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The Non Sequitur Guide to Finance

by Wiley Miller

The woes of financial burden and economic shenanigans are in full force in Wiley Miller’s e-book original The Non Sequitur Guide to Finance, a collection of cartoons featuring his adept views on crooked CEO’s,...

Luann: Boys, Bras, Braces, and Boys

by Greg Evans

Love-stricken with classmate Aaron Hill, 13-year-old Luann stumbles awkwardly into early adolescence, family and friends in tow.  Boys, Bras, Braces, and Boys, an e-book original, contains exactly what the...

Plebes: The Cartoon Guide For College Guys

by L.T. Horton

Scott describes Plebes as silly, stupid, and in-your-face - just like the college boys it lampoons. This first-ever compendium of the most popular strip from The Onion is a hilarious assult on the moronic, vulgar...

Christmas Cheer: For the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Vicky Howard

"Howard's snowmen, Victorian-styled gardens, and holiday scenes appear on some of the nation's best-selling giftwraps, paper products, throws, and clothing." --The Kansas City StarArtist Vicky Howard creates...

The Distinctive Book of Redneck Baby Names

by Linda Barth

"Somehow names like Ashley, Michael, or Elizabeth seem a little too stiff, a little too formal for a wild and woolly world filled with tractor pulls, trailer parks, and 'Dukes of Hazzard' reruns." So how about...

Dog Owner's Manual: Important Stuff You Should Know About Your Pet, by Buster

by David E. Carter

When considering their canine friends, what do dog owners really need to know? Important stuff, according to Buster, like how dogs would run the world if they were in charge (fleas would taste like hamburger,...

Don't Worry Stop Sweating...Use Deodorant: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Stinking Up Your Life

by Richard Sandomir

Isn't it time you read a self-help book that really tells it like it is? Dr. Richard Feelgood has come up with the final answer to all of the warm-and-fuzzy guides probably gathering dust on your bookshelves...

The Secret Diary of Bill Gates: A Parody

by Bill G.

This book is a compilation of a full year's entries from the website The Secret Diary of Bill Gates, which details the daily doings of Microsoft's head honcho in a parodic format. 

50 Sure Ways for a Girl to Stay Single

by Pim Pauline Overgaard

If you always dread the second date, follow this hilarious book's sage advice, and you'll never have one again:* Make a list of things he has to change in appearance and behavior before he can be with you.*...

Rules for Dogs: The Secret to Getting Free Treats for Life

by Leigh Anne Jasheway

A book parodying the best-selling book The Rules offers advice to dogs on how "to make your person as obsessed with you as you are with your hindquarters."

The Very Very Best of Savage Chickens

by Doug Savage

The office can be a dangerous place. The same old daily routine has a tendency to reduce any inspiration for fun or imagination into tedious cubicles and spreadsheets. This is precisely the situation in which...

Zombies According to Savage Chickens

by Doug Savage

If the Internet has taught us anything, it’s that the zombie apocalypse is looming, and it’s coming soon.  In order to protect ourselves from the zombies’ grumbling stomachs, it makes sense to prepare...

Relationships According to Savage Chickens

by Doug Savage

It goes without saying: love makes no sense. In fact, neither does flirting, dating, or breaking up. Anyone who says relationships are all cake, kisses, and cloud nine has yet to stumble into that vast and...

Luann: The Teens They Are a-Changin'

by Greg Evans

In this e-book original, The Teens They Are a-Changin', strips from the popular cartoon strip Luann reflect the ups and downs of being a teen-age girl. Luann’s transition into womanhood is interrupted by her...

Luann: Dating Disasters 101

by Greg Evans

In Dating Disasters 101, this e-book original gathers strips from the popular cartoon strip, Luann. Still pining for Aaron Hill, Luann accidentally agrees to a date with the reclusive, slightly socially inept...

You Think Your Job Stinks!: Take Heart, Beleaguered Worker, Things Could Be Worse

by Patrick Regan

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 88% of Americans are dissatisfied with some aspect of their current vocations.

* The perfect "and you thought your job was lousy" antidote to Monday-morning blues as well as...

Why We'll Never Understand Each Other: A Non-Sequitur Look at Relationships

by Wiley Miller

The only cartoon to win top awards in both the comic strip and comic panel categories from the National Cartoonists Society, Non Sequitur is also the only one to win in its first year of syndication. Non Sequitur...

Close to Home Uncut: A Close to Home Collection

by John McPherson

Only in the world of Close to Home can you find hospitals staffed with hypochondriac-sniffing dogs, Yellowstone employees who secretly spike Old Faithful with gallons of Mr. Bubble, and telephones equipped with...

Mom Loves Me Best: (And Other Lies You Told Your Sister)

by Linda Sunshine

Sister: The one person in your life who knows nearly every one of your secrets, remembers the time(s) you pulled her hair out by the roots, and still continues to love you unconditionally.If you don't understand...

News of the Weird: Ironies

by Chuck Shepherd

A school principal in Ohio resigning after admitting she lied about her income on federal forms so that her children could qualify for reduced-price school lunches, the writer of Elizabeth Taylor’s New York...