Battle of Okinawa, 1945: the rape of Sayoko, 17, by four US soldiers and Seiji’s stabbing revenge. Narrations through nine points of view, Japanese and American,...

Avenging Angels: Young Women of the Soviet Union's WWII Sniper Corps

by Lyuba Vinogradova

Beginning in 1942, with the Eastern Front having claimed the lives of several million Soviet soldiers, Stalin's Red Army began drafting tens of thousands of women, most of them in their teens or early twenties,...

War Primer

by Bertolt Brecht & John Willett

A terrifying series of short poems by one of the world’s leading playwrights, set to images of World War II

In this singular book written during World War Two, Bertolt Brecht presents a devastating visual and...

MacArthur's Spies: The Soldier, the Singer, and the Spymaster Who Defied the Japanese in World War II

by Peter Eisner

"MacArthur's Spies reads like Casablanca set in the Pacific, filled with brave and daring characters caught up in the intrigue of war—and the best part is that it's all true!" —Tom Maier, author of Masters...

Implacable Foes

by Waldo Heinrichs & Marc Gallicchio

On May 8, 1945, Victory in Europe Day-shortened to "V.E. Day"-brought with it the demise of Nazi Germany. But for the Allies, the war was only half-won. Exhausted but exuberant American soldiers, ready to return...

Sabers through the Reich

by William Stuart Nance & Robert M. Citino

Before the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy in June 1944, their aerial reconnaissance discovered signs of German defenses on the Îles St. Marcouf. From these two coastal islands, German artillery could...

Mein Kampf

by Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf (German: My Struggle) is a 1925 autobiographical Manifesto of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Leader. The work outlines Hitler's political ideology and future plans for Germany.  

Hitler began the book while...

Beneath Safer Skies

by Anthea Toft

Fleeing the heavy bombing in Kent in 1940, Anthea Toft was eight years old when she arrived with her mother to live on a remote farm in deepest Shropshire. The contrast between her sheltered middle class life...

Our Jungle Road to Tokyo

by Robert L. Eichelberger

Our Jungle Road to Tokyo, first published in 1950, is the World War II memoir of U.S. Army Lt. General Robert Eichelberger.

Robert Lawrence Eichelberger (1886-1961) was a general officer in the United States...

To SO Few - The Verdict

by Cap Parlier

The Verdict is the fifth book of Cap Parlier’s epic To So Few series of historical novels.

The Battle of Britain has been raged in the skies above Southeast England for nearly two months, and the Germans sought...

Hitler versus Stalin: The Eastern Front 1943 - 1944: Kursk to Bagration

by Nik Cornish

The third volume in Nik Cornish's photographic history of the Second World War on the Eastern Front records in vivid visual detail the sequence of Red Army offensives that pushed the Wehrmacht back across Russia...

Posted in Wartime: Letters Home From Abroad

by Richard Knott

The Second World War saw many people consigned to long periods of exile, far from home. How did the exiled keep in touch with home? Why were some exiles silent when others wrote frequently and at length? Posted...

Allied Tanks of the Second World War

by Michael Green

Expert author Michael Green has compiled a full inventory of the tanks developed and deployed by the Allied armies during the six year war against Nazi Germany and her Axis partners.

There were four categories...

The Clever Teens’ Guide to World War Two (The Clever Teens’ Guides)

by Felix Rhodes

The Clever Teens' Guide to World War Two

Lasting six years and a day, World War Two saw the civilian, however young or old, in the frontline of war. Civilian deaths accounted for 5% of those killed during World...

The Clever Teens' Guide to Nazi Germany (The Clever Teens’ Guides)

by Felix Rhodes

Following its defeat in World War One, Germany was a country in ruins. Inflation, poverty, exhaustion, humiliation and disillusionment wrecked the nation. Out of the ashes arose a man that promised to revitalise...

The Emergence of Globalism

by Or Rosenboim

During and after the Second World War, public intellectuals in Britain and the United States grappled with concerns about the future of democracy, the prospects of liberty, and the decline of the imperial system....

The Clever Teens' Guide Bumper Edition (The Clever Teens’ Guides, #6)

by Felix Rhodes

The Clever Teens' Guide To...

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