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Why Don't You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?

by Patricia Marx & Roz Chast

The perfect Mother's Day gift: A collection of witty one-line advice New Yorker writer Patricia Marx heard from her mother, accompanied by full-color illustrations by New Yorker staff cartoonist Roz Chast.



by Gary Busey & Steffanie Sampson

Words of wisdom and incredible life stories, told through Gary Busey's unique Buseyisms.

Take a wild ride through the life and mind of Gary Busey in his new hilarious, uplifting, tell-all memoir, Buseyisms. Gary...

Old Fogies, Unite!

by Sam Almond

One of the things that will happen to all of us, if we are lucky, is that we will grow old. In Old Fogies, Unite!, author, Sam Almond, takes a humorous and witty look at what happens if you are lucky enough...

Meche's Musings

by Shane Meche

Meche’s Musingsis a compilation of the original writings and convictions of a Southern Gentleman.  It is filled with personal reflections on a variety of topics and life’s lessons offered as advice, wisdom,...

Badass Affirmations

by Becca Anderson

A funny, inspirational banquet of delicious bon mots, quips, and unforgettable one-liners from movie stars, musicians, politicians, and women writers. Sometimes shocking, always entertaining, everyone from Rihanna...

I Really Didn't Think This Through

by Beth Evans

Like Mindy Kaling meets Hyperbole and a Half, I Really Didn’t Think This Through gets at the heart of what makes life both so challenging and so joyful—figuring out how to be a person in the world. 


The Gorilla

by John Karelis

When hearing impaired, stage four cancer survivor, struggling entrepreneur and hobby rhymed - Jon (from Perth), meets aspiring writer - Kat (Sydney), in an unpredictable encounter, he believes he has found the...

Zen Dogs

by Gautama Buddha

Mindfulness Mutts and Dharma Dogs

What is the sound of one dog barking? This and other enduring questions are answered in the pages of this wise, whimsical and utterly delightful collection of happy hounds and...

Scottish Wit

by Aubrey Malone

Scotland is famous for its sense of humour. This collection brings together quotes about Scotland and the Scots, as well as the sage wit and wisdom of some of its most renowned sons and daughters. 

These quotes...

The Herald Diary

by Ken Smith

So what did Scots have to smile about this year? When they watched Britain voting for Brexit, when they heard the constant arguments about independence, and when they saw a strangely coiffed son of a Scotswoman...

The Crazy, Wonderful Things Kids Say

by Arnold L. Tanis

Hey, doctor, I want to tell you something!"

For 54 years, kids have shared with pediatrician Arnold Tanis stories, questions, and bold pronouncements about their childhood worlds. In between treating them, the...

Don't Look at the Camera: Making television at Britain's smallest ITV station

by Ian Fisher

Don't Look at the Camera tells the extraordinary inside story of what it’s like to spend a lifetime making television. Ian Fisher is an international award winning producer/director who started his television...

FUNNY STORIES from the GREAT WAR - Trench humour, Pranks and Jokes during WWI

by Anon E. Mouse

Even in the midst of the death and destruction of war there are strange and funny occurrences. Occurrences made hilarious and farcical because of the circumstance in which they occur. These hilarious occasions...

I'm So Full of Happy Today

by Martin Andersen & Moira Tuffy

• Co-author Martin Andersen has won Rising Star Inventor of 2012 and Toymaker of the Year 2014 for his board games. • In the grand tradition of “Kid’s Say the Darndest Things” which sold 250,00 copies,...

67 People I’d Like To Slap

by Ian Collins

67 People I’d Like to Slap is one man's journey through the labyrinthine world of human angst and annoyance. Comedy writer, journalist and broadcaster Ian Collins lists, explains, exposes and mocks that contingent...

Might Make You Smile

by Brenda Burling

"Might Make You Smile is a collection of short stories based on real events from real people living with or recovering from cancer. Written by Brenda Burling, with help from people all over the UK, Might Make...

Fried & Convicted

by Fay Jacobs

As the author of four humorous memoirs, activist and comedian Fay Jacobs returns with her newest tall tales, Fried & Convicted, Rehoboth Beach Uncorked. And, as you’d expect, It’s chock-full of Fay’s signature...

You've got to be kidding

by Brian O'Donnell.

This book contains a selection of very readable, short, fun, stories about the many humorous situations that life has placed me in over the years. I have tried to introduce some of the quirky characters that...

Talk Like a Californian

by Helena Ventura

Dude, are you pumped to hack California-speak so you don’t sound like a buster? This sweet guide will get you talking fresh, whether you’re in the 626 or the Yay Area, whether you're below the line or in...

You Can Have a Dog When I'm Dead

by Paul Benedetti

  • Benedetti has a built-in audience among the approximate 100,000 subscribers to the Hamilton Spectator who have read his column for the past eight years (also syndicated in various Metroland papers around Ontario...