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This Is Your First Rock Garden, Isn't It?: An Other Coast Collection

by Adrian Raeside

It's different "over there." Everybody east of Washington, Oregon, and California knows it. But defining the West Coast as "not like the East Coast" leaves way too much of the story untold. No, far better to...

Red and Rover: A Boy, a Dog, a Time, a Feeling, a Comic Strip

by Brian Basset

Red and Rover is about every boy who loves a dog, and every dog who loves a boy.First there was Bogey and Bacall, then Butch and Sundance. Now Red and Rover have taken center stage as the most captivating twosome...

The Scourge of Vinyl Car Seats: A Close to Home Collection

by John McPherson

No one walks away from a Close to Home cartoon unscathed. John McPherson's lumpy characters and bizarre situations are tailor-made for gut-splitting laughs. And then there are the cartoons that leave readers...

Shoes: Chocolate for the Feet: A Cathy Collection

by Cathy Guisewite

Like best friends who've been together year after year, through thick and thin, Cathy and her adoring public have created a solid and stable relationship. Faithful readers count on their cartoon heroine to tell...

Still Pickled After All These Years: A Pickles Book

by Brian Crane

"This is the second fan letter I have written in my whole life. The other one was to Hopalong Cassidy, when I had a great crush on him at about six years old. But I did want to let you know how very much both...

Waggin' Tales: A Red and Rover Collection

by Brian Basset

"It's a sweetly funny strip, reminiscent of the relationship of Charlie Brown and Snoopy or Calvin and Hobbes. . . . Just the book to pick up when you need a booster shot of the warm fuzzies."-Syracuse Post-Standard...

Your Favorite . . . Crab Cakes!: A Crankshaft Collection

by Chuck Ayers & Tom Batiuk

He blusters and grumbles. He rants and raves. He tries to outgun the school kids chasing after the bus on his route.  But in his heart, Ed Crankshaft has a decent streak a mile wide. Patiently explaining death...

Ferociously Close to Home: A Close to Home Collection

by John McPherson & Eric Zweig

Ferociously Close to Home delivers McPherson's trademark take on the absurdities of everyday life. To say that his solutions to these perplexing situations is "out there" is an understatement. Consider Gina,...

The Greatest Invention in the History of Mankind Is Beer: And Other Manly Insights from Dave Barry

by Dave Barry

Everyone loves Dave Barry. His irreverent best-selling books incite universal laughter. In The Greatest Invention in the History of Mankind is Beer and Other Manly Insights from Dave Barry, Dave goes on a testosterone...

Soup to Nutz: The First Course

by Rick Stromoski

The Nutz family will never be confused with the Waltons, the Partridges, or the Bradys. But you might confuse them with another family: your own. Soup To Nutz: The First Course is the first collection of comic...

Christmas Meltdown: A Reynolds Unwrapped Collection

by Dan Reynolds

In Dan Reynolds's world, nerds play birthday party games like Pin The Tail on the Jackass. Women at the Maximum Insecurity Prison wonder if uniform stripes make them look fat. Tiny tater tots with their eyes...

What, Me Pregnant?: A For Better or For Worse Collection

by Lynn Johnston

In What, Me Pregnant? A For Better or For Worse Collection, Elly, who is juggling a new job, the adolescent traumas of Michael and now Elizabeth, plus the usual housework woes, finds out she is pregnant!! The...

Things Are Looking Up...: A For Better or For Worse Collection

by Lynn Johnston

In Things Are Looking Up... A For Better or For Worse Collection, Michael travels to Winnipeg to work on his Aunt and Uncle's farm for the summer and takes his driving test, Elizabeth is discovering boys, makeup,...

Starting from Scratch: A For Better or For Worse Collection

by Lynn Johnston

The Pattersons face the daily challenges of raising three growing kids, an aging sheepdog named Farley, and now Farley's bouncy puppy Edgar. Farley gracefully exits the strip in Starting from Scratch: A For...

Remembering Farley: A Tribute to the Life of Our Favorite Cartoon Dog: A For Better or For Worse Special Edition

by Lynn Johnston

It was a bleak day when the Patterson's faithful 14-year-old sheep dog, Farley, died while saving young April from a raging river. Across the country, fans who read For Better or For Worse in some 1,600 daily...

The Other Coast: Road Rage in Beverly Hills

by Adrian Raeside

What would road rage in Beverly Hills look like? From the whimsical perspective of The Other Coast creator Adrian Raeside, it would involve a prim-and-proper hurling of a jar of Grey Poupon at the offending...

Dog vs. Cat: A Nation Divided: Dirty Tricks and Other Shocking Secrets from a Nasty Pet Election

by Don Asmussen

It's been said politics makes for strange bedfellows. In this case, those fellows just happen to be furry. In Dog vs. Cat: A Nation Divided, cartoonist Don Asmussen creates a fun and fluffy mix of politics and...

Happy Birthday . . . blah, blah, blah

by MikWright Ltd

Laugh! Go ahead and laugh--out loud! It could be the hair, it could be the clothes, or it might be the fact that your family and friends closely resemble these.When Tim Mikkelsen and Phyllis Wright-Herman started...

I'd Scream Except I Look So Fabulous: A Cathy Collection

by Cathy Guisewite

By now, we're all familiar with Cathy's battles among the four basic guilt groups: food, Mom, love, and career. Women can identify with Cathy Guisewite's hilarious portrayal of the universal struggles of modern...

Close to Home Exposed: A Close to Home Collection

by John McPherson

Start with an everyday occurrence, add several helpings of absurdity, a few cups of silliness, and a dash of sickness and you get Close to Home. The goofy people and brilliant humor of this single-panel strip...