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The Joy of Big Knickers

by Kate Garraway

TV and radio presenter Kate Garraway has a lot on her mind. She's about to turn 50, which is fine (she thinks) but suddenly she seems to have MANY questions about EVERYTHING. Is she running out of time? Should...

The Sound of One Team Sucking

by Christopher Gudgeon, Tavish Gudgeon, Joey Mauro & Yusuf Saadi

A hilarious self-help book for recovering Leafs fans everywhere.

We’ve all heard it. The sound of one team sucking. Our team. The Leafs. It starts as an almost imperceptible hum, a month or so after the home...

You Can Have a Dog When I'm Dead

by Paul Benedetti

  • Benedetti has a built-in audience among the approximate 100,000 subscribers to the Hamilton Spectator who have read his column for the past eight years (also syndicated in various Metroland papers around Ontario...

Jackass Letters: Archive Volume 1

by Christopher L. Jorgensen

In the tradition of the Lazlo Letters the and Henry Root Letters comes Jackass Letters, a collection of hoax correspondence with corporations, celebrities, and politicians that consistently pushes the boundaries...

My Life as Eva: The Struggle is Real

by Eva Gutowski

From the popular YouTube tastemaker Eva Gutowski comes a unique lifestyle and advice book on the ups and downs of life in her hilarious and earnest voice.

What’s up guys? It’s me, Eva!

You may know me from...

How to Take Your Time: from How Proust Can Change Your Life

by Alain De Botton

Curiously practical—this no-nonsense blend of literary biography and self-help unravels how interesting life can be if only you could resist the impulse to rush through the mundane rituals of modern life....

The Brexit Conspiracies

by Dave Doran

  Alex Snark, an American émigré and political consultant, the no holds barred protagonist, is the mastermind behind the winning of the UK referendum. He follows that success with a carefully chosen candidate...

You Don't Look Fat, You Look Crazy: An Unapologetic Guide to Being Ambitchous

by Ashley Longshore

Carpe diem, bitches.” —Ashley Longshore

Pour a glass of champagne, slip off your designer heels, pull up your big girl panties and enjoy pop-artist extraordinaire Ashley Longshore’s unapologetic, raw,...

Homing with the Birds

by Gene Stratton-Porter

"Homing with the Birds" is a book in which one comes into intimate contact with one's feathered friends, to the extent of feeling that they actually have personalities! This is doubtless because Mrs. Porter...

The Birds of the Bible

by Gene Stratton-Porter

Gene Stratton-Porter, the Indiana novelist and bird lover, offers the fruits of several years' loving labor in "Birds of the Bible”, a handsome volume. The riches of bird lore that Mrs. Porter has unearthed...

What I have done with birds

by Gene Stratton-Porter

A fantastic work about the birds in the Limberlost swamp area in Indiana, USA. The book contains a wealth of character studies of native American birds as through friendly advances the author could induce to...

Reading Allowed: True Stories and Curious Incidents from a Provincial Library

by Chris Paling

'Paling's deftly drawn vignettes are frequently funny, sometimes sad and occasionally troubling . . . Borrow a copy from your local library, if you still have one. Better yet, buy it' Neil Armstrong, Mail on...

A Practical Course in Personal Magnetism: The Victorian Guide to Health, Happiness, Power and Success: Doctor's Orders from Wellcome Library

by Wellcome Collection

Finally, the secrets of natural magnetism made plain, in the 19th Century's delightful prelude to How to Win Friends and Influence People

"You are not the weak, downtrodden creature you have so long considered...

Kissing the Crisis: Field Notes on Foul-Mouthed Babies, Disenchanted Women, and Careening into Middle Age

by Kara Martinez Bachman

You're going on a journey to a strange new country where you will look different, act different, even feel different. It's like you're becoming a whole new person, and that person is your mother. Your new homeland...

Be My Galentine: Celebrating Badass Female Friendship

by Alicia Clancy & Samantha Farrar

From Girl Squads to Galentine's Day, female friendships have reached a new level of awesome. Gone are the days of competition and backstabbing (well, mostly)--female empowerment is in and it's here to stay!...

The Curious History of Dating: From Jane Austen to Tinder

by Nichi Hodgson


Dating has never been easy. The road to true love has always been rutted with heartbreak, but do we have it any easier today?

How did Victorians 'come out'? How did love blossom...

The Art of Asking Your Boss for a Raise

by Georges Perec

Darkly funny account of the office worker’s mindset by the celebrated French novelist

A long-suffering employee in a big corporation has summoned up the courage to ask for a raise. But as he runs through the...

The Complete Garden Bird Book

by Mark Golley, Stephen Moss & Dave Daly

One of the greatest pleasures of having a garden is being able to identify the great number of different bird species that may feed, bathe and nest there, or simply fly over, particularly during migration.


Paperama Game Guide Unofficial

by HiddenStuff Entertainment

*UNOFFICIAL GUIDE* Advanced Tips & Strategy Guide. This is the most comprehensive and only detailed guide you will find online. Available for instant download on your mobile phone, eBook device, or in paperback...

You did WHAT now?!: travel stories, life lessons, and shenanigans

by Roseanney Liu

Marching to the beat of her own drums, Roseanney Liu shares her first half-life memoir You did WHAT now?! that details many experiences that shaped who she is today - a straight shooter giving and tolerating...