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Experiencing Herbie Hancock

by Eric Wendell

The musical output of pianist and composer Herbie Hancock is a design rarely seen in jazz; a child prodigy working their way up the ranks to elder statesman and influencing an entire generation of musicians...

The Race to Space: Countdown to Liftoff (Epic Fails #2)

by Ben Thompson, Erik Slader & Tim Foley

In this second installment of the Epic Fails series, explore the many failures that made up the Space Race, paving the way for humanity’s eventual success at reaching the stars.

Today, everyone is familiar...

The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving into History (Epic Fails #1)

by Ben Thompson, Erik Slader & Tim Foley

A hilarious nonfiction look at two of history's most epic "failures": the Wright brothers, whose countless crashes ultimately led to groundbreaking success.

Although Orville and Wilbur Wright are celebrated today...

Remis Want to Learn Spanish

by Remis Family

In this new book, Remis show kids a simple way to learn the first words in Spanish.

Using images and bilingual reading (parallel text), is simple to learn Spanish.

With this method, your kids will easily begin...

THE ANIMAL STORY BOOK - 63 true stories about animals

by Anon E. Mouse, Illustrated by H. J. Ford & Compiled and Retold by Andrew Lang

Herein are 63 illustrated true stories about animals which every child will enjoy! In this book you will find stories about bears, otters, eagles, horses, dogs, dolphins, ants, frogs, elephants, parrots, snakes,...

Tales of Prophet Idris (?????? ?????) Bilingual Edition English & Russian

by Muhammad Vandestra & Мухаммад Вандестра

Prophet Idris (Enoch) is an ancient prophet and patriarch mentioned in the Qur'an, whom Muslims believe was the second prophet after Adam. Islamic tradition has unanimously identified Idris with the biblical...

The Free Voice

by Cornelius L. Reid & George Shirley

Great vocal teachers from the 16th century through the early 19th century discovered through trial and error how to properly develop the singing voice, and the term bel canto came to be applied to both the manner...

The Beautiful Names of Allah SWT The Creator of Universe

by Muhammad Vandestra

In the Name of Allah SWT, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

All praise is due to Allah SWT, and may His peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah.

This ebook provides a brief definition of the meanings...

The Doctor Faustus Dossier

by E. Randol Schoenberg

This complete edition of letters and documents between Arnold Schoenberg and Thomas Mann brings together two towering figures of twentieth-century music and literature, both of whom found refuge in Los Angeles...

Chinese Myths and Legends

by Shelley Fu & Patrick Yee

This colorfully illustrated multicultural children's book presents Chinese fairy tales and other folk stories—providing insight into a vibrant literary culture.

Chinese Myths and Legends is a delightful collection...

A Kids' Guide to the American Revolution

by Kathleen Krull & Anna DiVito

Packed with anecdotes, sidebars, quotes, and illustrations, A Kids' Guide to the American Revolution brings vividly to life the birth of our nation.

Introduce young readers to the stakes, challenges, setbacks,...

Divining Another Dream

by Bernadette Davis

Nine-year-old Laiza Wendel can't remember anything because her memory consists only of events in her future. But for her, the future suddenly begins to look… short. She believes it means she will die soon,...

Education Is Power

by Lenny Williams & Adua Hernandez

This story is about African-American civil rights activist W.E.B. Du Bois and it teaches children about the need for education. Young W.E.B. Du Bois will be talking about how education gave him the POWER to...

Awesome Riddles for Awesome Kids

by Myles O'Smiles & Camilo Luis Berneri

AWESOME RIDDLES FOR AWESOME KIDS is a children’s word game book. It has riddles and tricky questions to entertain and delight kids plus silly and funny cartoon illustrations.

Readers ages 8 to 12 and older...

Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism

by Prudence Geerts

#1 Amazon New Release ? Relationships ? expectations vs. reality

Planet Prudence comics: A top online illustrator, Prudence ""Planet Prudence"" Geerts, presents her take on the struggles of adulting and finding...

Romancing The Moon

by Nicolenya Caltman

This is a poetry and picture book about a love affair with the moon. written for my darling man...my man on the moon. While very personal, the poem can apply perfectly for any special man, woman, or any loved...

Dodie The Donkey

by Amy Ekwegh

Dodie thinks he’s ugly and weak.When other donkeys get new owners, Dodie thinks he is all alone but a wonderful surprise awaits him.An endearing story of the triumphal entry from a little donkey’s point...

Logical Chess

by Irving Chernev

Having learned the basic moves, how exactly should a player improve? In this popular classic, the author explains 33 complete games, in detail, move by move, including the reason for each one. Playing through...

Summary & Study Guide - Resurrection Science

by Lee Tang

Prevention and Reversal of Species Extinction

The must-read summary of “Resurrection Science: Conservation, De-Extinction and the Precarious Future of Wild Things,” by M. R. O’Connor.

Many species are threatened...

Kingdom Of God

by Pertti Pietarinen

“The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, ‘though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.’ ” Jesus...