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Where is Alcatraz?

by Nico Medina & David Groff

Escape from the ordinary and break into Alcatraz, America's most famous prison!

The island of Alcatraz has always been a place that's fascinated visitors, from the Native American tribes who believed it was home...

Where Is the Amazon?

by Sarah Fabiny, Daniel Colón & David Groff

Without risking life or limb, readers can explore the wonders and beauty of the Amazon in this Where Is...? title.

Human beings have inhabited the banks of the Amazon River since 13,000 BC and yet they make up...

A Storm Too Soon

by Michael J. Tougias

When a forty-seven-foot sailboat disappears in the Gulf Stream in the throes of a disastrous storm, it leaves behind three weary passengers struggling to stay alive. This middle-grade adaptation of an adult...

It's Not a Perfect World, but I'll Take It: 50 Life Lessons for Teens Like Me Who Are Kind of (You Know) Autistic

by Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose is autistic. She’s also a college student who loves reading, writes fan fiction, and wants to be on TV someday. She sees the world a little differently than most people around her. She’s had...

The Fairy Without Wings

by Nicola Gothard & Oana Voitovici

Aluna Lilova is a fairy without wings. Join her on a magical journey through the enchanted lands of Pixie Meads on a quest to follow her heart and find her wings. Along the way she encounters a beast who has...

It's Time!

by Simone PAZ

Christmas is finally here again!  Join some of the delightful and lovable gang from the 'goodnight-sleep-tight books' series as they get ready for the most magical time of the year!

The Secret Pirate

by Elli Woollard & Laura Ellen Anderson

Lil is a pirate, a good sort of pirate, and when there is someone to save,

she'll do what is right (if it takes her all night). Yes, she'll always be bold and be brave.

When evil pirate Stinkbeard tries to kidnap...

The Great Bicycle Experiment: The Army's Historic Black Bicycle Corps, 1896-97

by Kay Moore

In 1896 Lt. James Moss, second lieutenant at Fort Missoula, Montana, had a revolutionary idea: that bicycles, a relatively new innovation, could be employed by the military to replace cavalry horses for certain...

Our Favorite Psalms: Food for Your Soul (Volume 2)

by Tina Ware-Walters

We asked our more than thirty contributors to choose their favorite Psalm and to explain how that Psalm (or part of it) had become meaningful or ministered to them at a particular point in their lives. Our...

The Young Adult's Guide to Interviews: Finding the Job and Nailing the Interview

by Rebekah Sack

Preparing for interviews in the job market is something seldom learned in classrooms but is overwhelmingly important for long-term success. Learning the skills necessary for getting the job is something you...

Every Young Adult's Break-Up Survival Guide: Tips, Tricks & Expert Advice for Recovering

by Atlantic Publishing Group Inc

Your friends tell you that time heals all wounds, but you wonder what happens if it does not. This guide helps mend your heart and put your life back on track. You will learn the fundamentals of relationships...

Shark Week

by Discovery & Martha Brockenbrough

Gliding through the water at breakneck speeds--a fin, just skimming the surface of the water. The biggest jaws you've ever seen. These are the iconic images that flash through all our minds when we think of...

NKJV, Teen Study Bible, eBook

by Lawrence O. Richards & Sue W. Richards

As an on-the-go teen, you’re moving fast. God is moving faster! The New King James Version Teen Study Bible will help you keep in step with all he has done, is doing, and will do in the world and in your life....

Chemistry: Investigate the Matter that Makes Up Your World

by Carla Mooney & Samuel Carbaugh

Have you ever wondered what makes up everything in the world around you? Or what exactly is the difference between solids, liquids, and gases? Have you wanted to know what causes two substances to react or change?...

Daughters of Two Nations

by Peggy Caravantes & Carolyn D Flores

Daughters of Two Nations tells the life stories of nine Native American women who brought change and unity to two cultures historically at odds. These short but well-researched biographies describe the hardships...

Music for Children

Cool Kids Cook

No Boys Allowed

by Michelle Medlock Adams & Jennifer Vogtlin

Every girl dreams of being pretty on the outside, but what about the inside? No Boys Allowed gives girls a heart-and-soul makeover. Devotions like “Million Dollar Hair” offer them plenty to think about....

Girl Politics, Updated Edition

by Nancy N. Rue

In this revised edition, bestselling author Nancy Rue provides a guide on how to deal with girl politics, God-style.

Yesterday you were BFFs, planning to attend the same college and be in each other’s weddings....

Everybody Tells Me to Be Myself but I Don't Know Who I Am, Revised Edition

by Nancy N. Rue

How many times have you heard grown-ups say, “Just be yourself”?


How many times have you heard grown-ups say, “Just be yourself”?

But how can you be yourself when that self always seems to be different—depending...