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The Oxford Handbook of American Indian History

Dead White Writer on the Floor

by Drew Hayden Taylor

A funny yet thought-provoking play about identity politics in which Pocahontas, Tonto, and other native characters rewrite their stereotyped roles.

Mesa of Sorrows: A History of the Awat'ovi Massacre

by James F. Brooks

A scrupulously researched investigation of the mysterious massacre of Hopi Indians at Awat'ovi, and the event's echo through American history.

The Hopi community of Awat’ovi existed peacefully on Arizona’s...

Spirits of Blood, Spirits of Breath: The Twinned Cosmos of Indigenous America

by Barbara Alice Mann

Before invasion, Turtle Island-or North America-was home to vibrant cultures that shared long-standing philosophical precepts. The most important and wide-spread of these was the view of reality as a collaborative...

Surviving Wounded Knee: The Lakotas and the Politics of Memory

by David W. Grua

On December 29, 1890, the U.S. Seventh Cavalry killed more than two hundred Lakota Ghost Dancers- including men, women, and children-at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota. After the work of death ceased at Wounded...

Native Activism in Cold War America: The Struggle for Sovereignty

by Daniel M. Cobb

Labriola Center Book Award

The heyday of American Indian activism is generally seen as bracketed by the occupation of Alcatraz in 1969 and the Longest Walk in 1978; yet Native Americans had long struggled against...

My Life as an Indian: The Story of a Red Woman and a White Man in the Lodges of the Blackfeet

by J. W. Schultz

A fascinating memoir of a white man who gained access to the private lives of the Blackfeet Indians.

First published in 1907, My Life as an Indian is the memoir of J. W. Schultz’s life as a young white man...

The Longest Trail: Writings on American Indian History, Culture, and Politics

by Alvin M. Jr Josephy

Alvin Josephy Jr.’s groundbreaking, popular books and essays advocated for a fair and true historical assessment of Native Americans, and set the course for modern Native American studies. This collection,...

Tippecanoe 1811

by John Winkler & Peter Dennis

This is the gripping story of the Tippecanoe campaign of 1811: 'The prophet's battle'. It was a conflict born out of festering tensions inscribed by the 1795 Treaty of Greeneville, which had concluded the Northwestern...

Tragic Encounters: A People's History of Native Americans

by Page Smith

Page Smith was one of America’s greatest historians. After studying with Samuel Eliot Morison at Harvard, Smith went on to a distinguished academic career that culminated with him being the founding Provost...

The Saltwater Frontier: Indians and the Contest for the American Coast

by Andrew Lipman

Andrew Lipman's eye-opening first book is the previously untold story of how the ocean became a "frontier" between colonists and Indians. When the English and Dutch empires both tried to claim the same patch...

How the World Moves: The Odyssey of an American Indian Family

by Peter Nabokov

A compelling portrait of cultural transition and assimilation via the saga of one Acoma Pueblo Indian family

Born in 1861 in New Mexico’s Acoma Pueblo, Edward Proctor Hunt lived a tribal life almost unchanged...

The Origin Myth of Acoma Pueblo

by Edward Proctor Hunt & Peter Nabokov

A masterpiece of Pueblo Indian mythology, now in a restored edition

Edward Proctor Hunt, a Pueblo Indian man, was born in 1861 in the mesa-top village of Acoma, New Mexico, and initiated into several secret societies,...

Sovereignty for Survival: American Energy Development and Indian Self-Determination

by James Robert Allison

In the years following World War II many multi-national energy firms, bolstered by outdated U.S. federal laws, turned their attention to the abundant resources buried beneath Native American reservations. By...

The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire

by Jose Barreiro, Ramiro Matos & David Penney

This compelling collection of essays explores the Qhapaq nan (or Great Inca Road), an extensive network of trails reaching modern-day Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. These roads and the...

The Cherokee Diaspora: An Indigenous History of Migration, Resettlement, and Identity

by Gregory D. Smithers

The Cherokee are one of the largest Native American tribes in the United States, with more than three hundred thousand people across the country claiming tribal membership and nearly one million people internationally...

Ukkusiksalik: The People's Story

by David F. Pelly

Ukkusiksalik, now a national park, was in earlier times the principal hunting ground for several Inuit families and was criss-crossed by missionaries, Mounties, and traders. David F. Pelly presents the stories...

The Sea Is My Country: The Maritime World of the Makahs

by Joshua L. Reid

For the Makahs, a tribal nation at the most northwestern point of the contiguous United States, a deep relationship with the sea is the locus of personal and group identity. Unlike most other indigenous tribes...

The Little Book of the Flag

by Eva March Tappan

This early work by Eva March Tappan was originally published in 1917 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'The Little Book of the Flag' is a history of the flags that arrived...

White Savage

by Fintan O'Toole

A provocative new biography of the man who forged America's alliance with the Iroquois

William Johnson was scarcely more than a boy when he left Ireland and his Gaelic, Catholic family to become a Protestant...