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Luke: To the Lovers of God 12-Week Study Guide

by Brian Simmons

With the analytical precision of a doctor, Luke investigates with firsthand knowledge Jesus' life and ministry. He reveals to his readers how Jesus is the true hope of the world, the Savior of all who come to...

Acts: The Power of the Holy Spirit 12-Week Study Guide

by Brian Simmons

The book of Acts picks up where Jesus' story left off in the gospel of Luke by exploring the continuing presence of Christ on earth: the church. This inspired account of church history will awaken your soul...

John: Eternal Love 12-Week Study Guide

by Brian Simmons

Do you know how much God loved the world? So much that he gave his one and only unique Son as a gift! This revelation forms the heart of John's gospel, because it flows from the very heart of God. Who can resist...

Matthew: Our Loving King 12-Week Study Guide

by Brian Simmons

Journey into the fulfillment of the Jewish story by diving deep into Jesus' story. From the first verse to the last, Matthew establishes Jesus as a direct descendant of King David and portrays him as the new,...

Norhalla's Norse Legends: Idunna's Enchanted Apples - Classic Edition

by N.K. Stoner, Nicolas R Giacondino & Samantha Stoner

Idunna's Enchanted Apples is an epic telling of a traditional Norse story with our heroine Idunna being captured by Thjazi, who wants her legendary healing powers for himself.  A daring rescue by Loki and the...

Guts & Glory: World War II

by Ben Thompson

Devastating surprise attacks, epic victories, unstoppable armies, and tough-as-nails men and women from the greatest war in human history.

From massive aerial battles that clouded the skies with planes to deathly...

Who Was Joan of Arc?

by Pam Pollack, Meg Belviso & Andrew Thomson

Joan of Arc was born in a small French village during the worst period of the Hundred Years' War. For generations, France had been besieged by the British. At age 11, Joan began to see religious visions telling...

Unexpected Strength

by Cassie Cox

Everyone has their own obstacle to overcome, their own wall to climb, to break down.

Unexpected Strength is a glimpse inside the lives of twelve students from Two Rivers High School. It features true and emotionally...

101 Ways to Have Fun

by From the Editors of Faithgirlz!

In today’s world, a girl’s free time is precious, but figuring out how to make the most of those spare moments can sometimes be difficult. Faithgirlz! is here to help, with over one hundred unique ideas,...

Real Love, No Drama: The Music of Mary J. Blige

by Danny Alexander

Mary J. Blige is an icon who represents the political consciousness of hip hop and the historical promise of soul. She is an everywoman, celebrated by Oprah Winfrey and beloved by pop music fans of all ages...

Emerge: A Story of Confidence

by Diane Rogers & Danusia Keusder

Alone in the dark, Little Seed feels scared. A reassuring message helps the adorable main character make a heroic journey from doubt to self-confidence. This captivating story teaches children that patience,...

The Gift of Easter: 14 Days of Devotions

by Zondervan

Enjoy the blessings of Easter with The Gift of Easter: 14 Days of Devotionsexcerpted from The Jesus Bible in the New International Version (NIV). Daily readings provide the perfect way to see how the Old Testament...

A Children's Guide to Animal Behaviour and Welfare

by Nicola Gothard & Evelyne Park

A non fiction introduction to the fascinating world of animal behaviour and animal welfare. The book begins by exploring how animals compare and contrast to each other before going on to examine needs that...

Serenade for my Baby - Love: Affirmation like love poems for your baby and toddler

by Arzu Tunca, Rebecca Freeman & Ying Hui Tan

Research tells us that by the time they are five years old, children’s brains are 90% the size of an adults. That’s a lot of growing going on in that little head! It’s been well documented that reading...

Stories from Herodotus

by Lorna Oakes

Herodotus wrote the first history book in the world. That is why he is sometimes called the ‘Father of History’. He lived about 2,500 years ago in the fifth century BC. He was born at a place called Halicarnassus...

Peanuts #31

by Charles M. Schulz & Various

In "Thompson Trouble," Snoopy dons a mustache and rushes to help his pal Thompson, and Peppermint Patty is after a gold star in "Go for Gold."

Live Smart: Preparing for the Future God Wants for You

by Dan Dumas

The habits we form when we're young can last a lifetime. That's why it's so important to encourage young people to aim high in life--not just someday, but now! In this great resource for young people, youth...

Ten Days a Madwoman: The Daring Life and Turbulent Times of the Original "Girl" Reporter, Nellie Bly

by Deborah Noyes

Work for a New York newspaper

Fall in love

Marry a millionaire

Change the world


Young Nellie Bly had ambitious goals, especially for a woman at the end of the nineteenth century, when the few female journalists...

Baseball's Greatest Hitters

by S. A. Kramer

Young ball fans can now get the stats on the champions of the bat in this companion to the best-selling Baseball's Greatest Pitchers.  Lively illustrations accompany fact-filled profiles of the legendary hitters...

NIV, God's Justice: The Holy Bible, eBook

by Tim Stafford

God's justice—his "setting things right”—is a foundational principle of the Bible. His plan for justice to triumph is traced from Genesis to Revelation, and as a theme it forms the backbone of Scripture....