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Dirty Daddy

by Bob Saget

Bob Saget, the decidedly irreverent stand-up comedian and beloved TV star, delivers uproarious, uncensored, and heartfelt stories from a life in entertainment and beyond

Millions of viewers know and love Bob...

I'm 35, My Eggs Are Rotting...How's Your Sperm?

by Terri Apple

Terri Apple's I'm 35, My Eggs Are Rotting...How's Your Sperm? Is one career-driven woman challenging society's perspective on the stages of life and social norm. With wit, clever insight and no-nonsense in-your-face...

Not Your Mother's Book . . . On Being a Mom

by Dianna Graveman, Dahlynn McKowen & Ken McKowen

Each title in the Not Your Mother's Book series contains approximately 60 real-life stories dedicated to a unique theme, drawn from the passion and experience of dozens of writers in a whimsical and entertaining...

The Bluffer's Guide to Food

by Neil Davey

Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of food ñ from its functional beginnings to its modern status as an art form. Bask in the admiration of your fellow food lovers...

The Jewish Daughter Diaries: True Stories of Being Loved Too Much by Our Moms

by Rachel Ament

Moms who impersonate their daughters on JDate. Moms who try to set their daughters up with celebrities. Moms who can't stop taking selfies with their dogs. This collection of essays is a heartfelt, hilarious...

The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny

by Peter McGraw & Joel Warner

Two guys. 19 experiments. Five continents. 91,000 miles. And a book that will forever change the way you think about humor.

Part road-trip comedy and part social science experiment, a scientist and a journalist...

Reasons My Kid Is Crying

by Greg Pembroke

A glimpse into the tribulations of parenting that is part documentary, part therapy, and completely hilarious.


It all started when busy father Greg Pembroke posted a few pictures online of his three-year-old...

Little Book of Bad Business Advice

by Steve Altes

Who says there's only one way to the top? You've tried all the traditional approaches in the business world, read countless self-help books guaranteeing career success, and where has it gotten you? With this...

Uncle John's Facts to Go Bathroom Lore

by Bathroom Readers' Institute

Some of the best bathroom reading we’ve ever squeezed out has been about the bathroom itself. And in this e-book, the hallowed throne gets its moment in the spotlight! Starting from prehistoric times, you’ll...

Thanking Richard Brautigan

by Bill Archer

What does a reader do when his favorite author dies? One solution is write your own book. A tribute to that favorite author wouldn't be a bad place to start.

Siam Storm: Trilogy

by Robert A Webster

Three popular South East Asian adventures: Siam Storm: A Thailand Adventure A stolen relic launches a deadly chase through Thailand; where three English lads are having the holiday experience of a lifetime....

How to Be the Perfect Grandpa: Listen to Grandma

by Bryna Nelson Paston

The Ultimate Rules for Grandpa Success

Being a grandfather is a very important role. There are children to bribe, forts to build, tea parties to attend, and tutus to be worn if you want to achieve your full...


by John Kv Eunson

So, you thought you knew everything you needed to about Scotland and its chequered history? Well, think again.

Did you know that tobacco made up half of Scotland's exports in the eighteenth century? Did you...

Chalice:A Cambodian Adventure: Siam Storm II

by Robert A Webster

The discovery of a mysterious corpse leaves law enforcement agencies baffled. This adventure sees the lads join forces with their new friend, Pon. They once again attempt to recover a holy relic, which this...

Bimat: A Vietnamese Adventure: Siam Storm III

by Robert A Webster

Just when you thought it is safe to travel to South East Asia. Our feckless heroes return for their third and final adventure. An abduction and ransom demand send the three into a perilous pursuit that will...

Jerktastic Park: A Get Fuzzy Treasury

by Darby Conley

 Collecting the cartoons from The Birth of Canis and The Fuzzy Bunch, this treasury is a rollicking read full of Bucky's signature bullying of Satchel and Rob's inability to keep the peace.

Epic Meal Time

by Harley Morenstein & Josh Elkin

Do you find yourself craving pizza topped with deep-fried chicken nuggets and fries? Does a six-patty burger buried under a mound of bacon have your mouth watering? How about a 5,800-calorie corn dog?


The Full Monte

by Paul Richard Scott

Spread over the course of three summers, and set in six beautiful Eastern European countries, this is the tale of three friends and their adventures on the road together. They travel through the Balkans, the...

40 Years of Evolution: Darwin's Finches on Daphne Major Island

by Peter R. Grant & B. Rosemary Grant

Renowned evolutionary biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant have produced landmark studies of the Galápagos finches first made famous by Charles Darwin. In How and Why Species Multiply, they offered a complete...

Sparrowhawks: A Falconer's Guide

by Ben Crane

Flying imprint sparrowhawks is often unfairly portrayed as being overly complex and highly technical. Sparrowhawks - A Falconer's Guide aims to paint a far more informed picture, and to perhaps dispel some of...