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Everything is Better with a Gorilla

by Andrew Gall

Being best buds with a great ape is basically the most awesome thing in the entire world. They're excellent wingmen. They're accomplished bargain hunters. And their impressive dexterity makes them the perfect...

The Misanthrope's Guide to Life: (Go Away!)

by Meghan Rowland

Misanthrope, n.: 1.) One who hates mankind; a curmudgeon; a loner; 2.) The guy in your office who responded to your e-mail of baby photos with "D-. Passing, but not college material"; 3.) A Realist From The...

I Love Geeks

by Carrie Tucker

There's no doubt about it. While they may be stuck inside all day playing video games, or spending their extra money on rare editions of comic books (er, graphic novels)--geeks are chic. And why shouldn't they...

The Portable Italian Mamma

by Laura Mosiello

You're so skinny--what have you been eating?

Have you spoken to your brothers today?

Would it kill you to go to Mass with your mother?

Everyone who has every walked into an Italian mother's kitchen has been met...

The Ultimate Office Prank Book

by Mae B Fired

Making life in cubicle land a bit more fun, this book is a clever and amusing list of practical jokes--a list that will challenge even seasoned saboteurs to take risks and reap the awkward rewards. Whether itÕs...


by Gregory Bergman

You order a large coffee with milk and two sugars at the drive thru, and wind up with a large black--decaf. You go to save the presentation that's taken you all week to complete--only to discover it's corrupt....

How to Back Up a Trailer

by Kurt Anderson

Motor oil, beer, and charcoal-that's what real men are made of. A real man should be able to swap out the car's spark plugs and change its oil as his freshly caught fish smokes on open flame-all while shotgunning...

WTF? College

by Gregory Bergman

Your roommate keeps piling crap on your side of the room. It's the day before Christmas break and your ride home ditches you. Your knee gives out and you lose your baseball scholarship. Halfway through your...


by Deborah Baer

You are mistaken for a prostitute . . .

You fart during yoga class . . .

Your boyfriend has been posting pictures of his penis online . . .

. . . And all you can say is OMG!

But then what? In this laugh-out-loud...

The Official Underground 2012 Doomsday Survival Handbook

by W.H. Mumfrey

The End is Nigh!

Nuclear holocaust, supervolcano, asteroid impact, mega tsunami, alien invasion, zombie outbreak? Will the world end with a whimper or a bang?

W.H. Mumfrey covers it all. From doomsday predictions...

Monster Spotter's Guide to North America

by Scott Francis

Like a bird-watching guide... only for monsters

Monsters represent the dark side of humanity–the primal, animal impulses that reside in every single one of us. They have preyed upon our imaginations and our...


by Gregory Bergman

You get to the store and realize you forgot your wallet . . .

Your roommate eats all your food . . .

Your party's just getting started and the cops show up . . .

A coworker passes your idea off as his own . ....

2,002 Things To Do On A Date

by Cyndi Haynes

You've visited every restaurant in town--and you're tired of going to the movies. What are you supposed to do when you go out on a date these days?

  • Well, how about hosting a co-ed volleyball party?
  • Getting to...

The Bullsh*t Artist

by Paul Kleinman

It's not what you know. It's what they thinkyou know. And they will think you know it all once you learn how to bullsh*t successfully. Because there's a difference between talking out of your ass and bullsh*tting...

The Secret Diary of a Grumpy Old Woman

by Judith Holder

It feels like only yesterday I was the youngest person in the room, I had my whole life in front of me. I had time to burn, I spent my whole day snogging boys and backcombing my hair. I was a young thing, with...

Grumpy Old Drivers: The Official Handbook

by Stuart Prebble

We've said that Christmas is the worst thing; we've said that working for idiots is the worst thing; we've said that holidays are the worst thing. But driving is the worst thing of all. It brings together so...

Higher Fees

by Brian Alford

Higher Fees is the second collection of humorous tales from Barndem Golf Club. Henry, Vic, Bob and Bill are still getting into trouble despite their best efforts and the club continues its perennial battle to...

Until He Comes: A Good Girl's Quest to Get Some Heaven on Earth

by K. Dawn Goodwin

A hilarious, irreverent, and touching account of one seriously Christian girl’s struggle to please any available savior. . . .

K. Dawn Goodwin’s holy crusade to be the Lord’s sexiest spokesperson began...

The Christwire Handbook

by Jack Gould, Christwire Flock & Tyson Bowers III

Canadians Are Really Mexicans--Just Look at Glee

A national media sensation, takes righteousness beyond the bounds of reason. You can't argue the truth. If God didn't send tornadoes to warn blacks...

The Facebook Book

by Greg Atwan & Evan Lushing

The Facebook Book, by Harvard alums and early Booksters Atwan and Lushing, follows in the fine satirical tradition of The Official Preppy Handbook and The Hipster Handbook, full of anecdotes (true and semi-true),...