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Been There, Done That: School Dazed

by Mike Winchell & Eglantine Ceulemans

School is in session as celebrated authors share their real-life academic experiences and turn them into fiction!

To some kids, school means homework, bus rides, or band practice. To others it means bullies,...

Ranger Rick: National Parks!

by Stacy Tornio & Ken Keffer

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service with the National Wildlife Federation’s iconic mascot, Ranger Rick! Learn about the “crown jewels” in the national park system. Ranger Rick...

Make It Glow: LED Projects for the Whole Family

by Emily Coker & Kelli Townley

Everyone loves to play with light and this collection of kid-ready LED projects will have young Makers exploring electricity and electronics while opening up a world of endless fun! Makers, tinkerers, hobbyists,...

Chronic Illnesses, Syndromes, and Rare Disorders: The Ultimate Teen Guide

by Marlene Targ Brill

In addition to providing specific information about a number of conditions that affect thousands of teens every year—Celiac, Crohns, Down Syndrome, Hemophilia, Melanoma, Multiple Sclerosis, Phenylketonuria,...

The Survival Guide for Kids with LD*: (*Learning Differences)

by Rhoda Cummings

Kids with LD can learn—they just learn differently. Young people labeled with a “learning disability” or “learning disorder” will find a welcome resource in this fully revised and updated survival...

Every Vote Matters: The Power of Your Voice, from Student Elections to the Supreme Court

by Thomas A. Jacobs & Natalie Jacobs

Encourage teens to recognize the importance of voting and making their voices heard in the democratic process with this timely book focused on Supreme Court decisions that came down to a single vote. Chapters...

What Do You Really Want?: How to Set a Goal and Go for It! A Guide for Teens

by Beverly K. Bachel

Setting and sticking to goals can ease stress and anxiety, boost concentration, and make life more satisfying. This updated and revised edition of a trusted step-by-step guide helps teens articulate their goals...

Grow Strong!: A book about healthy habits

by Cheri J. Meiners & Elizabeth Allen

Establishing patterns of healthy diet, exercise, and sleep helps children stay physically active, make friends, learn well, and enjoy emotional health—all of which lead to greater happiness. Children’s health...

The Old Testament - A Precis

by Michael Parker

This précis is a light-hearted attempt to make the Old Testament into a readable document for people who are interested but do not have the inclination to take the time to read it. It would be enjoyable...

Deepen Your Faith

by Various Authors

This collection of inspirational titles for students includes three ebooks by some of today's most engaging voices.

Not a Fan Student Edition, by bestselling author Kyle Idleman: Are you treating Jesus the same...


by David Roberts & Lynn Roberts

Cinderella moves into the era of flapper girls and the Charleston in a new telling of this famous rags-to-riches tale.

Blinded by love, Cinderella's father marries unwisely and brings home a heartless wife, and...


by David Roberts & Lynn Roberts

Meet a truly funky, flares-clad fairy-tale heroine and a genuinely frightening villain in this hilarious re-working of a much-loved fairy tale. Poor Rapunzel can only dream about the world outside because her...

Sleeping Beauty

by David Roberts & Lynn Roberts

Young Annabel lives in the 1950s and dreams of a future with jetpacks, flying cars and robots. However, little does she know that she is living under an evil spell that could mean she has no future at all......

Trust in Me ABCs: (El ABC de la Confianza en Mi)

by Shanna Lawson

It is an awesome responsibility to be a parent. We all want the very best for our children. In Proverbs 22:6 it states, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."...


by William Shakespeare

'Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom'

Sonnets are for romantics, starry-eyed lovers and ardent hearts. And Shakespeare's sonnets are the best ever written....

Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio

Forrest Mims' Science Experiments: DIY Projects from the Pages of Make:

by Forrest M., III Mims

Forrest M. Mims is a revered contributor to Make: magazine, where his popular columns about science-related topics and projects for Makers are evergreen treasures. Collected together here for the first time,...

Frightlopedia: An Encyclopedia of Everything Scary, Creepy, and Spine-Chilling, from Arachnids to Zombies

by Julie Winterbottom

From "arachnids" to "zombies," an encyclopedia-style book for kids featuring the world's most frightening places, most gruesome creatures, and most spine-chilling ghost stories.

Who Was Milton Bradley?

by Kirsten Anderson, Tim Foley & Nancy Harrison

Meet the man behind the board games: Milton Bradley.

Born in Maine in 1836, Milton Bradley moved with his family to the working-class city of Lowell, Massachusetts, at age 11. His early life consisted of several...

Who Is Hillary Clinton?

by Heather Alexander, Dede Putra & Nancy Harrison

Who Is Hillary Clinton? Readers of our New York Times best-selling series can find out now!

At age fourteen, Hillary Clinton thought it would be thrilling to become an astronaut, so she sent an application to...