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When Sonia Met Boris

by Anna Shternshis

Soviet Jews lived through a record number of traumatic events: the Great Terror, World War II, the Holocaust, the Famine of 1947, the Doctors' Plot, the antisemitic policies of the postwar period, and the collapse...

War Against War: The American Fight for Peace, 1914-1918

by Michael Kazin

The untold story of the movement that came close to keeping the United States out of the First World War.

This book is about the Americans who tried to stop their nation from fighting in one of history’s most...

The Conservative Human Rights Revolution

From Vichy to the Sexual Revolution

Only One Thing in Life Is Constant-Change. Or, Rise, Fall, and Disappearance of Empires and Powerful Countries. : : SHORT STORY #20.  Nonfiction serie

by Alla P. Gakuba

Everything is changing constantly. Only one thing in life is constant—change.  What was true and applicable just recently is could be absolute today.

The history has witnessed the rise, fall, and disappearance...

From a Small Town to the Big World

by Norman Boehm & Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm

This book is a recollection of the events, thoughts, and experiences of Boehm’s transformative travels abroad. It contains stories of piano lessons, flying lessons, and meeting with the world famous Ingrid...

Eugenics: A Very Short Introduction

The Nazi Card: Nazi Comparisons at the Beginning of the Cold War

by Brian Johnson

This book examines major political movements during the Cold War through the rhetorical trope of the Nazi analogy. The examination pits ideas concerning utopian and dystopian social orders against the problems...

Shamanic Graffiti: 100,000 Years of Drugs, 100 Years of Prohibition

by Frank Ogden & Marcus Rummery

Freud said dreams were the "royal road" to the unconscious, and then along came a superhighway: psychedelics. Personally, we can access the psychedelic experience, but Frank Ogden shepherded over a thousand...

Fallacies in the Allied Nations' Historical Perception as Observed by a British Journalist

by Henry Scott Stokes

British journalist Henry Scott-Stokes describes the transformation of his understanding of the Greater East Asian War (the so-called Pacific War) from uncritical acceptance of the western colonialist’s version...

Three Book Sebald Set: The Emigrants, The Rings of Saturn, and Vertigo

by W. G. Sebald & Michael Hulse

The masterworks of W. G. Sebald, now in gorgeous new covers by the famed designer Peter Mendelsund New Directions is delighted to announce beautiful new editions of these three classic Sebald novels, including...

Great Spies of the 20th Century

by Patrick Pesnot

Heroes to some, traitors to others, spies and intelligence officers continue to fascinate and enthral us with their abilities to operate secretly in the shadows. With these mini-biographies of twenty agents...

Revolutionary Justice

Power and Glory

by R. T. Howard

Since the Second World War, France has pursued a clandestine international rivalry with Great Britain and, to a lesser extent, the United States. It has sometimes been jealous and resentful of the power and...


by Daniel Gordis

Winner of the Jewish Book of the Year Award

The first comprehensive yet accessible history of the state of Israel from its inception to present day, from Daniel Gordis, "one of the most respected Israel analysts"...

The Némirovsky Question: The Life, Death, and Legacy of a Jewish Writer in Twentieth-Century France

by Susan Rubin Suleiman

A fascinating look into the life and work of controversial French novelist Irène Némirovsky

Irène Némirovsky succeeded in creating a brilliant career as a novelist in the 1930s, only to have her life cut...

America's Vietnam War and Its French Connection

by Frank Cain

That America was drawn into the Vietnam War by the French has been recognized, but rarely explored. This book analyzes the years from 1945 with the French military reconquest of Vietnam until 1963 with the execution...

Environment and Identity Politics in Colonial Africa: Fulani Migrations and Land Conflict

by Emmanuel Mbah

Economic, political, and ethnic favoritism are common themes in the historiography of colonial Africa. Land ownership and control, and the abilities of the respective landscapes to sustain Africa's growing population...

Doomed to Cooperate: How American and Russian Scientists Joined Forces to Avert Some of the Greatest Post-Cold War Nuclear Dangers

by Siegfried S Hecker

Doomed to Cooperate tells the remarkable story of nuclear scientists from two former enemy nations, Russia and the United States, who reached across political, geographic, and cultural divides to confront, together,...

East Meets West - Banking, Commerce and Investment in the Ottoman Empire

by Monica Pohle Fraser & Philip L. Cottrell

Bringing together cultural, economic and social historians from across Europe and beyond, this volume offers a consideration from a number of perspectives of the principal forces that further integrated the...