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The Lithic Garden

by Mailan S. Doquang

The Lithic Garden offers innovative perspectives on the role of ornament in medieval church design. Focusing on the foliate friezes articulating iconic French monuments such as Amiens Cathedral, it demonstrates...

The Art of War in the Middle Ages

by Charles Oman

The Art of War has been very simply defined as 'the art which enables any commander to worst the forces opposed to him.' It is therefore conversant with an enormous variety of subjects: Strategy and Tactics...

The History of Moors in Spain

by Stanley Lane-Poole

In 711 the Islamic Moors of Arab and Berber descent in North Africa crossed the Strait of Gibraltar onto the Iberian Peninsula, and in a series of raids they conquered Visigothic Christian Hispania and founded...

The History of Byzantine Empire

by Charles Oman

This edition covers the history of the Eastern Roman Empire from late antiquity until the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD. The author gives the complete insight into the fascinating empire which was characterized...

African Dominion

by Michael A. Gomez

A groundbreaking history that puts early and medieval West Africa in a global context

Pick up almost any book on early and medieval world history and empire, and where do you find West Africa? On the periphery....

Medieval Wales

by A. G. Little

IN the following lectures no attempt will be made to give a systematic account of a political development, which is the ordinary theme of history. History is "past politics" in the wide sense of the word. It...

Medieval England

by Mary Bateson

My object has been to keep social rather than political facts in view, and throughout to supply by illustration from contemporary accounts some of the characteristic detail which is apt to be crowded out in...

Medieval Civilization

by Dana Munro

THE Latin which gave birth to the Romance languages was vulgar Latin, that is, the Latin of the common people. It accompanied the soldiers of the legions, the colons, and the emigrants of every kind, from Italy...

Medieval Europe

by Henry Davis

All divisions of history into periods are artificial in proportion as they are precise. In history there is, strictly speaking, no end and no beginning. Each event is the product of an infinite series of causes,...

Medieval People

by Eileen Power

Social history sometimes suffers from the reproach that it is vague and general, unable to compete with the attractions of political history either for the student or for the general reader, because of its lack...

Medieval Rome

by William Miller

No one who visits both Rome and Athens at the present day can fail to be struck by one remarkable difference between the two famous cities, which stand for so much in the history of the world. While Athens is...

Medieval Europe 395-1270 AD

by Gabriel Monod

At the end of the fourth century the Roman Empire still comprised the entire basin of the Mediterranean. In Europe its continental limits were the Rhine and the Danube; in Asia, an undefined frontier, modified...

Maximilian I

by Robert Seton-Watson

There is a peculiar difficulty in bridging over long periods of history, and in clearing our minds of the habits and prejudices of today, before we criticize characters and events which belong to distant periods...

Origins of the Lombard people

by Anonymous - King Rotari

This Mini eBook contains the Latin version of Origo, the legend about the origin of the Lombards.

Edward I

by Robert Seeley

On the night of June 17 - 18, 1239, Queen Eleanor, the consort of Henry the Third, presented her husband with a son, who was born in the Palace of Westminster, and who was instantly, says the old chronicler,...

Civilization During the Middle Ages

by George Adams

The object of this book is to show how the foundations of our civilization were laid in the past and how its chief elements were introduced, and to depict its progressive development until it had assumed its...

Early Kings of Norway

by Thomas Carlyle

Till about the Year of Grace 860 there were no kings in Norway, nothing but numerous jarls,-essentially kinglets, each presiding over a kind of republican or parliamentary little territory; generally striving...

New Forest: The Forging of a Landscape

by Hadrian Cook

Hadrian Cook’s new account of the New Forest in southern England, provides an historical narrative of the occupation and use of a vast area that was, for centuries, important as a Royal Hunting Forest and...

Mythical Battle

by Ashley Hern

The Battle of Hastings is one of the key events in the history of the British Isles. This book is not merely another attempt to describe what happened at Hastings - that has already been done supremely well...


by Charles Robinson

The Life of Anskar, written by his companion and successor Bishop Rimbert, which we have here translated, contains nearly all that is known of his life and work. A brief summary of what is told us by Bishop...