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Milestones of Flight: From Hot-Air Balloons to SpaceShipOne

by Tim Grove & National Air and Space Museum

Milestones of Flight takes readers soaring through the high points of American aviation: from the Wright brothers and their competitors to the military pilots who first circumnavigated the globe, from the initial...

Kian and Jc: Don't Try This at Home!

by Kian Lawley & Jc Caylen

From personalities and entertainers Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen comes a completely wild and entirely true account of their rise to internet fame: Kian and Jc: Don’t Try This at Home! More than 7 million YouTube...

Abracadabra!: Fun Magic Tricks for Kids

by Kristen Kelly, Ken Kelly & Colette Kelly

Summon your inner Houdini and learn simple magic tricks that will wow your family and friends!

How did he do that? Have you ever racked your brains trying to figure out how that birthday party magician pulled...

My Weird School Fast Facts: Geography

by Dan Gutman & Jim Paillot

Think fast with A.J. and Andrea from My Weird School!

Did you know that Antarctica’s largest land animal is an insect? Did you know that the smallest country in the world is only 0.2 square miles?!

Learn more...

My Weird School Fast Facts: Sports

by Dan Gutman & Jim Paillot

Think fast with A.J. and Andrea from My Weird School!

Did you know that the only sport that’s been played on the moon is golf? Did you know that an NFL quarterback once threw a touchdown pass to himself?!


Monk's Journey: A true adventuresome story of a boy overcoming hard knocks & adversity with possitive lessons learned

by Walter Reynolds

This is a true story of a little boy growing up in rural Florida 75 years ago and of his

endurance of poverty, abandonment and abuse until he finds a way out in the military service. From age four on, he realizes...

Superheroes Are for Real

by Ethan Bryan & Travis Hanson

Her dad loves superheroes. He says superheroes are for real. She isn't sure, so she begins to watch for superheroes in her everyday life and discovers her dad may be right, and they may be closer than she thinks....

Tuesday Takes Me There

by Luis Montalván & Bret Witter

From New York's Staten Island Ferry to a double-decker bus in Washington, DC, a delightful service dog, named Tuesday, narrates this fun and exciting journey ― with his disabled veteran partner ― to a very...

Cosmic Catastrophes: Seven Ways to Destroy a Planet Like Earth

by David Aguilar

In the vast realm of outer space, accidents happen all the time. Things bump into each other. Stars blow up. Space rocks smash into planets. Black holes gobble up everything in their path. The sun is burning...

The Story of Beatrix Potter

by Sarah Gristwood

o this day, Beatrix Potter's tales delight children and grown-ups around the world. But few people realise how extraordinary her own story is. She was a woman of contradictions. A sheltered Victorian daughter...

Explore Forces and Motion!: With 25 Great Projects

by Jennifer Swanson & Bryan Stone

Everything moves! Kids run around the playground, cars drive on the road, and balls fly through the air. What causes all this motion? Physics! Forces and motion rule the way everything moves through space.


Who Was Jules Verne?

by James Buckley, Gregory Copeland & Nancy Harrison

Meet the father of science fiction, Jule Verne.

Born in France in 1829, Jules Verne always dreamed of adventure. At age 11, he snuck onboard a ship headed for the Indies only to be discovered by his father and...

Who Was Alexander the Great?

by Kathryn Waterfield, Robin Waterfield & Andrew Thomson

Alexander the Great conquers the New York Times best-selling Who Was...? series!

When Alexander was a boy in ancient Macedon, he already had grand ambitions. He complained that his father, the great king of Macedon,...


by Rachel Toor

As much a moving memoir as it is an amusing pet manual, Misunderstood is a unique nonfiction book for teens and tweens about domesticated rats in general and a wonderful rat named Iris in particular. Brimming...

NIV, Lifehacks Bible, eBook

by Kevin DeYoung & Joe Carter

A “Lifehack” describes any advice, shortcut, tip or skill that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. 

The NIV Lifehacks Bible uses “lifehacking” methods to give you practical...

NIrV Minecrafters Bible

by Zondervan

Do you ever feel like it's more fun to exist in the computer world than the real one? Is that the only place you can control your destiny? Well, God is the original great world builder, and he gave us the power...

The Super, Epic, Mega Joke Book for Kids

by Whee Winn

The Mega Joke Book is just the thing for comedians and joke-lovers, young and old! Kid-friendly and fun, this collection of hundreds of jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, and more will keep everyone giggling for...

That's a Rap

by MattyB & Travis Thrasher

An uplifting and candid memoir from thirteen-year-old YouTube sensation, boy-next-door heartthrob, and musical artist MattyB.

“Don’t worry about what others think. Don’t try to be cool or be someone else...

Guinness World Records: Awesome Entertainers!

by Christa Roberts

A brand-new Guinness World Records book for kids!

Awesome Entertainers! is the ultimate book of jaw-dropping performances, from the circus to the stage and beyond. Meet the world’s youngest professional drummer,...

The Diamond Castle

by Theresa M., Lynn Lynn

The Diamond Castle is a beautiful text for children on Saint Teresa of Avila's work, Interior Castle. It introduces the beauty and splendor of the soul as imagined through the metaphor of the soul as a diamond...