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Machiavelli’s Prince

by Nicola Gardini & Martin McLaughlin

One of the high-points of Italian Renaissance humanism, Machiavelli’s The Prince immediately transcended the time and culture from which it had sprung, circulating throughout Europe and paving the road to...

Genoa in the 16th Century

by Emanuele Celesia

It would be difficult to find in the history of the sixteenth century a name more fiercely assailed than that of Gianluigi Fieschi. From Bonfadio down to the most recent historians, the Count of Lavagna has...

Reformation Theology

by Bradford Littlejohn & Jonathan Roberts

Few episodes in Western history have so shaped our world as the Protestant Reformation and the counter-Reformations which accompanied it. The Reformation tore the seamless garment of Western Christendom in two,...

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare

This collection gathers together the works by William Shakespeare in a single, convenient, high quality, and extremely low priced Kindle volume! The Comedies: A Midsummer Night's Dream All's Well That Ends Well...

Ten Days That Shook the World

by John Reed

Ten Days That Shook the World is a book by the American journalist and socialist John Reed about the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, which Reed experienced firsthand. Reed followed many of the prominent...

The Complete Works of Shakespeare

by William Shakespeare

This collection gathers together the works by William Shakespeare in a single, convenient, high quality, and extremely low priced Kindle volume! The Comedies: A Midsummer Night's Dream All's Well That Ends Well...

The English Renaissance and the Far East

by Adele Lee

The English Renaissance and the Far East: Cross-Cultural Encounters is an original and timely examination of cultural encounters between Britain, China, and Japan. It challenges accepted, Anglocentric models...

A Short History of England

by G.K. Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton was a prolific writer on many topics. His views of history were always from the standpoint of men and their interactions, and it may fairly be said he saw all of history as a battle between civilization...

Singing the Resurrection

by Erin Lambert

Singing the Resurrection brings music to the foreground of Reformation studies, as author Erin Lambert explores song as a primary mode for the expression of belief among ordinary Europeans in the sixteenth century,...

Concubines and Courtesans

by Matthew S. Gordon & Kathryn A. Hain

Concubines and Courtesans contains sixteen essays that consider, from a variety of viewpoints, enslaved and freed women across medieval and pre-modern Islamic social history. The essays bring together arguments...

Plague, Print, and the Reformation: The German Reform of Healing, 1473-1573

by Erik A. Heinrichs

This book surveys a neglected set of sources, German plague prints and treatises published between 1473 and 1573, in order to explore the intertwined histories of plague, print, medicine and religion during...

Architectures of Festival in Early Modern Europe: Fashioning and Re-fashioning Urban and Courtly Space

by J.R. Mulryne, Krista De Jonge & Pieter Martens

This fourth volume in the European Festival Studies, 1450-1700 series breaks with precedent in stemming from a joint conference (Venice, 2013) between the Society for European Festivals Research and the PALATIUM...

The Intellectual Struggle for Florence

by Arthur Field

The Intellectual Struggle for Florence is an analysis of the ideology that developed in Florence with the rise of the Medici, during the early fifteenth century, the period long recognized as the most formative...

Visualizing Venice: Mapping and Modeling Time and Change in a City

by Kristin L. Huffman, Andrea Giordano & Caroline Bruzelius

Visualizing Venice presents the ways in which the use of innovative technology can provide new and fascinating stories about places and times within history. Written by those behind the Visualizing Venice project,...

British and American Foundings of Parliamentary Science, 1774-1801

by Peter J. Aschenbrenner

Upon declaring independence from Britain in July 1776, the United States Congress urgently needed to establish its credentials as a legitimate government that could credibly challenge the claims of the British...

Strange Histories: The Trial of the Pig, the Walking Dead, and Other Matters of Fact from the Medieval and Renaissance Worlds

by Darren Oldridge

Strange Histories is an exploration of some of the most extraordinary beliefs that existed in the late Middle Ages through to the end of the seventeenth century. Presenting serious accounts of the appearance...

The Solemn League and Covenant of the Three Kingdoms and the Cromwellian Union, 1643-1663

by Kirsteen M. MacKenzie

This book provides the first major analysis of the covenanted interest from an integrated three kingdoms perspective. It examines the reaction of the covenanted interest to the actions and policies of the Commonwealth...

Warfare, Loyalty, and Rebellion: The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Great Northern War, 1709-1717

by Mindaugas Šapoka

This book examines the politics of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the crucial period between the Russian tsar Peter the Great's victory over Sweden at the battle of Poltava and the 1717 Silent Sejm, the...

The Hidden Lives of Tudor Women: A Social History

by Elizabeth Norton

The turbulent Tudor Age never fails to capture the imagination. But what was it truly like to be a woman during this era?  The Tudor period conjures up images of queens and noblewomen in elaborate court dress;...

Ingratiation from the Renaissance to the Present

by Jeff Diamond

Ingratiation from the Renaissance to the Present explores a common ethical problem for intellectuals of the Renaissance: How does one win the favor and patronage of the wealthy and powerful and yet maintain...