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Reel Pleasures

by Laura Fair

Reel Pleasures brings the world of African moviehouses and the publics they engendered to life, revealing how local fans creatively reworked global media—from Indian melodrama to Italian westerns, kung fu,...

Nelson Mandela

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Nelson Mandela in next to no time with this concise guide.

50Minutes.com provides a clear and engaging analysis of Nelson Mandela’s lifelong fight...

The United Nations

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the history of the United Nations in next to no time with this concise guide.

50Minutes.com provides a clear and engaging analysis of the history and principal...

Franklin D. Roosevelt

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life and career of Franklin D. Roosevelt in next to no time with this concise guide.

50Minutes.com provides a clear and engaging analysis of the life and...

The Hippie Trail

by Sharif Gemie & Brian Ireland

This is the first history of the hippie trail. It records the joys and pains of budget travel to Kathmandu, India, Afghanistan and other 'points east' in the 1960s and 1970s. It's written in a clear, simple...

The Early Public Lunatic Institutions of England Part I

by Robert J. Wycherley

In the published literature of madness, and its institutional management, the earliest English institutions for the mad have tended to be treated as part of a “bad old days,” from which progress has been...


by Regina Lee Blaszczyk

Fashion studies is a burgeoning field that often highlights the contributions of genius designers and high-profile brands with little reference to what goes on behind the scenes in the supply chain. This book...

Postcolonial Europe

by Lars Jensen, Julia Suárez-Krabbe, Christian Groes & Zoran Lee Pecic

How has European identity been shaped through its colonial empires? Does this history of imperialism influence the conceptualisation of Europe in the contemporary globalised world? How has coloniality shaped...

Dedan Kimathi on Trial

by Julie MacArthur, Lotte Hughes, Simon Gikandi & David M. Anderson et al.

Perhaps no figure embodied the ambiguities, colonial fears, and collective imaginations of Kenya’s decolonization era more than Dedan Kimathi, the self-proclaimed field marshal of the rebel forces that took...

The Hundred-Year Trek

by Sheldon Goldfarb & Kim Campbell

A vibrant look back through a century of student life, achievement, and activism at UBC.

“Sheldon Goldfarb’s skillful and lively storytelling makes this a valuable contribution to social history and a memoir...

For the Honor of Our Fatherland

by Tracey Hayes Norrell

For the Honor of Our Fatherland: German Jews on the Eastern Front during the Great War focuses on the German Jews’ role in reconstructing Poland’s war-ravaged countryside. The Germany Army assigned rabbis...

The Spy Who Changed the World: Klaus Fuchs, Physicist and Soviet Double Agent

by Rossiter Mike

The incredible true story of a British physicist who was an undercover spy for the Soviets. The world first heard of Klaus Fuchs, the head of theoretical physics at the British Research Establishment at Harwell...

Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective

by Michael Meng & Adam R. Seipp

Bringing together incisive contributions from an international group of colleagues and former students, Modern Germany in Transatlantic Perspective takes stock of the field of German history as exemplified...

Secession and Security

by Ahsan I. Butt

"The book is an excellent addition to the scholarly literature on subnational movements, both past and present, offering a range of insights to policymakers across the globe."—Ayesha Jalal, author of The...

The Wind From the East

by Richard Wolin

Michel Foucault, Jean-Paul Sartre, Julia Kristeva, Phillipe Sollers, and Jean-Luc Godard. During the 1960s, a who’s who of French thinkers, writers, and artists, spurred by China’s Cultural Revolution, were...

Global Exchanges

by Ludovic Tournès & Giles Scott-Smith

Exchanges between different cultures and institutions of learning have taken place for centuries, but it was only in the twentieth century that such efforts evolved into formal programs that received focused...

Untold Stories of Polish Heroes from World War II

by Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm & James S. Pula

A full understanding of the historical process must include studies of the social and economic conditions of societies as well as biographies of the people on which a clear understanding of history is based—but...

Eastern Europe Unmapped

by Irene Kacandes & Yuliya Komska

Arguably more than any other region, the area known as Eastern Europe has been defined by its location on the map. Yet its inhabitants, from statesmen to literati and from cultural-economic elites to the poorest...

The Confidence Trap

by David Runciman

Why do democracies keep lurching from success to failure? The current financial crisis is just the latest example of how things continue to go wrong, just when it looked like they were going right. In this wide-ranging,...

The Cold War through Documents

by Edward H. Judge & John W. Langdon

This comprehensive collection of carefully edited documents—speeches, treaties, statements, and articles—traces the rise and fall of the Cold War. The sources follow the Cold War from its roots in East–West...