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I Wrote This Book Because I Love You

by Tim Kreider

New York Times essayist and author of We Learn Nothing, Tim Kreider trains his virtuoso writing and singular power of observation on his (often befuddling) relationships with women.

Psychologists have told him...

Science and Lust

by Rebecca Coffey

In twelve lively essays by award-winning science journalist Rebecca Coffey, SCIENCE & LUST answers questions you never thought to ask.

How did kissing and romantic love evolve in humans? What do rats in polyester...

The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat)?

by Brittany Gibbons

A sartorial follow-up to her hilarious memoir in stories, Fat Girl Walking, internet personality Brittany Gibbons once again deep dives into the world of the plus size woman, this time chronicling her love/hate...


by Michele Murray, Al Marlowe & Karen Rae Christopherson

These are fishing stories told by three authors about what happens when they go fishing. These tales are about places, boats, bars, trucks, dogs and people. The situations occur in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming,...

A Friend in Need is a Man's Best Dog

by Paul Fleisher & Genevieve Siegel-Hawley

A Friend in Need is a Man's Best Dog is a collection of humor, essays and verse, both published and previously unpublished.  The book includes satire and parodies, as well as essays on political environmental...

Stand by Your Truth: And Then Run for Your Life!

by Rickey Smiley

“I’m very passionate about everything that I do and I don’t play any games. I just keep it honest. I don’t put on airs. That’s the only way you can be. If you tell one lie, you’ve got to tell another...

The Great Gasbag

by Joy Behar

One of our most beloved comedians, the brilliantly witty and outspoken star of The View, hits the most unpopular President ever elected where it hurts—and makes us laugh and cheer—in this hilarious alphabetical...

What I Think Happened

by Evany Rosen

A book of comedic personal essays about the history of the western world – a “femmoir” in which the author reconfigures famous and infamous historical events and personalities from her perspective as a feminist,...

Opportunity Knox

by Jack Knox

A hilarious collection of Jack Knox's best-loved humour columns.

In this side-splitting follow-up to the bestseller Hard Knox: Musings from the Edge of Canada, Jack Knox presents his best writing, marking his...

Hitler Saved My Life: WARNING-This book makes jokes about the Third Reich, the Reign of Terror, World War I, cancer, Millard Fillmore, Chernobyl, and

by Jim Riswold

When advertising legend Jim Riswold is stricken with leukemia and prostate cancer, he quits the business that made him famous to become a “fake artist,” creating a controversial body of work with a controversial...

Another Fine Mess

by Pope Brock

We've gotten into another fine mess, destroying the planet and all. So where will we go next? Is it time to colonize outer space? Acclaimed essayist Pope Brock takes us on a vivid satirical journal to learn...

The Jonesport Raffle

by John Gould

Beginning with the legendary story of a man in Jonesport (or was it Dexter or Waterford or Litchfield?) who raffled off his horse, which incidentally had been dead for some time, these twenty-nine tales cover...

Finding My Badass Self: A Year of Truths and Dares

by Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

Blending humor with self-discovery and inspiration, Sherry Stanfa-Stanley takes on a brave project at age 52 that she calls The 52/52 Project. She takes on the challenge to do one thing a week that pushes her...

The Jagged Word Field Guide To Being A Man

by Scott Keith & Paul Koch

This collection of essays explores masculinity in an unsystematic way. We’ve found that the various ways we’ve approached masculinity tend to fall into some broad and practical categories in our writing....


by James M Flammang & Marianne E Flammang

Some of us can do practically everything. Even more can do a few things well, and qualify as passable in a number of others. Yet another group of folks are able to do several things adequately – sufficient...

I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool

by Lisa Scottoline & Francesca Serritella

"Lisa and Francesca, mother and daughter, bring you the laughter of their lives." —Delia Ephron, bestselling author

The bestselling and “perennially hilarious” mother-daughter team is back with a new collection...

Girl Up

by Laura Bates

Already an international bestseller, this empowering survival guide provides no-nonsense advice on sex, social media, mental health, and sexism that young women face in their everyday life—from one of the...

101 Things That Piss Me Off

by Rachel Ballinger

"My old assisstent wrote a book. Preorder it cuz I fired her so now shes poor & I like doing charity 4 peple cuz I a good person" -Miranda Sings

Most people might not get angry at someone for going the speed...

Where Are All the Normal People?

by C. Michael Bogdal

In this humorous look at life, C. Michael Bogdal takes a light-hearted look at the quirks and eccentricities of our fellow human beings. From pedestrians to our own flesh and blood, Bogdal highlights behaviors...

In Praise of Idleness

by Third Earl Bertrand Russell & Bradley Trevor Greive

Bertrand Russell is considered “the Voltaire of his time,” and Bradley Trevor Greive is considered one of the funniest people of his. Russell was a Nobel Laureate, and Greive is a New York Times bestselling...