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The Butchering Art

by Lindsey Fitzharris

"Warning: She spares no detail!" —Erik Larson, bestselling author of Dead Wake

A Top 10 Science Book of Fall 2017, Publishers Weekly

"Fascinating and shocking." —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The gripping...

Male voices on women's rights

by Martine Monacelli

Male voices on women's rights is a timely complement to the studies undertaken in recent years on men's roles in the history of feminism.This unique collection of seminal, little-known or forgotten writings,...

Wellington's Men

by W. H. Fitchett

"This volume is an attempt to rescue from undeserved oblivion a cluster of soldierly autobiographies; and to give to the general reader some pictures of famous battles, not as described by the historian or analysed...

Forgotten under a Tropical Sun: War Stories by American Veterans in the Philippines, 1898-1913

by Joseph P. McCallus

Memory has not been kind to the Philippine-American War and the even lesser-known Moro rebellion. Today, few Americans know the details of these conflicts.

There are almost no memorials, and the wars remain poorly...

Debussy's Paris

by Catherine Kautsky

Debussy’s Paris: Piano Portraits of the Belle Époque explores how key works reflect not only the most appealing and innocent aspects of Paris but also more disquieting attitudes of the time such as racism,...

Emotional Cities

by Joseph Ben Prestel

Emotional Cities offers an innovative account of the history of cities in the second half of the nineteenth century. Analyzing debates about emotions and urban change, it questions the assumed dissimilarity...

Germany and the Ottoman Railways: Art, Empire, and Infrastructure

by Peter H. Christensen

The complex political and cultural relationship between the German state and the Ottoman Empire is explored through the lens of the Ottoman Railway network, its architecture, and material culture.


The Expanding Blaze

by Jonathan Israel

A major intellectual history of the American Revolution and its influence on later revolutions in Europe and the Americas

The Expanding Blazeis a sweeping history of how the American Revolution inspired revolutions...

A Difficult Death: The Life and Work of Jens Peter Jacobsen

by Morten Høi Jensen & James Wood

Beautifully written, sympathetic and incisive, this is the first English biography of a major Scandinavian author who is ripe for rediscovery

The Elephant in the Temple

by John Lockwood Kipling

From military camels and hunting cheetahs, to herding dogs and talking mynahs, animals have been living, working, playing and performing with humans in India for centuries. In this intimate book, John Lockwood...

A Visitor's Guide to Georgian England

by Monica Hall

Could you successfully be a Georgian? Find yourself immersed in the pivotal world of Georgian England, exciting times to live in as everything was booming; the Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the...

Popular virtue

by Tom Scriven

Popular virtue is the first in-depth study of the changing nature of moral politics within working-class Radicalism between 1820 and 1870. Through study of the lives, activism and intellectual influences of...

Culture, Conflict and the Military in Colonial South Asia

by Kaushik Roy & Gavin Rand

This book offers diverse and original perspectives on South Asia's imperial military history. Unlike prevailing studies, the chapters in the volume emphasize both the vital role of culture in framing imperial...

Interspecies Interactions: Animals and Humans between the Middle Ages and Modernity

by Sarah Cockram & Andrew Wells

Interspecies Interactions surveys the rapidly developing field of human-animal relations from the late medieval and early modern eras through to the mid-Victorian period. By viewing animals as authentic and...

The Letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt: Volume I

by M. Aurousseau

Ludwig Leichhardt is chiefly known as the most important of the scientific explorers of Australia. His lively but detailed letters provide a narrative of his life from his student days in the mid-1830s until...

Woman and Puppet - Woman and Puppet; The New Pleasure; Byblis; Lêda; Immortal Love; The Artist Triumphant; The Hill of Horsel

by Pierre Louÿs

First published in 1908, this book contains seven stories written by Pierre Louÿs, including: "Woman And Puppet", "The New Pleasure","Lêda","Immortal Love","The Artist Triumphant", and "The Hill Of Horse"....

Antoine Frédéric Ozanam

by Raymond L. Sickinger

Raymond Sickinger's biography of Antoine Frédéric Ozanam is more than a chronological account of Ozanam's relatively brief but extraordinary life. It is also a comprehensive study of a man who touched many...

The Atlantic in Global History: 1500-2000

by Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra & Erik R Seeman

The Atlantic in Global History is a collection of original essays by leading authors that both introduce the main themes of Atlantic history and expand the category of the Atlantic chronologically, spatially,...

Yokohama and the Silk Trade

by Yasuhiro Makimura

This study provides a broad political and economic examination of the impact of the silk trade on nineteenth-century Japan. It analyzes the economic role of Japan’s eastern interior region and that of the...

Gaslight: Lantern Slides from the Nineteenth Century

by Joachim Kalka & Isabel Fargo Cole

A one-of-a-kind exploration of the 19th century that ties the time period to our own through essays on a variety of topics in music, film, literature, and art.

In Gaslight, Joachim Kalka delves into the mythos...