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Heresy and Dissent in the Carolingian Empire

by Matthew Bryan Gillis

Heresy and Dissent in the Carolingian Empire recounts the history of an exceptional ninth-century religious outlaw, Gottschalk of Orbais. Frankish Christianity required obedience to ecclesiastical superiors,...

Leif Eriksson

by 50 minutes

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life and travels of Leif Eriksson in next to no time with this concise guide.

50Minutes.com provides a clear and engaging analysis of Leif Eriksson’s life...

Battle Royal: The Wars of the Roses: 1440-1462

by Hugh Bicheno

The enthralling story of the dynastic wars fought between the houses of Lancaster and York, the first of a dynamic two-volume history of the Wars of the Roses.

England, 1454. A kingdom sliding into chaos.


Disciplined Dissent

by Autori Vari & Fabrizio Titone

Inspired by current debates around political confrontation and the exercise of power, Fabrizio Titone offers an interpretation based on the concept of disciplined dissent. This interpretation is centred on the...

A Medieval Manor House Rediscovered: Excavations at Longforth Farm, Wellington, Somerset by Simon Flaherty, Phil Andrews and Matt Leivers

by Simon Flaherty, Phil Andrews & Matt Leivers

Excavations in advance of housing development at Longforth Farm, Wellington revealed limited evidence for late prehistoric settlement, but the principal discovery was the remains of a previously unknown high...

Menswear of the Lombards. Reflections in the light of archeology, iconography and written sources

by Yuri Godino

Often considered to be “the most barbaric among barbarian populations”, the Lombards actually boast one of the most prosperous and complex civilizations of the Migration Period, able to bequeath refined...

An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry: The Landscapes, Buildings and Places

by Trevor Rowley

An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry provides a unique re-examination of this famous piece of work through the historical geography and archaeology of the tapestry. Trevor Rowley is the first author...

Savage Economy: The Returns of Middle English Romance

by Walter Wadiak

In Savage Economy: The Returns of Middle English Romance, Walter Wadiak traces the evolution of the medieval English romance from its thirteenth-century origins to 1500, and from a genre that affirmed aristocratic...

Rodrigo Borgia’s Rose

by Michela Martignoni & Elena Martignoni

A woman lies waiting for a new lover. Covered with nothing but rose petals, her body is exposed for pleasure: his and hers. The woman is Vannozza Cattanei, long-time mistress of a pope, matriarch of the Borgias,...

Dead Man's Plack and An Old Thorn

by William Henry Hudson

"Dead Man's Plack and An Old Thorn" was written by Argentinian naturalist W. H. Hudson and first published in 1920. It contains two essays by Hudson, both of which are written in beautiful prose and concern...

Iconic Costumes: Scandinavian Late Iron Age Costume Iconography

by Ulla Mannering

This richly illustrated book presents a selection of the rich and varied iconographic material from the Scandinavian Late Iron Age (AD 400-1050) depicting clothed human figures, from an archaeological textile...

Entangled Histories: Knowledge, Authority, and Jewish Culture in the Thirteenth Century

by Elisheva Baumgarten, Ruth Mazo Karras & Katelyn Mesler

Entangled Histories: Knowledge, Authority, and Jewish Culture in the Thirteenth Century provides a multifaceted account of Jewish life in Europe and the Mediterranean basin at a time when economic, cultural,...

Late Medieval Castles

by Robert Liddiard

The castles of the late medieval period represent some of the finest medieval monuments in Britain, with an almost infinite capacity to fascinate and draw controversy. They are also a source of considerable...

Authority and Spectacle in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of Teofilo F. Ruiz

by Yuen-Gen Liang & Jarbel Rodriguez

Bringing together distinguished scholars in honor of Professor Teofilo F. Ruiz, this volume presents original and innovative research on the critical and uneasy relationship between authority and spectacle in...

Sexuality in Medieval Europe: Doing Unto Others

by Ruth Mazo Karras

Challenging the way the Middle Ages have been treated in general histories of sexuality, Sexuality in Medieval Europe shows how views at the time were conflicted and complicated; there was no single medieval...

Constantius II: Usurpers, Eunuchs and the Antichrist

by Peter Crawford

The reign of Constantius II has been overshadowed by that of his titanic father, Constantine the Great, and his cousin and successor, the pagan Julian. However, as Peter Crawford shows, Constantius deserves...

Medievalia et Humanistica, No. 42: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Culture: New Series

by Nina Tomaszewski, Reinhold F. Glei & Maik Goth

Since its founding, Medievalia et Humanistica has won worldwide recognition as the first scholarly publication in America to devote itself entirely to medieval and Renaissance studies. Volume 42 showcases the...

Emotions, Communities, and Difference in Medieval Europe: Essays in Honor of Barbara H. Rosenwein

by Maureen C. Miller & Edward Wheatley

This book of eleven essays by an international group of scholars in medieval studies honors the work of Barbara H. Rosenwein, Professor emerita of History at Loyola University Chicago. Part I, "Emotions and...

Europe After Wyclif

by J. Patrick Hornbeck, Ii & Michael van Dussen

This volume brings together scholarship that discusses late-medieval religious controversy on a pan-European scale, with particular attention to developments in England, Bohemia, and at the general councils...

The Vikings: The Story of a People

by Njord Kane

The story of the Norse is a Viking adventure in history. 

The Norse saga began with the first ancient tribes of Norsemen during the Early Nordic Stone Age. The beginning of the Nordic Ax Culture when primitive...