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The Elephant in the Temple

by John Lockwood Kipling

From military camels and hunting cheetahs, to herding dogs and talking mynahs, animals have been living, working, playing and performing with humans in India for centuries. In this intimate book, John Lockwood...

A Visitor's Guide to Georgian England

by Monica Hall

Could you successfully be a Georgian? Find yourself immersed in the pivotal world of Georgian England, exciting times to live in as everything was booming; the Industrial Revolution, the Enlightenment, and the...

Popular virtue

by Tom Scriven

Popular virtue is the first in-depth study of the changing nature of moral politics within working-class Radicalism between 1820 and 1870. Through study of the lives, activism and intellectual influences of...

The Letters of F.W. Ludwig Leichhardt: Volume I

by M. Aurousseau

Ludwig Leichhardt is chiefly known as the most important of the scientific explorers of Australia. His lively but detailed letters provide a narrative of his life from his student days in the mid-1830s until...

Woman and Puppet - Woman and Puppet; The New Pleasure; Byblis; Lêda; Immortal Love; The Artist Triumphant; The Hill of Horsel

by Pierre Louÿs

First published in 1908, this book contains seven stories written by Pierre Louÿs, including: "Woman And Puppet", "The New Pleasure","Lêda","Immortal Love","The Artist Triumphant", and "The Hill Of Horse"....

Antoine Frédéric Ozanam

by Raymond L. Sickinger

Raymond Sickinger's biography of Antoine Frédéric Ozanam is more than a chronological account of Ozanam's relatively brief but extraordinary life. It is also a comprehensive study of a man who touched many...

Yokohama and the Silk Trade

by Yasuhiro Makimura

This study provides a broad political and economic examination of the impact of the silk trade on nineteenth-century Japan. It analyzes the economic role of Japan’s eastern interior region and that of the...

Valentine Baker's Heroic Stand At Tashkessen 1877: A Tarnished British Soldier's Glorious Victory

by Frank Jastrzembski

There are moments in the past of many a man's career that stand out clear and defined after the lapse of even many years: life pictures, the very memory of which brings back a glorious thrill of pride and pleasure....

Mark Bate

by Jan Peterson

An insightful look at the first mayor of Nanaimo, BC, drawing heavily on his prolific and insightful written observations.

Mark Bate, elected Nanaimo’s first mayor in 1875, was a renaissance man. He loved music,...

Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulation of Sexuality Since 1800

by Jeffrey Weeks

A pioneering study which has become an established classic in its field, Sex, Politics and Society provides a lucid and comprehensive analysis of the transformations of British sexual life from 1800 to the present....

Inventing the Cave Man

by Andrew Horrall

Fred Flintstone lived in a sunny Stone Age American suburb, but his ancestors were respectable, middle-class Victorians. They were very amused to think that prehistory was an archaic version of their own world...

Carteret's Voyage Round the World, 1766-1769: Volume I

by Helen Wallis

Captain Philip Carteret sailed to the South Seas as second in command to Samuel Wallis on a voyage of discovery of the Southern Continent. Separating from Wallis at the exit to the Strait of Magellan he went...

Missions to the Niger: Volume I: The Journal of Friedrich Horneman's Travels from Cairo to Murzuk in the Years 1797-98; The Letters of Major Alexander

by E.W. Bovill

This is the first of several volumes on the exploration of the Niger following its discovery by Mingo Park. It begins with the travels of Friedrich Hornemann and then leaps a quarter of a century to the great...

The Journal of William Lockerby, Sandalwood Trader in the Fijian Islands during the Years 1808-1809: With an Introduction and Other Papers connected w

by Leonard C. Wharton & Sir Everard Im Thurn

The additional documents include Samuel Patterson's account of the wreck of the Eliza, 1808, the journal of the missionaries from the Hibernia, 1809, Captain Richard Siddon's experiences in Fiji in 1809-15,...

The Discovery of Tahiti, A Journal of the Second Voyage of H.M.S. Dolphin Round the World, under the Command of Captain Wallis, R.N.: In the Years 176

The Voyage of Captain Don Felipe Gonzalez in the Ship of the Line San Lorenzo, with the Frigate Santa Rosalia in Company, to Easter Island in 1770-1:

by Bolton Glanvill Corney

Journals, instructions, minutes, and despatches, transcribed, translated and edited, with an extract from the 1825 journal of Lieut. George Peard, of H.M.S. Blossom. Preface by Cyprian Bridge. Includes a bibliography...

Byron's Journal of his Circumnavigation, 1764-1766

by Robert E. Gallagher

In 1764 the Hon. John Byron was commissioned by the Admiralty to sail to the South Atlantic to search for Pepys's Island and the Southern Continent. He was then to continue into the Pacific itself and look for...

A New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America, by Lionel Wafer: Surgeon on Buccaneering Expeditions in Darien, the West Indies, and the Pacif

by L.E. Elliot Joyce

The text of the 1699 edition, with slight changes, and additional material, edited with introduction, notes and appendices. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1934....

The Desert Route to India, Being the Journals of Four Travellers by the Great Desert Caravan Route between Aleppo and Basra, 1745-1751

by Douglas Carruthers

The journals of William Beawes, Gaylard Roberts, Bartholomew Plaisted, and John Carmichael. This is a new print-on-demand hardback edition of the volume first published in 1929.

Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne, Being an Account of the Settlement written by John Burnell

by Sir William Foster, Sir Evan Cotton & L.M. Anstey

In addition to the main text, with introduction and notes, there is 'added Burnell's narrative of his adventures in Bengal, With an Introduction by Sir William Foster, and Notes by Sir Evan Cotton, C.I.E., and...