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Lonely Girl?: Girls Dealing With Feelings

by Gail Snyder

Besides taking an emotional toll on you, loneliness can take a physical toll on your body as well. Studies show that lonely people have higher blood pressure, which can cause heart disease, than people who don't...

Angry Girl?: Girls Dealing With Feelings

by Gail Snyder

Your heart is racing, your muscles stiffen, and you can't think clearly-you are so mad you want to scream and throw something! Exploding in anger is not the best way to deal with a problem, so how do you stop...

A Stressed-Out Guy's Guide: How to Deal

by Travis Clark

Maybe you're dealing with problems at work, school, or in your family. These issues are affecting your sleep, eating habits, and relationships with others. You feel like you're losing control of your life. What...

An Unloved Guy's Guide: How to Deal

by John Logan

Do you have trouble getting dates? Did your significant other break up with you recently? Does it seem like everyone in the world is happily paired up except you? What do you do about these feelings of rejection,...

A Jealous Guy's Guide: How to Deal

by Hal Marcovitz

Did your best friend get a higher grade than you did on an exam? Did your brother get the newest cell phone while you're still stuck with the same model from two years ago? Do you feel like guys are always trying...

An Angry Guy's Guide: How to Deal

by Hal Marcovitz

Your face feels hot, your muscles tighten, you see red-you are angry...and you don't know what to do about it. Using real-life examples and quotations, AN ANGRY GUY'S GUIDE discusses the biological, emotional,...

Feeling Unloved?: Girls Dealing With Feelings

by Dorothy Kavanaugh

Love can be both the best thing and worse thing to happen to you. Maybe you can't seem to find it at all. Whether you're too afraid to approach your crush or you've been recently dumped by your lover, what do...

Stressed-Out Girl?: Girls Dealing With Feelings

by Annie Belfield

Common stressors for young women include family trouble, issues with friends, academic and social aspects of school, insecurity, and life-changing events that come with becoming an adult. You may feel pressure...

Hassled Girl?: Girls Dealing With Feelings

by Dorothy Kavanaugh

Is a bully harassing you at school? Do you feel like your parents just don't understand you? Are you fighting with a friend or sibling? Mismanaged conflict can lead to damaged relationships, mistrust, and hostility....

A Lonely Guy's Guide: How to Deal

by Hal Marcovitz

Is it difficult for you to make friends? Have you lost the one person you felt most comfortable with? Is your extreme shyness getting in the way of your happiness? Many people choose to be alone, but for those...

A Hassled Guy's Guide: How to Deal

by Jim Gallagher

Are you fighting with your parents or a friend? Are you being hassled or bullied? Do you lash out at them or give them the silent treatment? Neither of these strategies solve the problem, so what do you do?...

Jealous Girl?: Girls Dealing With Feelings

by Gail Snyder

Is your best friend a better athlete than you are? Do your parents seem to favor your sister over you? Does seeing your lover talking to another girl make you crazy? Everyone feels jealous or envious at one...

Bandana-Rama-Wrap, Glue, Sew: Kids Make 21 Fast & Fun Craft Projects Headbands, Skirts, Pillows & More

by Judith Cressy

Give the crafty kid in your life the gift of style! Bandana-rama—Wrap, Glue, Sew makes it easy for kids of all experience levels to complete all 21 projects featured in the book. From headbands, belts, and...

Webster's Word Power Better English Writing: Improve Your Writing Power

by Sue Moody

Effective, written work that people want to read, and remember, stands out. This book will help you write emails, a CV, a thesis, report, essay or novel. This book shows you to how to attack the piece of writing,...

Webster's Word Power Better English Grammar: Improve Your Written and Spoken English

by Betty Kirkpatrick

With questions and answer sections throughout, this book helps you to improve your written and spoken English through understanding the structure of the English language. This is a thorough and useful book with...

The Message//REMIX

by Eugene H. Peterson

The Message//REMIX 2.0 is a reading Bible for youth that comes loaded with expanded book introductions, written for young people, that set the scene for the book.

Verse-numbered paragraphs help readers track...

Who Was Henry Ford?

by Michael Burgan, Ted Hammond & Nancy Harrison

Born on a small farm in rural Michigan, Henry Ford's humble beginnings were no match for his ambition. Ford quickly created a manufacturing dynasty, bringing affordable cars to the masses and forever changing...

Brown Girl Dreaming

by Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woodson, one of today's finest writers, tells the moving story of her childhood in mesmerizing verse.

Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid...

Whose Feet?

by Nina Hess & John Kanzler

Mole claws scrape out a new home. A duck uses her webbed feet to flip underwater and search for a snack. Orangutan feet grab on tight as they swing from vine to vine. Who knew that feet could be so special and...

Monster Bugs

by Lucille Recht Penner & Pamela Johnson

Best-selling simplifier of science Lucille Recht Penner unearths the truth about the water bug which sucks its victims' blood like a vampire, the assassin bug which turns its prey to mush with a special poison,...