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The Pursuit of Power: Europe 1815-1914

by Richard J. Evans

From the bestselling author of The Third Reich at War, a masterly account of Europe in the age of its global hegemony; the latest volume in the Penguin History of Europe series

Richard J. Evans, bestselling...

The First Vcs: The Stories Behind the First Victoria Crosses in the Crimean War and the Definition of Courage

by John Grehan

Officers led and men followed; all were expected to do their duty without thought of reward. Enlisted men rarely penetrated the officer ranks and promotion owed more to money than merit. Then came the Crimean...

Historical Essays and Studies

by John Emerich Edward Dalberg & Lord Acton

This volume must be regarded not as the support of an existing reputation, or as a bid for the establishment of posthumous renown, but as the record and memorial of a rare and attractive personality. The accurate,...

Sir John Moore: The Making of a Controversial Hero

by Janet Macdonald

Sir John Moore is perhaps the second most famous British soldier of the Napoleonic Wars after the Duke of Wellington, yet his remarkable career has been neglected in comparison to his celebrated contemporary....

The Men Who Would Be Kings

by Daniel Mersey & Peter Dennis

The Men Who Would Be Kings is a set of rules designed for fighting historical or Hollywood colonial battles in the mid to late 19th Century, from the Indian Mutiny to the Boxer Rebellion. Large scale colonial...

Léon Harmel: Entrepreneur as Catholic Social Reformer

by Joan L. Coffey

"Coffey does a masterful job of situating Léon Harmel-his life, his work, his ideology-in the context of French political and social turmoil in the last third of the nineteenth century. More than a Catholic...

When Paris Sizzled: The 1920s Paris of Hemingway, Chanel, Cocteau, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker, and Their Friends

by Mary McAuliffe

When Paris Sizzled vividly portrays the City of Light during the fabulous 1920s, when art and architecture, music, literature, fashion, entertainment, transportation, and behavior all took dramatically new forms....

California's Deadliest Women: Dangerous Dames and Murderous Moms

by Josephine Knowles

We like to think of women as nurturers, not murderers, but women do kill. California's Deadliest Women is the definitive guide to the murderesses of the Golden State, a horrifying compendium of women driven...

Poison Panic: Arsenic deaths in 1840s Essex

by Helen Barrell

For a few years in the 1840s, Essex was notorious in the minds of Victorians as a place where women stalked the winding country lanes looking for their next victim to poison with arsenic. It’s a terrible image...

A History of Modern Germany: 1871 to Present

by Dietrich Orlow

Covering the entire period of modern German history - from nineteenth-century imperial Germany right through the present - this well-established text presents a balanced, general survey of the country's political...

Imperialism in the Modern World: Sources and Interpretations

by William Bowman, Frank Chiteji & J. Megan Greene

Imperialism in the Modern World combines narrative, primary and secondary sources, and visual documents to examine global relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The three co-editors, Professors...

The British Army Regular Mounted Infantry 1880-1913

by Andrew Winrow

The regular Mounted Infantry was one of the most important innovations of the late Victorian and Edwardian British Army. Rather than fight on horseback in the traditional manner of cavalry, they used horses...

The First Afghan War 1839–42

by Richard Macrory & Peter Dennis

In 1839 forces of the British East India Company crossed the Indus to invade Afghanistan on the pretext of reinstating a former king Shah Soojah to his rightful throne. The reality was that this was another...

The Winchester: The Gun That Built an American Dynasty

by Laura Trevelyan

A fascinating history of the family behind the popular firearm that changed America and the world

Arguably the world's most famous firearm, the Winchester Repeating Rifle was sought after by a cast of characters...

Race and British Colonialism in Southeast Asia, 1770-1870: John Crawfurd and the Politics of Equality

by Gareth Knapman

The idea of "race" played an increasing role in nineteenth-century British colonial thought. For most of the nineteenth century, John Crawfurd towered over British colonial policy in South-East Asia, being not...

Wellington Against Soult: The Second Invasion of Portugal 1809

by David Buttery

At the heart of David Buttery’s third book on the Peninsular War lies the comparison between two great commanders of enormous experience and reputation – Arthur Wellesley, later Duke of Wellington, and Jean...

The Morning Chronicle Survey of Labour and the Poor: The Metropolitan Districts Volume 5

by Henry Mayhew & Peter Razzell

In the years 1849 and 1850, Henry Mayhew was the metropolitan correspondent of the Morning Chronicle in its national survey of labour and the poor. Only about a third of his Morning Chronicle material was included...

Local Government, Local Legislation: Municipal Initiative in Parliament from 1858-1872

by R.J.B. Morris

In the mid-Victorian period, when British international influence and power were at their height, concerns about local economic and social conditions were only slowly coming to be recognised as part of the obligations...

Routledge Revivals: Village Life and Labour (1975)

by Raphael Samuel

First published in 1975, this volume aims to direct attention at a number of aspects of the lives and occupations of village labourers in the nineteenth-century that have been little examined by historians outside...

Routledge Revivals: Miners, Quarrymen and Saltworkers (1977)

by Raphael Samuel

Industrial discipline in mining, quarrying, brickmaking and other classes of mineral work was very different to that in nineteenth-century factories and mills. First published in 1977, this book deals with mineral...