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How to Become an Accidental Genius

by Frieda Wishinsky, Elizabeth MacLeod & Jenn Playford

Don't be afraid to try! Make connections! Be persistent! Ask questions and never take no for an answer! Learn the secrets and amazing stories of successful inventors! How to Become an Accidental Genius is full...

Meteorology: Cool Women Who Weather Storms

by Karen Bush Gibson & Lena Chandhok

Does the weather fascinate you? Are you curious about where storms get their strength? Do you ever think about what the long-term effect of weather patterns will be on the Earth? Meteorology: Cool Women Who...

Architecture: Cool Women Who Design Structures

by Elizabeth Schmermund & Lena Chandhok

What style building do you live in? Is it a skyscraper, a Victorian home, or a modern building? In Architecture: Cool Women Who Design Structures, readers ages 9 to 12 examine the stories of women who are today...

Innovators: The Stories Behind the People Who Shaped the World With 25 Projects

by Marcia Amidon Lusted & Tom Casteel

The world owes a lot to the unsung heroes of innovation! In Innovators: The Stories Behind the People Who Shaped the World, readers ages 9 to 12 learn about the people who created the inventions, products, processes,...

Albert Einstein : The Genius Who Failed School - Biography Book Best Sellers | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

Albert Einstein lived a very interesting life. When he was young, his teacher said that he would never be anything great because he was stupid. We all know how wrong his teacher was because Einstein grew to...

Neil Armstrong : The First Man to Walk on the Moon - Biography for Kids 9-12 | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

You’ve probably heard of Neil Armstrong and his historic moon landing. But other than that part of his life, what else do you know about him? This biography book will discuss the life of Armstrong before he...

The Living Einstein: The Stephen Hawking Story - Biography Kids Books | Children's Biography Books

by Dissected Lives

Despite his debilitating illness, Stephen Hawking found way to share his knowledge of the universe. He was a bright man who was always hungry for knowledge. He experimented, studied and explored anything and...

Who is Manya Curie? Biography of Famous People | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

Marie Curie made a very important discovery in the field of chemistry. She invented the word radioactivity. It was a significant milestone in science because it gave scientists the knowledge on how to treat...

Breaking The Sickle

by Louie T. McClain II, M Ridho Mentarie & Francis W. Minikon Jr

Have you ever wondered what your passion was? What you were put on this Earth to do? Dr. Yvette Fay Francis-McBarnette, a trail blazing woman of medicine, understood exactly what her purpose was in life. Her...

I Like To Move It! Physical Science Book for Kids - Newton's Laws of Motion | Children's Physics Book

by Professor Beaver

If you’re playing basketball, that’s science in action! Science is all around us and in everything that we do this even more true for basketball. Issac Newton explains the concept of Motion in Physical Science...

Planet Neptune and the Modern Us Presidents: Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama

by Suzanne Angioli

While studying the astrological birth charts of all the US presidents, I discovered that those of the thirteen modern US presidents, from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama, all had the natal Sun (the planet...

Forensics: Cool Women Who Investigate

by Anita Yasuda & Allison Bruce

How do scientists solve mysteries? With forensics! Every crime scene contains forensic evidence that helps investigators discover exactly what happened. Forensics is the science of gathering and examining information...

Engineering: Cool Women Who Design

by Vicki V. May & Allison Bruce

What types of robots will the future bring? How do biomedical devices help patients? Have you ever wondered how your phone works? In Engineering: Cool Women Who Design, readers ages 9 to 12 meet three women...

Luella Agnes Owen: Going Where No Lady Had Gone Before

by Billie Holladay Skelley & Rachel Bowman

Travel back to the late 1800s to learn more about the true adventures of Luella Agnes Owen—a female pioneer in the study of caves. Luella had to overcome many obstacles to reach her goal of becoming a scientist,...

Gifted Hands, Revised Kids Edition

by Gregg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis

From Inner-City Nobody to Brilliant Neurosurgeon

When Ben Carson was in school, his classmates called him the class dummy. Many—including Ben himself—doubted that he would ever amount to anything. But his...

Phenomenal Female Entrepreneurs

by Jill Bryant

This collection of biographies profiles ten creative business leaders who have proven that entrepreneurial women can not only succeed in business, they can also bring about positive change. Against all odds,...

Man on a Mission

by David Hilmers & Rick Houston

“I floated toward one of the windows as Atlantis sailed high over the coast of Africa, unprepared for the incredible view that was about to unfold right before my eyes.”

Being an astronaut wasn’t enough....

The Two Henrys: Henry Plant and Henry Flagler and Their Railroads

by Sandra Wallus Sammons

They shared first names. They both first came to Florida looking for a healthy place for their wives. And they both fell in love with the place and with its potential. Henry Plant and Henry Flagler also shared...

Gifted Hands, Kids Edition: The Ben Carson Story

by Gregg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis

Ben Carson used to be the class dummy. Today he is one of the world’s most brilliant surgeons.Gifted Hands Kids Edition tells the extraordinary true story of an angry, young boy from the inner city who, through...

Gift of the Unicorn

by Virginia Aronson

Here is the story of Florida's citrus wizard, an immigrant boy from China who became a brilliant man who blessed the world with his horticultural gift. In China, the expression "Gift of the Unicorn" means a...