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The Land Is Our History

Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness

by Craig Nelson

Published in time for the 75th anniversary, a gripping and definitive account of the event that changed twentieth-century America—Pearl Harbor—based on years of research and new information uncovered by...

1956: The World in Revolt

by Simon Hall

Vibrantly and perceptively told, this is the story of one remarkable year—a vivid history of exhilarating triumphs and shattering defeats around the world. 1956 was one of the most remarkable years of the...

Hearts, Minds, Voices

Seeking Imperialism's Embrace

Airlines of the Jet Age: A History

by R.E.G. Davies

Airlines of the Jet Age provides the first comprehensive history of the world's airlines from the early 1960s to the present day. It begins with an informative introductory chapter on the infancy of flight and...

The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art

by Sebastian Smee

Pulitzer Prize–winning art critic Sebastian Smee tells the fascinating story of four pairs of artists—Manet and Degas, Picasso and Matisse, Pollock and de Kooning, Freud and Bacon—whose fraught, competitive...

My Dear Li: Correspondence, 1937-1946

by Werner Heisenberg, Elisabeth Heisenberg & Anna Maria Hirsch-Heisenberg

Personal letters reveal the quandary of a prominent German physicist during the Nazi years and the strength he shared with his loving wife

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Werner Heisenberg lived far from his wife,...

The Art of Survival: France and the Great War Picaresque

by Libby Murphy

The First World War soldier has often been depicted as a helpless victim sacrificed by a ruthless society in the trenches of the Western Front. In fact, Libby Murphy reveals, French soldiers drew upon a long-standing...

44 Days: 75 Squadron and the Fight for Australia

by Michael Veitch

The epic World War II story of Australia's 75 Squadron - and the 44 days when these brave and barely trained pilots fought alone against the Japanese.

In March and April 1942, RAAF 75 Squadron bravely defended...

Memories of the Spanish Civil War: Conflict and Community in Rural Spain

by Ruth Sanz Sabido

A critical analysis of social memories of the Spanish Civil War, with specific reference to the rural context of the conflict. Based on a mixture of archival research and interviews with the inhabitants of one...

The Fuzileiros: Portuguese Marines in Africa, 1961-1974

by John P. Cann

In 1961, Portugal found itself fighting a war to retain its colonial possessions and preserve the remnants of its Empire. It was almost completely unprepared to do so, and this was particularly evident in its...

A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

by Ian J. Bickerton & Carla L. Klausner

Concise and comprehensive, A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict presents balanced, impartial, and well-illustrated coverage of the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The authors identify and examine the...

Hitler and Nazi Germany: A History

by Jackson J. Spielvogel

This text is based on current research findings and is written for students and general readers who want a deeper understanding of this period in German history. It provides a balanced approach in examining...

A History of the Holocaust: From Ideology to Annihilation

by Rita Steinhardt Botwinick

Told with scrupulous attention to detail and accuracy, this text provides important background information on Jewish life in Europe, the functions of the hierarchy within the Nazi government, and the psychological...

The 1966 World Cup Final: Minute by Minute

by Jonathan Mayo

30th July 1966. For millions it was the greatest day of the greatest decade. They may never have seen the Beatles in the Cavern or danced at Woodstock, but they got to see the finest moment in English sporting...

The House by the Lake

by Thomas Harding

A Finalist for the Costa Book Award

Longlisted for the Orwell Prize

Named a Best Book of the Year by

The Times (London) • New Statesman (London) • Daily Express (London) • Commonweal magazine

In the summer...

Holocaust Angst


The Greeks and the British in the Levant, 1800-1960s: Between Empires and Nations

by Anastasia Yiangou, George Kazamias & Robert Holland

This book explores the concept of 'the Levant' as a component of the regional and international system during the age of imperialism. At its heart is a focus on the experience of Greek-speaking societies and,...