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Out of the Firing Line...Into the Foyer: My Remarkable Story

by Andy Merriman, Bruce Copp & Dame Judi Dench

War hero and '60s Soho doyen Bruce Copp has lived a unique life in which he has formed lifelong friendships with celebrities, swam regularly with a James Bond, hung out with Lenny Bruce and spent an unforgettable...

What the Citizen Should Know About Our Arms and Weapons: A Guide to Weapons from the 1940s

by James E. Hicks

Originally published in 1941, this book of military ordnance was written in order to bring information to the non-military public during the time of uncertainty that marked the beginnings of the United States’...

People, Places and Passions:  "Pain and Pleasure": A Social History of Wales and the Welsh, 1870-1945

by Russell Davies

Russell Davies examines the social history of Wales in the years 1870-1948 and challenges a number of generally held views about Wales and the Welsh, offering an alternative history of idiosyncrasies and contradictions...

The Armoured Campaign in Normandy June-August 1944

by Stephen Napier

Beginning with the D-Day landings, this is a frank appraisal of the planned use and actual results of the deployment of armour by both German and Allied commanders in the major tank battles of the campaign including...

The Queen and Mrs Thatcher

by Dean Palmer

This is the remarkable story of how the two most powerful women in Britain met and disliked each other on sight. For over a decade they quietly waged a war against each other on both a personal and political...

Hirohito's War: The Pacific War, 1941-1945

by Francis Pike

Hirohito's War offers an original interpretation of the Pacific War, balancing the existing Western-centric view with attention to the Japanese perspective on the conflict. Francis Pike offers many challenges...

Fashion Is Spinach: How to Beat the Fashion Racket

by Elizabeth Hawes & Alice Gregory

After working as a stylist in Paris, Elizabeth Hawes (1903–71) launched one of the first American design houses in Depression-era New York. Hawes was an outspoken critic of the fashion industry and a champion...

Béla Bartók

by David Cooper

"This deeply researched biography of Béla Bartók (1881-1945) provides a more comprehensive view of the innovative Hungarian musician than ever before. David Cooper traces Bartók's international career as...

Looking Down the Corridors

by Peter Jefferies & Kevin Wright

Between 1945 and 1900 the British Government mounted some of the most successful intelligence operations of the Cold War. Conducted in great secrecy, aircrews flew specially modified light aircraft to gather...

Voices from the Carpathia

by George M Behe

When Titanic began sending out distress calls, one of the first to reply was the Cunard liner Carpathia. As it turned out, Carpathia was the only vessel to reach the scene in time to save the lives of any of...

The Kalahari Killings

by Jonathan Laverick

On 4 October 1943 two RAF pupil pilots, Walter Adamson and Gerald Edwards, took off from Kumalo (Zimbabwe). Some time later they were forced to land in Botswana. They climbed out unscathed, left a note, and...

Discovering Tuberculosis: A Global History, 1900 to the Present

by Christian W. McMillen

Tuberculosis is one of the world's deadliest infectious diseases, killing nearly two million people every year-more now than at any other time in history. While the developed world has nearly forgotten about...

Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories, 1967 to the Present

by Ahron Bregman

An authoritative and impassioned history of the aftermath of the Six Day War—by a former Israeli soldier—and a cogent argument for an end to the occupation. In a move that would forever alter the map of...

Debating Otaku in Contemporary Japan: Historical Perspectives and New Horizons

by Patrick W. Galbraith, Thiam Huat Kam & Bj¿¿rn-Ole Kamm

With the spread of manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese cartoons) around the world, many have adopted the Japanese term 'otaku' to identify fans of such media. The connection to manga and anime may seem...

Potsdam: The End of World War II and the Remaking of Europe

by Michael Neiberg

After Germany’s defeat in World War II, Europe lay in tatters. Millions of refugees were dispersed across the continent. Food and fuel were scarce. Britain was bankrupt, while Germany had been reduced to rubble....

Riversong of the Rho^ne

by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz, Patti M Marxsen & Tiberghien Tiberghien

Nearly seventy years after the death of Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1878-1947), it is safe to say that the reputation of Switzerland's legendary poet of the people is secure, at least in French. Since 2005, his...

Island at War: Puerto Rico in the Crucible of the Second World War

by Jorge Rodríguez Beruff & José L. Bolívar Fresneda

An illuminating study of the Caribbean island's contributions to the American war effort

Britain's Greatest Generation

by Sue Elliott & Steve Humphries

In association with the flagship BBC2 series.

This is the story of the men and women of a truly remarkable generation. Born into a world still reeling from the earth-shattering events of the Great War, they grew...

Rough Riders

by Peter Doyle

Frank and Percy Talley, Troopers 2365 and 2366 of the 1st City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders), were destined to leave England to take part in the last, and most costly, single-day battle of the Gallipoli...

Dunkirk 1940: Whereabouts Unknown

by Tim Lynch

They called it 'the slaughter of the innocents'. The barely trained and poorly equipped men of the Labour Divisions were never meant to fight but when the German blitzkreig sliced through the Allied armies they...