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Meet the Deplorables

by Harmon Leon & Ted Rall

Legendary infiltration journalist HARMON LEON is at it again, this time teaming up with ferocious political cartoonist TED RALL to answer the question most of America has been asking: "What the hell happened...

Single Girl Problems

by Andrea Bain

  • Author is a rising star in Canadian television, and co-host of the new CBC television show The Goods
  • For once avoids the tired angle of how to “solve the problem” of being single by attracting a mate (preferably...

The Meaning of Birds

by Simon Barnes

A gorgeously illustrated and enchanting examination of the lives of birds, illuminating their wondrous world and our connection with them. One of our most eloquent nature writers offers a passionate and informative...

The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat)?

by Brittany Gibbons

A sartorial follow-up to her hilarious memoir in stories, Fat Girl Walking, internet personality Brittany Gibbons once again deep dives into the world of the plus size woman, this time chronicling her love/hate...

A Holiday Alphabet Book

by Harmony Bentosino

The book is a romp through the alphabet with humorous poems about the symbols of the holiday season. Christmas is a beautiful time of the year – unless you’re shopping with hundreds of other people, drinking...

Zen Dogs

by Gautama Buddha

Mindfulness Mutts and Dharma Dogs

What is the sound of one dog barking? This and other enduring questions are answered in the pages of this wise, whimsical and utterly delightful collection of happy hounds and...

Falling In Love At Harrods

by Licio & Vany

Paul works as a criminal defense lawyer in London and is about to marry his fiancée Marcia. What he doesn’t expect is Melissa, a fiery Italian girl, and the sinful attraction between them.

After a meeting...

Stars in Our Eyes

by W. M. Raebeck

True tales celebrating creative life—stars in the sky, stars on the screen, stars in our eyes. Fiction can't compare to this kind of truth. Go to Hollywood, Costa Rica, Camelot, Tribeca, Rome, Kansas, and...

The Remnant: A Prophetic Fable

by Linda Bowles & Johnny Hart

Linda Bowles employs caustic satire skillfully to advocate a return to the principles of common sense and human decency. The fable takes place in 2046 when political correctness has developed a chokehold on...

Leave No Marriage Behind!!!

by Daniel R Faust, Michelle A Faust & Victoria Ballweg

I want to thrive but I am just surviving!!!

These are the words that resonate deep in our soul. These are marriages too! You date or marry or cohabitate then it is great for a while. Later on you settle in &...

Humor for the Holidays

by Shari Macdonald

Celebrate the holidays with the marvelous gift of humor!

Holidays can be both fun and frustrating, can't they? All the chaos that goes with the holidays can make you grin or groan. What you need for happy holidays...

Scottish Wit

by Aubrey Malone

Scotland is famous for its sense of humour. This collection brings together quotes about Scotland and the Scots, as well as the sage wit and wisdom of some of its most renowned sons and daughters. 

These quotes...

Rome's Holy Mountain

by Jason Moralee

Rome's Capitoline Hill was the smallest of the Seven Hills of Rome. Yet in the long history of the Roman state it was the empire's holy mountain. The hill was the setting of many of Rome's most beloved stories,...

Crayon on a matchbox

by Wayne Perkins

About Crayon on a matchbox

Challenging - It seems to me that we have rejected ten moral rules and ten embraced ten thousand legal rules to make up for it.

Controversial - I have always had my doubts about moral...

Your Next Thirty Days

by Dean Fulks & Kary Oberbrunner

You’re only thirty days away from a brand new perspective on life.

The United States is a spiritual paradox. Eighty-nine percent of the population believes in God. Yet, only thirty-eight percent feel relationally...

The Story of Goo

by Rosalind Menter

A Puppy with a Problem

"The Story of Goo" is a short story about a puppy that is adopted by a family with a little girl. The family is seeking to have a play mate for the girl. Goo has a problem which is his...

Santiago Tales

by Terry Tumbler

A group of retired people decide to embark on a pilgrimage to Santiago, in Northern Spain, under the leadership of an ex-detective and a few nefarious friends. The problem is that a number of them are not exactly...

Animal Jokes

by Joe King

Joe King provides young with lots of fun and laughter with his hilarious and silly jokes. Young readers will have a blast sharing this revised collection of Thanksgiving jokes with their friends and family!...

You Do You: How to Be Who You Are and Use What You've Got to Get What You Want

by Sarah Knight

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck and Get Your Sh*t Together comes more straight talk about how to stand up for who you are and what you really want,...

Outdated Advertising: Sexist, Racist, Creepy, and Just Plain Tasteless Ads from a Pre-PC Era

by Stephen Spignesi, Michael Lewis & Jr. Ben B. Budd

This outrageous collection of inappropriate ads will have you turning the pages and shaking your head in disbelief.