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Lincoln's Spymaster: Allan Pinkerton, America's First Private Eye

by Samantha Seiple

"From Samantha Seiple, the award winning author of Ghosts in the Fog, comes the first book for young adults to tell the story of Allan Pinkerton, America's first private eye. Lincoln's Spymaster tells the dangerous...

We're Alive and Life Goes On

by Eva Roubickova & Zaia Alexander

"It's a terrible feeling to see the fate of thousands of people dependent on a single person. . . . It seems like a mass judgment to me: life or death."

On December 17, 1941, twenty-year-old Eva Mándlová arrived...

Symphony for the City of the Dead: Dmitri Shostakovich and the Siege of Leningrad

by M.T. Anderson

In September 1941, Adolf Hitler's Wehrmacht surrounded Leningrad in what was to become one of the longest and most destructive sieges in Western history-almost three years of bombardment and starvation that...

Most Dangerous

by Steve Sheinkin

From Steve Sheinkin, the award-winning author of The Port Chicago 50 and Bomb comes a tense, exciting exploration of what the Times deemed "the greatest story of the century": how Daniel Ellsberg transformed...


by Catherine de Duve

Discover the life of Marie-Antoinette as you read, draw and play

A jewel of a book lets you discover the childhood of Marie-Antoinette, her life as the Dauphine and the entertainment of a Queen…


Who Was Edgar Allan Poe?

by Jim Gigliotti, Tim Foley & Nancy Harrison

Filled with broken hearts and black ravens, Edgar Allan Poe’s ghastly tales have delighted readers for centuries. Born in Boston in 1809, Poe was orphaned at age two. He was soon adopted by a Virginia family...

What Were the Salem Witch Trials?

by Joan Holub, Dede Putra & Kevin McVeigh

Something wicked was brewing in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. It started when two girls, Betty Parris and Abigail Williams, began having hysterical fits. Soon after, other local girls claimed...

Who Was J. R. R. Tolkien?

by Pamela D. Pollack, Meg Belviso & Jonathan Moore

Best known for his epic Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien was born in British-occupied South Africa. His early life was full of action and adventure. Tolkien spent his childhood roaming...

A House Divided: The Lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee

by Jules Archer & Allen C. Guelzo

A House Divided is an exciting introduction to two of the most fascinating players in the American Civil War. Ulysses S. Grant was gruff and sloppy, the son of a hardworking but uneducated man opposed to slavery....

Prayers That Changed History

by Tricia Goyer

One prayer can change everything.


Martin Luther. Sojourner Truth. Helen Keller. St. Patrick. We read their stories, and of other people like them, in history books, and hear about the amazing things they did...

Who in the World Was The Unready King?: The Story of Ethelred (Who in the World)

by Connie Clark & Jed Mickle

Discover the intriguing story of Ethelred the Unready in this junior-level biography from Peace Hill Press. Ethelred’s mother stood behind him. The archbishop smeared holy oil on Ethelred’s shoulders and...

Who in the World Was The Secretive Printer?: The Story of Johannes Gutenberg (Who in the World)

by Robert Beckham & Jed Mickle

Discover the intriguing story of Johannes Gutenberg in this junior-level biography from Peace Hill Press. Johannes Gutenberg spent his days shut away, working on a mysterious project. His neighbors wondered...

Who in the World Was The Forgotten Explorer?: The Story of Amerigo Vespucci (Who in the World)

by Lorene Lambert & Jed Mickle

Discover the intriguing story of Amerigo Vespucci in this junior-level biography from Peace Hill Press. When Columbus landed on the islands in the Caribbean Sea, he thought he was off the coast of China. A few...

Who in the World Was The Acrobatic Empress?: The Story of Theodora (Who in the World)

by Robin Phillips & Jeff West

Discover the intriguing story of Empress Theodora in this junior-level biography from Peace Hill Press. The Emperor Justinian could not decide what to do. His people were rioting. An angry mob poured through...

Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America

by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

In a riveting biography that reads like a crime novel, Sibert Medalist and Newbery-Honor winner Susan Campbell Bartoletti uncovers the true story of Mary Mallon, a.k.a. Typhoid Mary, one of the most notorious...

Choosing Courage: Inspiring Stories of What It Means to Be a Hero

by Peter Collier

What turns an ordinary person into a hero? What happens in the blink of an eye on a battlefield (or in any dangerous situation) to bring out true courage? The men and women who have been recognized by the Congressional...

Bonhoeffer Student Edition

by Eric Metaxas

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

In his New York Times bestseller Bonhoeffer,author Eric Metaxas presents the fullest account of Bonhoeffer's heart-wrenching 1939 decision to leave the safe haven of...

Who Was Winston Churchill?

by Ellen Labrecque, Jerry Hoare & Nancy Harrison

Born into aristocracy, Churchill cut his teeth as a young army officer in British India, the Sudan, and the Second Boer War. He rose in the ranks to First Lord of the Admiralty and was a staunch opponent of...

Noah Webster: Man of Many Words

by Catherine Reef

An upper-middle-grade biography on Noah Webster, a controversial political activist, the primary shaper of the American language, and author of the famous dictionary that bears his name. Illustrated with archival...

Who Was Jesus?

by Ellen Morgan, Stephen Marchesi & Nancy Harrison

This fascinating addition to the best-selling Who Was...? series does not settle questions of theology. Instead, it presents young readers with a biography that covers what is known historically about Jesus...