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Gothic Cathedrals: A Guide to the History, Places, Art, and Symbolism

by Karen Ralls

Cross the threshold into the world of the High Middle Ages and explore the illuminating wisdom, beauty and art of the Gothic cathedrals, stunning wonders of the medieval era for all to see today. From bejewelled...

The Edge of the World: A Cultural History of the North Sea and the Transformation of Europe

by Michael Pye

An epic adventure ranging from the terror of the Vikings to the golden age of cities: Michael Pye tells the amazing story of how modernity emerged on the shores of the North Sea. Saints and spies, pirates and...

Exploring English Castles: Evocative, Romantic, and Mysterious True Tales of the Kings and Queens of the British Isles

by Edd Morris

A guide to some of the most historical and picturesque castles in England for romantics and Anglophiles alike.

Castles have shaped England. For almost one thousand years, castles have been the settings of siege...

King John: And the Road to Magna Carta

by Stephen Church

King John has long been dubbed one of the “vilest” of English kings. He was brutish, untrustworthy, and ruled as a virtual tyrant—and yet his reign changed the course of English history. As renowned medieval...

Trees in the Religions of Early Medieval England

by Michael D.J. Bintley

Trees were of fundamental importance in Anglo-Saxon material culture - but they were also a powerful presence in Anglo-Saxon religion before and after the introduction of Christianity. This book shows that they...

A Great and Terrible King: Edward I and the Forging of Britain

by Marc Morris

The first major biography of a truly formidable king, whose reign was one of the most dramatic and important of the entire Middle Ages, leading to war and conquest on an unprecedented scale. Edward I is familiar...

The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity: 1050-1500

by R. N. Swanson

The Routledge History of Medieval Christianity explores the role of Christianity in European society from the middle of the eleventh-century until the dawning of the Reformation. Arranged in four thematic sections...

Sleepwalking into a New World: The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century: The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Ce

by Chris Wickham

Amid the disintegration of the Kingdom of Italy in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, a new form of collective government—the commune—arose in the cities of northern and central Italy. Sleepwalking into...

Warfare in the Medieval World

by Brian Todd Carey

Warfare in the Medieval World explores how civilizations and cultures made war on the battlefields of the Near East and Europe in the period between the fall of Rome and the introduction of reliable gunpowder...

Islam and Christianity in Medieval Anatolia

by A.C.S. Peacock, Bruno De Nicola & Sara Nur Yildiz

This volume offers a comparative approach to understanding the spread of Muslim culture in medieval Anatolia. It aims to reassess work in the field since the 1971 classic by Speros Vryonis, The Decline of Hellenism...

Affectionate Authorities: Fathers and Fatherly Roles in Late Medieval Basel

by Philip Grace

Situated at the intersection of social and cultural history, the study draws upon late-medieval and early-modern sources from the city of Basel, Switzerland in order to provide a nuanced view of concepts of...

Polemic: Language as Violence in Medieval and Early Modern Discourse

by Almut Suerbaum, George Southcombe & Benjamin Thompson

Taking a broad European approach, this collection brings together specialists on medieval and early modern culture in order to challenge assumptions that medieval culture was homogenous and characterized by...

Adam Usk's Secret

by Steven Justice

Adam Usk, a fifteenth-century professor, royal advisor, schismatic, and spy, wrote a peculiar book in a reticent, nervous prose better suited to keeping secrets than setting them in writing. Steven Justice sets...

Medieval Ghost Stories

by Andrew Joynes

Truly ... a landmark work. This impeccably researched and very readable book should appeal to a wide audience. MEDIEVAL REVIEW Stories of spirits returning from the afterlife are as old as storytelling: accounts...

Robert `Curthose', Duke of Normandy [c.1050-1134]

by William M. Aird

This detailed biography offers a reappraisal of the career of Robert Curthose, William the Conqueror's eldest son and duke of Normandy from 1087 to 1106, locating the duke's career in the social, cultural and...

Medieval Life

by Roberta Gilchrist

"An important and timely volume... an elegant summary of complex theory, and synthesis of an impressive body of material. It will be eagerly read by current and future generations of archaeologists, and will...

Tradition and Diversity: Christianity in a World Context to 1500

by Karen Louise Jolly

This text is designed to serve as a primary source reader. It addresses medieval Christendom in the context of world history. It combines the traditional approach (the medieval Christian tradition found in the...

The Plantagenets: The Kings That Made Britain

by Derek Wilson

Plantagenet is the name given to the English royal house descended from the union of Queen Matilda of England and her second husband Geoffrey of Anjou. The name derived from Geoffrey's nickname, which came from...

Sanitation, Latrines and Intestinal Parasites in Past Populations

by Piers D. Mitchell

This book brings together experts from around the world to explore how sanitation affected our ancestors. By its end, readers will realise that toilets were in use in ancient Mesopotamia even before the invention...

The Medieval Way of War: Studies in Medieval Military History in Honor of Bernard S. Bachrach

by Gregory I. Halfond

Few historians have argued so persuasively as Bernard S. Bachrach for the study of warfare as demanding of scholarly attention. In his many publications Bachrach has established unequivocally the relevance of...