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Musings of a Manic: Personal Reflections of Idealism and Activism

by John P Feldman

This is a collection of narratives about the author’s desire for social change and the championing of gay rights -- even before it was popular. This is the life’s account of John P. Feldman, who, as an isolated...

The Slavery Of Our Times

by Leo Tolstoy

This vintage book contains a fascinating and insightful analysis of socio-economic conditions written more than a hundred years ago. In it, Tolstoy explores the flaws of the division of labour, progress, greed,...

History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy

by Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli, the first great Italian historian, and one of the most eminent political writers of any age or country, was born at Florence, May 3, 1469. He was of an old though not wealthy Tuscan family,...

Where Wars Go to Die: The Forgotten Literature of World War I

by W. D. Wetherell

As the world commemorates the hundredth anniversary of World War I, the literary canon of the war has consolidated around the memoirs written in the years after the Armistice by soldier-writers who served in...

I Manifesti del Futurismo (Italian Edition)

by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Il Manifesto del futurismo (vedi testo) fu scritto da Filippo Tommaso Marinetti e pubblicato in forma di declamatoria per fornire una raccolta concisa di pensieri, convinzioni e intenzioni dei Futuristi il 5...

1st Grade American History: Early Pilgrims of America: First Grade Books

by Baby Professor

Did you know that children are more photographic than they are textual? Science says so; therefore, it important to use the right resources that would tap their interest. With that, a good tool to use when teaching...

Jews and Moors in Spain

by Joseph Krauskopf

With the decline of Mohammedan power, and the expulsion of the Moors by the Spaniards, the Jews were again reduced to a pitiable state. Spain arose to enormous power, but that, too, has waned, and the population...

Serpent Rouge the secret behind the code - A new version of the Avant-Propos

by Milena Mazzarella

The sign left by Delacroix in the Church of Saint-Sulpice, a sleeping beauty waiting somewhere to be saved, a demon guarding a cursed treasure, and 64 scattered stones... For the first time, the Avant-Propos...

The Longest Trail: Writings on American Indian History, Culture, and Politics

by Alvin M. Jr Josephy

Alvin Josephy Jr.’s groundbreaking, popular books and essays advocated for a fair and true historical assessment of Native Americans, and set the course for modern Native American studies. This collection,...

Study of Language

by Andrew D. White

The philology is the study of languages in written historical sources to know how languages or words develop, and establish their historical relatedness. “In the very beginnings of recorded history we find...


by Elbert Hubbard & William Turner

The Pythagoras’s Theorem is one of the famous and earliest theorems widely used and learned at school. According to legend, Pythagoras was so happy when he discovered this theorem that he would have offered...

Machiavelli : the Founder of the Political

by John Morley & Thomas B. Macaulay

Machiavelli was an italian philosopher, humanist and writer, considered as the founder of the modern political science. The term Machiavellianism comes from his work describing personalities characterized by...

Balkan Heritages: Negotiating History and Culture

by Tchavdar, Dr Marinov, Maria, Professor Couroucli & Catherine, Professor Morgan

This volume deals with the relation between heritage, history and politics in the Balkans. Contributions examine diverse ways in which material and immaterial heritage has been articulated, negotiated and manipulated...

The Hotel Years

by Joseph Roth & Michael Hofmann

The first overview of all Joseph Roth’s journalism: traveling across a Europe in crisis, he declares,“I am a hotel citizen, a hotel patriot.” The Hotel Years gathers sixty-four feuilletons: on hotels;...

Effects of Alcoholic Excess on Character

by Milner J. Fothergill, Henry S. William & T.D. Crothers

During the last century, there are differences of opinion as to the use of alcohol; there are comparatively none as to the abuse of it. Leaving then, for the present, the question of the use of alcohol in disease,...

Life on a Mediaeval Barony

by William Stearns Davis

This book describes the life of the Feudal Ages in terms of the concrete. The discussions center around a certain seigneury of St. Aliquis. If no such barony is easily identifiable, at least there were several...

Female Warriors

by Ellen C. Clayton

Popular Prejudice, having decided that woman is a poor, weak creature, credulous, easily influenced, holds that she is of necessity timid; that if she were allowed as much as a voice in the government of her...

Waterloo Busting the Myths

by Yves Vander Cruysen & Untold Stories

No battle has generated more myths or more conflicting analyses than that of Waterloo

How worried were they in Brussels, dancing at the Duchess of Richmond’s ball? What was Grouchy up to when he was needed?...

Nehru's India: Essays on the Maker of a Nation

by Nayantara Sahgal

For much of the country's post-Independence history, Indian politics was dominated by a single towering figure: Jawaharlal Nehru. A leading figure of the Independence movement, and Mahatma Gandhi's chosen successor,...

Anti-christianism in Europe

by Rev. Francis A. Cunningham

If it is true that a nation is what its doctrines are, it becomes very easy to discover in the doctrines of contemporary Europe the last reason of the troubles and revolutions which keep it in constant turmoil....