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Warfare, Raiding and Defence in Early Medieval Britain

by Erik Grigg

Warfare, Raiding and Defence in early medieval Britain is an examination of warfare in the period AD400-850, often called the Dark Ages, which is roughly the period between the end of Roman rule and the arrival...

Dark Age Nunneries

by Steven Vanderputten

In Dark Age Nunneries, Steven Vanderputten dismantles the common view of women religious between 800 and 1050 as disempowered or even disinterested witnesses to their own lives. It is based on a study of primary...

Visions of Kinship in Medieval Europe

by Hans Hummer

What meaning did human kinship possess in a world regulated by Biblical time, committed to the primacy of spiritual relationships, and bound by the sinews of divine love? In the process of exploring this question,...

Graphic Signs of Authority in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, 300-900

by Ildar Garipzanov

Graphic Signs Of Authority in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages presents a cultural history of graphic signs and examines how they were employed to communicate secular and divine authority in the late...

The Dark Ages

by Charles Oman

In the summer of 477 A.D. a band of ambassadors, who claimed to speak the will of the decayed body which still called itself the Roman senate, appeared before the judgment-seat of the emperor Zeno, the ruler...

Paths of Innovation in Warfare

by Nicholas Michael Sambaluk, Nathan A. Jennings, Brian Drohan & Mark Ehlers et al.

Innovation shapes wars, and twelve studies by former faculty members of West Point’s United States Military Academy examine specific cases of past and present military innovation. The complex, competitive,...

The Medieval Military Engineer

by Peter Purton

The results of medieval engineering still surround us - cathedrals, castles, stone bridges, irrigation systems. However, the siege artillery, siege towers, temporary bridges, earthwork emplacements and underground...

Follow the Old Road

by Jo Kerrigan & Richard Mills

By turning off the main highway and discovering old routes, some of which have been travelled for thousands of years, you will see Ireland in an entirely different way. Follow the Old Road will take you on a...

The Cloud of Unknowing

by Clifton Wolters

A classic of Christian mysticism, this marvelous guide to the contemplative life originated with the reflections of an unknown 14th-century priest who believed that a "cloud of unknowing" separates people from...

Conflict, Bargaining, and Kinship Networks in Medieval Eastern Europe

by Christian Raffensperger

Conflict, Bargaining, and Kinship Networks in Medieval Eastern Europe takes the familiar view of Eastern Europe, families, and conflicts and stands it on its head. Instead of a world rife with civil war and...

The Oxford History of Life-Writing: Volume 1. The Middle Ages

by Karen A. Winstead

The Oxford History of Life-Writing: Volume 1: The Middle Ages explores the richness and variety of life-writing from late Antiquity to the threshold of the Renaissance. During the Middle Ages, writers from Bede...

Columbanus and the Peoples of Post-Roman Europe

by Alexander O'Hara

The period 550 to 750 was one in which monastic culture became more firmly entrenched in Western Europe. The role of monasteries and their relationship to the social world around them was transformed during...

Building Anglo-Saxon England

by John Blair

A radical rethinking of the Anglo-Saxon world that draws on the latest archaeological discoveries

This beautifully illustrated book draws on the latest archaeological discoveries to present a radical reappraisal...

History of the Catholic Church

by J. C. Robertson

The beginning of the Christian Church is reckoned from the great day on which the Holy Ghost came down, according as our Lord had promised to His Apostles. At that time, "Jews, devout men, out of every nation...

The Church and the Empire

by D. J. Medley

Previous to the eleventh century there had been quarrels between Emperor and Pope. Occasional Popes, such as Nicholas I (858-67), had asserted high prerogatives for the successor of St. Peter, but we have seen...

The Late Middle Ages

by Ephraim Emerton

The period of which this volume treats differs fundamentally both from that which precedes and from that which follows it. In each of those periods we are able to fix our attention upon a certain well-defined...

The Story of William I

by Eva Tappan

Story of the life of William the Conqueror, telling of his boyhood in Normandy, beset by dangers, of his knighting by the King of France and of the after-deeds which made him famous, including the conquest of...

History of the Hundred Years War

by Ephraim Emerton

The long conflict between France and England, to which historians have given the name of "The Hundred Years' War," interests us chiefly as an illustration on a great scale of the transition from the mediæval,...

The Story of the Vikings

by Jennifer Hall

Iceland is a little country far north in the cold sea. Men found it and went there to live more than a thousand years ago. During the warm season they used to fish and make fish-oil and hunt sea-birds and gather...

A Brief History of the Middle Ages

by Philip Myers

After the death of Charlemagne and the partition of his great empire among his feeble successors, it seemed as though the world was again falling back into chaos. The bonds of society seemed entirely broken....