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Thanks for the Money: How to Use My Life Story to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be

by Joel McHale

From actor and comedian Joel McHale comes the most important celebrity-penned book of this, or any, generation. Part shocking tell-all memoir, part aspirational how-to guide, and mostly all book, this one-of-a-kind...

Die Laughing: Killer Jokes for Newly Old Folks

by William Novak

From the co-creator of the celebrated Big Book of Jewish Humor comes a laugh-out-loud collection of jokes about growing older that makes fun of memory loss, marriages, medicine, sex, the afterlife, and much...

How to Win at Feminism

by Reductress, Beth Newell, Sarah Pappalardo & Anna Drezen

Be the best feminist you can be—or at least look like one—with this definitive manual, from the satirical creators of the wildly popular "feminist Onion" humor website, Reductress.

From hot feminist sex to...

Rejected Princesses

by Jason Porath

Blending the iconoclastic feminism of The Notorious RBG and the confident irreverence of Go the F**ck to Sleep, a brazen and empowering illustrated collection that celebrates inspirational badass women throughout...

Peaks and Troughs

by Nick Perry

As 1970 dawns Jack, brother Nick and his family set off from swinging London to fulfil their dream of living off the land in the wild unforgiving hills of North Wales. They know nothing of farming or what battles...

Dogs and Their People: Photos and Stories of Life with a Four-Legged Love

by Barkpost

From the humans that brought you BarkBox (and BarkPost and BarkShop) finally comes Dogs and Their People.

Finally, Bark & Co. has tapped the humans at BarkPost, the company’s publishing arm, to put into words...

The African Svelte: Ingenious Misspellings That Make Surprising Sense

by Daniel Menaker, Roz Chast & Billy Collins

Inspired by his tenure at the New Yorker, this collection of comical, revelatory errors foraged from the wilds of everyday English comes with erudite commentary by the author, illustrations by Roz Chast, and...


by Hannah Hart

The wildly popular YouTube personality and author of the New York Times bestseller My Drunk Kitchen is back! This time, she’s stirring up memories and tales from her past.

By combing through the journals that...

You Took the Last Bus Home: The Poems of Brian Bilston

by Brian Bilston

You Took the Last Bus Home is the first and long-awaited collection of ingeniously hilarious and surprisingly touching poems from Brian Bilston, the mysterious 'Poet Laureate of Twitter'.

With endless wit, imaginative...

You Gotta Want It

by Jake Paul

In this extremely positive, motivational, and often laugh-out-loud memoir, Jake Paul pauses long enough from his supercharged day-to-day as a nineteen year old social media heartthrob and costar on the Disney...

Life Works Itself Out: (And Then You Nap)

by Keiya Mizuno & Naoki Naganuma

A runaway bestseller in Japan, now available in English for the first time, Life Works Itself Out is an unforgettable collection of adorable cat photos and sage life advice that will appeal to fans of Texts...

Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing

by Jennifer Weiner

“I’m mad Jennifer Weiner’s first book of essays is as wonderful as her fiction. You will love this book and wish she was your friend.” —Mindy Kaling, author of Why Not Me?

“A fiercely funny, powerfully...

Dr Jack's Third Illustrated South African Byrd Book: Another mutant guide to South African byrds

by Dr Jack

This humorous book follows the earlier successful publication of two similar books by Dr Jack. Picture driven, it features a collection of cartoons that lampoon birds on the basis of their common names. The...

A Sackful of Limericks

by Michael Palin

If you've ever wondered what happened to the young fellow from Malta who bought his grandfather an altar...

If you're concerned about the camper called Jack who found a huge snake in his pack...

And if you suspect...

Pack Up Your Troubles

by James TAYLOR

Artist-drawn humorous postcards were growing considerably in popularity at the start of the 20th century. When war broke out in 1914 trade in them soared as the government utilised them as a widespread means...

Make Your Own Bird Food

by Mark Golley

Birds are the life and soul of any garden, whatever its size or location, and one thing can be guaranteed: if food is on offer, birds will visit.

With this in mind, Cooking for Birds brings you some of the most...

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety: And Abstinence, Drugs, Satanism, and Other Dangers That Threaten Their Nine Lives

by Zachary Auburn

The cats of America are under siege! 


Long gone are the good old days when a cat’s biggest worries were mean dogs or a bath. Modern cats must confront satanists, online predators, the possibility of needing...

Rules for Others to Live By: Comments and Self-Contradictions

by Richard Greenberg

“Richard Greenberg turns life upside down and sideways. Read­ing the provocative Rules for Others to Live By is like having dinner with a friend whose point of view shakes up and invari­ably runs counter...

Grave Tidings

by Paul Berra

"You see! This is how you die." - Coco Chanel

"Shoot straight, you bastards! Don't make a mess of it!" - Breaker Morant

"If any of you have a message for the devil, give it to me, for I am about to meet him!"...

The Liberal Redneck Manifesto: Draggin' Dixie Outta the Dark

by Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester & Drew Morgan

The Liberal Rednecks—a three-man stand-up comedy group doing scathing political satire—celebrate all that’s good about the South while leading the Redneck Revolution and standing proudly blue in a sea...