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Daisy to the Rescue: True Stories of Daring Dogs, Paramedic Parrots, and Other Animal Heroes

by Jeff Campbell & Ramsey Beyer

Who rescued who? This popular animal-shelter bumper sticker captures an enduring emotional truth: With their love and companionship, animals save our lives every day. But sometimes, to our utter amazement and...

Our American Horse

by Dorothy Childs Hogner & Nils Hogner

Discover the history of horses in America with this engaging survey of equine development from prehistoric to modern times. Recounted in simple language and illustrated with accurate drawings, the book chronicles...

The Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto

by Natalie Standiford & Donald Cook

It is one of the worst storms ever - the snow has not stopped for days and it is 30 degrees below zero. But somehow Balto must get through. He is the lead dog of his sled team. And he is carrying medicine to...

Unlikely Heroes: 37 Inspiring Stories of Courage and Heart from the Animal Kingdom

by Jennifer Holland

In her heartwarming New York Times bestsellers Unlikely Friendships and last year's Unlikely Loves, Jennifer Holland revealed the surprising emotional bonds that exist between animals of different species. Her...

Chizi's Tale

by Jack Jones & Jacqui Taylor

In Zimbabwe during a recent August, two park rangers made a surprising discovery. They found an abandoned baby black rhino, only days old. They called the park manager who, knowing the rhino could not survive...

Whose Feet?

by Nina Hess & John Kanzler

Mole claws scrape out a new home. A duck uses her webbed feet to flip underwater and search for a snack. Orangutan feet grab on tight as they swing from vine to vine. Who knew that feet could be so special and...

Monster Bugs

by Lucille Recht Penner & Pamela Johnson

Best-selling simplifier of science Lucille Recht Penner unearths the truth about the water bug which sucks its victims' blood like a vampire, the assassin bug which turns its prey to mush with a special poison,...

Wild Sea Creatures: Sharks, Whales and Dolphins! (Wild Kratts)

by Chris Kratt & Martin Kratt

PBS’s successful animated show Wild Kratts joins the adventures of zoologists Chris and Martin Kratt as they travel to animal habitats around the globe. Along the way, they encounter incredible creatures while...

Dinosaur Babies

by Lucille Recht Penner & Peter Barrett

A newly updated leveled reader including the latest scientific information on dinosaurs, for children who recognize familiar words and sound out new words with help.


With revised illustrations reflecting...

Feeding Time at the Zoo

by Sherry Shahan

What's for dinner at the local zoo? Find out in this buffet of fun food facts. This photo essay takes kids behind the scenes at a community zoo to see what and how their favorite animals eat. Colorful photographs...

Dinosaur Days

by Joyce Milton & Franco Tempesta

Illus. in full color. Difficult dinosaur names are simplified with phonics.  

Amusing Animal Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Amelia LaRoche

Why did the deer have to get braces? He had buck teeth! AMUSING ANIMALS JOKES TO TICKLE YOUR FUNNY BONE contains silly jokes, limericks, tongue twisters, knock-knock jokes, and fun facts about all kinds of animals,...

Fowl Chicken Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Amelia LaRoche

What do you call a crazy chicken that can tell time? A cuckoo cluck! Corny jokes, limericks, tongue twisters, and knock-knock jokes fly through FOWL CHICKEN JOKES TO TICKLE YOUR FUNNY BONE! Learn fun fowl facts...

Hysterical Dog Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Why don't dogs make good dancers? They have two left feet! Ready for a howling good time? Then check out the silly jokes, limericks, tongue twisters, and knock-knock jokes in HYSTERICAL DOG JOKES TO TICKLE YOUR...

Hilarious Huge Animal Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Felicia Lowenstein Niven

Why do elephants have trunks? Because they don't have any pockets! Make your friends giggle with the silly jokes, limericks, tongue twisters, and knock-knock jokes found in HILARIOUS HUGE ANIMAL JOKES TO TICKLE...

Humorous Small Critter Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Susan K. Mitchell

What type of mouse plays football? A field mouse! HUMOROUS SMALL CRITTER JOKES TO TICKLE YOUR FUNNY BONE is filled with fun jokes, limericks, tongue twisters, and knock-knock jokes that will make you squeal...

Silly Cat Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

by Doreen Gonzales

What do you get when you cross a cat with a lemon? A sour puss! SILLY CAT JOKES TO TICKLE YOUR FUNNY BONE features jokes, limericks, tongue twisters, knock-knock jokes, and fun facts about house cats and wild...

Lemon Trees and Bumblebees

by Diane Sherrouse

Lemon Trees and Bumblebees presents the magic of pollination, the dance of bees and flowers, to a young audience. With engaging wit and charm, using just the right combination of creative descriptions and fanciful...

For the Love of Bob

by James Bowen

Best friends James Bowen and street cat Bob have been on a remarkable journey together. In the years since their story ended in BOB: NO ORDINARY CAT James, with Bob's help, has begun to find his way in the world....

Creature Sounds

by Andrew Zuckerman

Learn animal sounds with roaring lions, cackling hyenas, and quacking ducks. Andrew Zuckerman's eye-catching pictures of fascinating animals from around the world will enthrall young readers and teach animal...