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De Valera Volume 1

by David McCullagh

Éamon de Valera was the single most consequential Irish figure of the twentieth century. He was a leader in the Easter Rising, the figurehead of the anti-Treaty rebels during the dark days of the Civil War...


by Brian Williams

A compendium of milestone stories and watershed events in popular culture, politics and news at home and abroad from 1968, including: Assassination of Martin Luther King; introduction of the Ford Escort; Apollo...

Death in the Air: The True Story of a Serial Killer, the Great London Smog, and the Strangling of a City

by Kate Winkler Dawson

A real-life thriller in the vein of The Devil in the White City, Kate Winkler Dawson's debut Death in the Air is a gripping, historical narrative of a serial killer, an environmental disaster, and an iconic...

Suzanne's Children: A Daring Rescue in Nazi Paris

by Anne Nelson

A story of courage in the face of evil. The tense drama of Suzanne Spaak who risked and gave her life to save hundreds of Jewish children from deportation from Nazi Paris to Auschwitz. This is one of the untold...

Market Encounters

by Bianca Murillo

In Market Encounters, Bianca Murillo explores the shifting social terrains that made the buying and selling of goods in modern Ghana possible. Fusing economic and business history with social and cultural history,...

Living with Nkrumahism

by Jeffrey S. Ahlman

In the 1950s, Ghana, under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah and the Convention People’s Party, drew the world’s attention as anticolonial activists, intellectuals, and politicians looked to it as a model...

A Time to Risk All

by Clodagh Finn

Clodagh Finn has travelled throughout Europe to piece together the story of this remarkable, unknown Irish woman, meeting many of those children Mary Elmes saved. Here, in a book packed with courage, heroism,...

Red Famine: Stalin's War on Ukraine

by Anne Applebaum

From the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag and the National Book Award finalist Iron Curtain, a revelatory history of one of Stalin's greatest crimes—the consequences of which still resonate today...

From Disarmament to Rearmament

by Sheldon A. Goldberg & Ingo Trauschweizer

At the end of World War II, the Allies were unanimous in their determination to disarm the former aggressor Germany. As the Cold War intensified, however, the decision whether to reverse that policy and to rearm...

Lenin Lives!

by Philip Cunliffe

Of all the tomes published on the centenary of the Russian Revolution, none will reckon with a key part of the story: what if the revolutionaries' dreams had come true, instead of being dashed? Yet no tale of...

Russia in Flames

by Laura Engelstein

October 1917, heralded as the culmination of the Russian Revolution, remains a defining moment in world history. Even a hundred years after the events that led to the emergence of the world's first self-proclaimed...

Divided on D-Day: How Conflicts and Rivalries Jeopardized the Allied Victory at Normandy

by Edward E. Gordon

Two historians--one American and one British--examine the ways in which rivalries and personality conflicts among Allied commanders adversely affected the D-Day invasion and its aftermath.

In anticipation of...

Nazi Eugenics

by Melvyn Conroy & Tudor Georgescu

Conceived as the answer to all of mankind's seemingly insoluble health and social problems, and promoted as a substitute for orthodox religious beliefs, the pseudoscience of eugenics recruited disciples in many...

Piercing the Horizon: The Making of a Twentieth-Century American Space Luminary

by Sunny Tsiao

We all know the names: Grissom, Armstrong, Cernan-legends of the space age whose names resonate with people around the world and whose deeds need no introduction. We know less about the men who led the organization...

Secret Agents and the Memory of Everyday Collaboration in Communist Eastern Europe

by Péter Apor, Sandor Horvath & James Mark

'Secret Agents and the Memory of Everyday Collaboration in Communist Eastern Europe' examines the ways in which post-Communist societies have sought to make sense of Communist-era collaboration. The book begins...

From the Monastery to the World

by Ernesto Cardenal, Thomas Merton, Jessie Sandoval & Robert Hass

Merton has written more than 70 books on spirituality, social justice, and pacifism

Cardenal has been described as one of the most important poets in Latin America

In 2005, Cardenal was nominated for the Nobel...

Saigon Kids

by Les Arbuckle

Looking for unusual coming of age books? Follow the coming of age adventures of a U.S. military brat during the early Vietnam war years in Saigon The early Vietnam war years through the eyes of a U.S. military...

The Mudd Club

by Richard Boch

"I was a Long Island kid that graduated college in 1976 and moved to Greenwich Village. Two years later, I was working The Mudd Club door. Standing outside, staring at the crowd, it was "out there" versus "in...

The Endless Battle

by Andy Flanagan

Near the end of October 1941, a few hundred soldiers from New Brunswick were among the 1,975 Canadian troops who set sail from Vancouver to reinforce the British Colony of Hong Kong. Within two short months,...

Revolution!: Writings from Russia: 1917

by Pete Ayrton

Commemorating the October 2017 centenary of the Russian Revolution, an anthology of wide-ranging voices and scholarship throwing fresh light on this momentous historical event. This October the world commemorates...