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Material Eucharist

The Demonic in the Political Thought of Eusebius of Caesarea

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Tuli and her three ice flowers

by Carinha K. Bleckert, Adrian Thome & Daniel Matzenbacher

"Tuli and the three ice flowers” tells the tale of a young girl from the land of the far north, where she experiences the same destiny as Cinderella. In the land of the far north ice flowers are a sign of...

Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang

by Megan A Schartner, Erik P Schartner & James Anstie

One in five people live with an invisible illness causing chronic pain and fatigue. Foggy Frog and the Pain Gang can come to visit them at any time! When they do visit, they can make even the simplest of tasks...

It Only Takes One: How to Create the Right Idea--and Then Make It Happen

by John Emmerling

“A lively and informative account of the creative process and how it works by someone who obviously knows.” —George Plimpton, editor of The Paris Review

“Finally, a GPS for finding your great ideas.”...

Orientalism (A Selection Of Classic Orientalist Paintings And Writings) (ShandonPress)

by William Beckford, Lord Byron, Theophile Gautier & Gustave Flaubert et al.

ShandonPress proudly presents the Orientalism compilation which regroups major orientalist works (both paintings and writings). Orientalism is a term used by scholars in art history, literary, geography, and...

Postcolonial Thought and Social Theory

Franny the Fearless Firefly

by Christina Murphey

Forgetting the forewarning of her friends Fred, Fiona, and Fritz, Franny is a fearless firefly who learns a valuable lesson when her fearlessness gets her into trouble. This book focuses on the letter 'F' and...

Edna and Luna

by Gleah Powers

Set in the American Southwest, Edna & Luna is the story of two women: a lonely, recently widowed eccentric, and a much younger new age healer. Facing old age and a hysterectomy, Edna, at 70, reminisces and ruminates...