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Mona Lisa

by Martin Kemp & Giuseppe Pallanti

Read this book and the world's most famous image will never look the same again. For the world's greatest cultural icon still has secrets to reveal - not the silly secrets that the 'Leonardo loonies' continue...

Be Like the Fox: Machiavelli In His World

by Erica Benner

The dramatic, myth-shattering story of how Machiavelli—arguably the most misunderstood thinker of all time—fought to change his corrupt world.

Since the publication of The Prince five centuries ago, Machiavelli...

Becoming Leonardo: An Exploded View of the Life of Leonardo da Vinci

by Mike Lankford

Why did Leonardo Da Vinci leave so many of his major works uncompleted? Why did this resolute pacifist build war machines for the notorious Borgias? Why did he carry the Mona Lisa with him everywhere he went...

Layered Landscapes: Early Modern Religious Space Across Faiths and Cultures

by Eric Nelson & Jonathan Wright

This volume explores the conceptualization and construction of sacred space in a wide variety of faith traditions: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and the religions of Japan. It deploys the notion of...

Things You Didn't Know about the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

Pretty tails belong to the most magnificent sea creatures! But did you know that tails move on differently depending on which creatures they're attached to? Whales move their tales up and down while Nemo the...

Crazy Inventions Made During the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

The renaissance period has so much to share and to teach today’s young children. This book is all about the crazy but really impressive inventions made during the said period. Bring renaissance back to life...

The Renaissance: Science and Art Combined | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

During the Renaissance period, artists and scientists were considered as the highest individuals in society. Their work was much admired and they were fully supported by everyone. Let’s read some interesting...

Religion and Politics in the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

Religion and politics during the Renaissance period could be complex topics for young learners to digest, don't you think? Well, with the right learning materials, they can actually be broken into bits and pieces...

The Artistic Advancements of the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

The Renaissance period is widely celebrated for the artistic advancements that happened during the time. Even the artists that we know of today, like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, lived and dominated...

The Daily Life of a Renaissance Child | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

How you live today is very different from how a Renaissance child lived. There were no cellphones and gadgets then so play was very different. Take a look at The Daily Life of a Renaissance Child and maybe you...

Leonardo Da Vinci's Role in the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

Leonardo Da Vinci was a great man with many achievements. In fact, he was one of those who made the Renaissance the Renaissance. In this book, we're going to take a look at the life and words of Leonardo. There...

Florence, Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

The renaissance period is long gone but its influence can still be felt up until the present times. Reading the contents of this book, your child will understand more about the period and why Florence, Italy...

Modern Technologies Invented in the Renaissance | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

Everything you see and experience these days started from small beginnings. Therefore, to truly appreciate the life you’re living today, you must first understand the origins of things. Listening to your history...

Galileo, Michelangelo and Da Vinci: Invention and Discovery in the Time of the Renaissance

by Baby Professor

This book must be one of the best references in the science’s invention department of the renaissance. Featuring three of the greatest men on history, this book is your lightweight partner in the academe and...

Gross Facts about the Renaissance Scientists | Children's Renaissance History

by Baby Professor

Before a great discovery, the Renaissance scientists had to endure long days of working in sometimes unhygienic places. You need to know these gross facts in order to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation...

Ireland, France, and the Atlantic in a Time of War: Reflections on the Bordeaux-Dublin Letters, 1757

by Thomas M. Truxes

In March 1757 - early in the Seven Years' War - a British privateer intercepted an Irish ship, the Two Sisters of Dublin, as it returned home from Bordeaux with a cargo of wine and French luxury goods. Amongst...

Study and Teaching Guide for The History of the Renaissance World

by Julia Kaziewicz, Sarah Park & Susan Wise Bauer

Turn Susan Wise Bauer's The History of the Renaissance World into a high-school history course.

Susan Wise Bauer’s narrative world history series is widely used in advanced high school history classes, as...

Love's Wounds

by Cynthia N. Nazarian

Love's Wounds takes an in-depth look at the widespread language of violence and abjection in early modern European love poetry. Beginning in fourteenth-century Italy, this book shows how Petrarch established...

Rodrigo Borgia’s Rose

by Michela Martignoni, Elena Martignoni & Lori Hetherington

A woman lies waiting for a new lover. Covered with nothing but rose petals, her body is exposed for pleasure: his and hers. The woman is Vannozza Cattanei, long-time mistress of a pope, matriarch of the Borgias,...

Only One Thing in Life Is Constant-Change. Or, Rise, Fall, and Disappearance of Empires and Powerful Countries. : : SHORT STORY #20.  Nonfiction serie

by Alla P. Gakuba

Everything is changing constantly. Only one thing in life is constant—change.  What was true and applicable just recently is could be absolute today.

The history has witnessed the rise, fall, and disappearance...