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The Tabernacle Dwells In You

by Anton L Seals Sr, Jennifer J Seals & James & Joshua Nelson

“The Tabernacle Dwells In You”

Authors Anton & Jennifer Seals

Brief Description:

Our Mission is to: Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching, preaching, writing and publishing Christian education...

ReMaking History, Volume 1: Early Makers

by William Gurstelle

William Gurstelle begins his remarkable journey through history with this volume, Early Makers. Each chapter examines a remarkable individual or group of people from the past whose insights and inventions helped...

f It Does Not Grow Say No: Eatable Activities for Kids


This activity book shows children of all ages what writing, creativity, and imagination can do when brought together; and the wondrous things they can discover with the addition of activity. The goal is to teach...

EARTH DESIGNS - Black and White Books for a Newborn Baby and the Whole Family

by Iya Whiteley, Graham Whiteley & Rachael Fisher

"Remarkable. Our little boy is only 3 weeks old really focusing on these nature and science based images at such an early age. Brilliant idea!" Owen, Bristol, UK

This book is part of incredible and innovative...

The Bible : The Old Testament

by Joël Muller, The Bible Explained to Children & Roger De Klerk

Discover the greatest and most widely read book in the world, made accessible to every child : The Bible

Discover all the most important stories from the Old Testament in this book:

• Adam and Eve

• Noah's...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Together Forever: True Stories of Amazing Animal Friendships!

by Mary Quattlebaum

A fluffy chicken and a pup on wheels? A goat and a donkey who are inseparable? Lion, tiger, and bear best friends? This new chapter book features all kinds of heartwarming, awww-inspiring -- and completely...

Gravity Always Pulls You Down...: A Child's Introduction to Gravity

by Lawrence Martin & Rebecca Weisenhoff

Gravity Always Pulls You Down...Unless You're an Astronaut is a fully-illustrated 40-page book for elementary school level.  The book begins with a color illustration of a child jumping up and down; the text...

Peanuts Friends Forever Special #1

by Charles Schulz & Jason Cooper

After five years and 39 issues, four original graphic novels, and a groundbreaking tribute book, we bid farewell to this incarnation of Peanuts comics with an oversized finale.

Snoopy's Daisy Hill Farm is being...

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi: An Introduction to the Fastest-Selling Computer in the World

by Shawn Wallace & Matt Richardson

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It is a capable little computer which can be used in electronics projects, and for many of the things that your desktop...

The Challah That Took Over the House

by Melissa Berg

Oh no!  Raizy's challah keeps on growing! Will Raizy and her friends be able to get things under control in time for Shabbos? Will they be able to defeat the giant challah monster? Or will it take over their...

The Tiny Traveler: Italy: A Book of Numbers

by Misti Kenison

How many gondolas float down the canal? Can you count the number of masks at Carnival? Toddlers will answer these questions and more in this new book from Misti Kenison in her Tiny Traveler series. Travel from...

The Tiny Traveler: Japan: A Book of Nature

by Misti Kenison

From the tiniest bonsai to the peak of Mount. Fuji, your toddler will follow a beautiful nature trail through Japan. This new book from Misti Kenison in the Tiny Traveler series explains natural elements in...

Science Experiments You Can Eat

by Vicki Cobb & Tad Carpenter

With revised and updated material, a brand-new look, and hours of innovative, educational experiments, this science classic by award-winning author Vicki Cobb will be devoured by a whole new generation of readers!...

Surviving Middle School: Navigating the Halls, Riding the Social Roller Coaster, and Unmasking the Real You

by Luke Reynolds

In this hilarious guide full of honest, real-life experiences, veteran teacher Luke Reynolds skillfully and humorously shows kids how to not only survive, but thrive and even enjoy the wild adventure that is...

Joy of Sisters

by Tannya L Derby

Joy of Sisters is a book about a set of twin sisters that may look alike, but are very different. It goes through the fact that they were born on that same day, they look alike, they do have things that are...

The Victorious Teen: Buddhist Advice for Dealing With What Life Throws at You

by Daisaku Ikeda

Life throws a lot at you. . . . Your grades aren't the best, your friend just turned her back on you, your parents are always on your case, your teachers don't understand what you're going through, the world...

Playing in the Cathedral

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter: 30 Magical Crafts for Witches and Wizards-from Pencil Wands to House Colors Tie-Dye Shirts

by Jamie Harrington & Dinah Bucholz

Charming crafts even Muggles can make!

You won't need alchemy or a magic wand to make these magical projects inspired by the world of Harry Potter. With a little Hogwarts creativity and the step-by-step guidance...

Washington, DC, History for Kids: The Making of a Capital City, with 21 Activities

by Richard Panchyk

Chronicling the rich and fascinating history of Washington, DC, this useful resource for teachers and parents, reveals to young readers the city's remarkable past through 21 hands-on activities. Children will...


by Birsen TUTUNIS

Writing is the most difficult skill to develop in the English language learning process. It has its own conventions and you need to know them all. It starts with sentence writing, then a paragraph then an essay....