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Jabotinsky's Children

by Daniel Kupfert Heller

How interwar Poland and its Jewish youth were instrumental in shaping the ideology of right-wing Zionism

By the late 1930s, as many as fifty thousand Polish Jews belonged to Betar, a youth movement known for...

Last Stop Australia: A New Voice of the Holocaust

by Johanna Altmann

In this unforgettable memoir, Austrian Holocaust survivor, Johanna Altmann recounts the horrors and tragedies that she and her loved ones were forced to face. Her tale encompasses suffering, hope, resistance...


by Guenter Lewy

"Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions." Primo Levi's words disclose...

Saving Lives in Auschwitz: The Prisoners' Hospital in Buna-Monowitz

by Ewa Bacon

In a 1941 Nazi roundup of educated Poles, Stefan Budziaszek-newly graduated from medical school in Krakow-was incarcerated in the Krakow Montelupich Prison and transferred to the Auschwitz concentration camp...

1944 Diary

by Hans Keilson & Damion Searls

[1944 Diary] is a deeply personal account, made even more remarkable that it was written during World War II and the horrors of the Holocaust . . . A moving and fascinating read." —Library Journal

In 2010,...

The Greatest Comeback: From Genocide To Football Glory

by David Bolchover

Before Pep Guardiola and before José Mourinho, there was Béla Guttmann: the first superstar football coach, and the man who paved the way for the celebrated coaches of the modern age.

More extraordinarily...

LIFE Anne Frank: The Diary at 70: Her Life and Her Legacy

by The Editors of Life & Bill Clinton

In 1942, a young girl named Anne Frank was given a diary as a 13th birthday present. In it, she recorded her thoughts and experiences as her family-German Jews living in Amsterdam-went into hiding to attempt...

The Terrible Secret: Suppression of the Truth About Hitler's "Final Solution"

by Walter Laqueur

This book seeks to answer three vital questions about the worldwide response to Hitler's "Final Solution": When did information about the genocide first become known to Jews and non-Jews? Through what channels...

Notes from the Other Side of Night

by Albert Mehrabian

Notes from the Other Side of Night is a diary-memoir written upon Juliana Geran Pilon's return to her native Romania in 1975, which she had left along with her family when she was just fourteen. Poetically weaving...

Judgment Unto Truth: Witnessing the Armenian Genocide

by Milton Konvitz

This dramatic personal narrative is a unique contribution to understanding past and current events in the Near East. These memoirs of an American Protestant clergyman reveal little known aspects of major events...

The Holocaust, Religion, and the Politics of Collective Memory: Beyond Sociology

by Ronald J. Berger

The program of extermination Nazis called the Final Solution took the lives of approximately six million Jews, amounting to roughly 60 percent of European Jewry and a third of the world's Jewish population....

Sobibor Death Camp

by Chris Webb

The Sobibor Death Camp was the second extermination camp built by the Nazis as part of the secretive Operation Reinhardt—with intent to carry out the mass murder of Polish Jewry. Following the construction...

Frozen Mud and Red Ribbons

by Avital E. M. Baruch

When Sophica was abruptly separated from her father as a toddler, she found a haven in Grandmother Gitté. But one sunny day in July, when she was six years old, gendarmes marching and shouting in the streets...

The Holocaust: A New History

by Laurence Rees

n June 1944, Freda Wineman and her family arrived at Auschwitz-Birkenau, the infamous Nazi concentration and death camp. After a cursory look from an SS doctor, Freda's life was spared and her mother was sent...

Atrocity Speech Law

by Gregory S. Gordon

The law governing the relationship between speech and core international crimes a key component in atrocity prevention is broken. Incitement to genocide has not been adequately defined. The law on hate speech...

After the Roundup: Escape and Survival in Hitler's France

by Joseph Weismann & Richard Kutner

On the nights of July 16 and 17, 1942, French police rounded up eleven-year-old Joseph Weismann, his family, and 13,000 other Jews. After being held for five days in appalling conditions in the Vélodrome d'Hiver...

Jumping Over Shadows

by Annette Gendler

• A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story, this book will appeal to readers of romance and memoir alike. • Jumping Over Shadows is a second-generation Holocaust story, and the Holocaust and its impact continues...

Justice at Dachau

by Joshua Greene

In a makeshift courtroom set up inside Hitler's first concentration camp, Denson was charged with building a team from lawyers who had no background in war crimes and determining charges for crimes that courts...

The Crime of Complicity

by Amos N. Guiora

If you are a bystander and witness a crime, should intervention to prevent that crime be a legal obligation? Or is moral responsibility enough? In The Crime of Complicity, Amos N. Guiora addresses these profoundly...

Buried Words

by Molly Applebaum

Hidden away underground, in a box, twelve-year-old Molly has only her older cousin and her diary to keep her company. For two years, she writes of her confinement “in a grave”: the cold, dark and stuffiness,...