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Stuff Parisians Like: Discovering the Quoi in the Je Ne Sais Quoi

by Olivier Magny

In the tradition of the New York Times bestseller Stuff White People Like, a tongue-in-cheek homage to Parisians.

To be mistaken for a Parisian, readers must buy the newspaper Le Monde, fold it, and walk....

Things Bogans Like: Tribal Tatts to Reality TV: How to Recognise the Twenty-first Century Bogan

by E. Chas McSween

Now includes new material, MAXTREME UPDATED EPILOGUE.

It is time to bring to the world?s attention the modern Australian bogan. The word is still associated with flannelette, VB, utes and mullets. This is WRONG....

Home and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of War

by Nancy French & David French

David French picked up the newspaper in the comfort of his penthouse in Philadelphia, and read about a soldier - father of two - who was wounded in Iraq. Immediately, he was stricken with a question: Why him...

Dumbemployed: Hilariously Dumb and Sadly True Stories about Jobs Like Yours

by Phil Edwards & Kraft

If you've ever wanted to crawl under your desk at work and hide, or tell that pesky coworker what you really think of them, you are probably dumbemployed! Dumbemployed includes approximately 800 of the best,...

Signing Their Rights Away

by Denise Kiernan & Joseph D'Agnese

Unfold Book Jacket for a Full-Color Reproduction of the U.S. Constitution

With their book Signing Their Lives Away, Denise Kiernan and Joseph D’Agnese introduced readers to the 56 statesmen (and occasional...

Are You Serious?: How to Be True and Get Real in the Age of Silly

by Lee Siegel

A provocative critique of modern frivolity and a guide to being serious in an unserious age

We used to live in a world run by serious people: politicians and religious leaders, writers and artists, journalists...

God Grant Me The Laughter: A Treasury Of Twelve Step Humor

by Ed F.

"The strength of our recovery is in direct proportion to our ability to laugh at ourselves." Laughter heals, particularly the laughter that comes when we understand the lifesaving difference between "how it...

Cayo Hueso Cuba Libre

by Michael Ritchie

This humorous and fast-paced novel is set in Key West, Florida. Fidel Castro is near death, if not already dead. His brother, Raúl, has begun to cut a deal with the U.S. administration to renew diplomatic and...

Stupid Movie Lines: The 776 Dumbest Things Ever Uttered on the Silver Screen

by Kathryn Petras & Ross Petras

The creme de la crud of screen history

"War! War! That's all you think of, Dick Plantagenet! You burner! You pillager!"

--Virginia Mayo as Lady Edith to George Sanders in King Richard and the Crusaders (1954)


Awkward.: What to Do When Life Makes You Cringe-A Survival Guide

by Sam Scholfield & Eliot Lucas

No One Is Safe from Awkward!

Ending a first date that falls flat. Drunk-texting your boss. Walking in when your roommate is getting it on. Running into the person you just dumped . . . in the grocery store,...

Because I Said So: And Other Tales from a Less-Than-Perfect Parent

by Dawn Meehan

Yes, there are times when it’s appropriate to reason with your child, to patiently and eloquently explain why he or she needs to do as you ask. You might present convincing arguments like “Because it makes...

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: With a New Introduction by Stanley Bing

by Shepherd Mead & Stanley Bing

From this classic tome, learn everything you need to know to land the corner office:

·         How to make money

·         How to make more money

·         How to choose the right...

"I Love Paul Revere, Whether He Rode Or Not": A Collection of Legends, Lies, & Cherished Myths of American

by Richard Shenkman

Provocative and amusingly heretical, "I Love Paul Revere, Whether He Rode or Not" (a quote attributed to Warren Harding) offers eye-opening revelations debunking long-held American legends.

And Now For Some Light Relief...The Genuinely Funny Joke Book

by Peter FitzSimons

Australia's best-selling author's favourite wisecracks, tall tales and rib-ticklers.Two drunks were walking home along the railway tracks. The first drunk says, 'There's a hell of a lot of steps here.' The second...

Tying The Knot Without Doing Your Block

by Terri Psiakis

For the bride-to-be who wants to keep it real.Wedding planning's tough when you never planned on getting married. Part-memoir, part-guide, Tying The Knot Without Doing Your Block documents the experiences of...

Words You Don't Want to Hear During Your Annual Performance Review: A Dilbert Book

by Scott Adams

"Confined to their cubicles in a company run by idiot bosses, Dilbert and his white-collar colleagues make the dronelike world of Kafka seem congenial."Parasitic consultants, weaselly stockbrokers, masochistic...

Freedom's Just Another Word for People Finding Out You're Useless: A Dilbert Book

by Scott Adams

No office can function without a little humor and craziness. Adams turns mundane office issues into excruciatingly funny office moments. 

In Freedom's Just Another Word for People Finding Out You're Useless,...

Lio: Happiness Is a Squishy Cephalopod

by Mark Tatulli

LIO is brilliant! In this post-Calvin and Hobbes and post-Far Side world, this is the brass ring for cool!" --Dallas Morning News

* LI O is a pantomime strip featuring a curious young boy whose daydreams embark...

101 Road Patrol Tales: Memoirs of a Chippie of the California Highway Patrol

by E. W. W., Jr. Tompkins

Bringing to light an entertaining array of anecdotes, this collection of police stories recalls some of the strangest, funniest, and most poignant accounts from the freeways, highways, and country roads throughout...

The Bullsh*t Artist: Learn to Bluff, Dupe, Charm, and BS with the Best of 'Em

by Paul Kleinman

It's not what you know. It's what they think you know. And they will think you know it all once you learn how to bullsh*t successfully. Because there's a difference between talking out of your ass and bullsh*tting...