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If You Want to Visit a Sea Garden

by Kay Weisman & Roy Henry Vickers

Discover the wonder of ancient sea gardens on the Northwest Coast

Sea gardens have been created by First Peoples on the Northwest coast for more than three thousand years. These gardens consist of stone reefs...

What the Eagle Sees

by Eldon Yellowhorn & Kathy Lowinger

"There is no death. Only a change of worlds."

       --Chief Seattle [Seatlh], Suquamish Chief       

What do people do when their civilization is invaded? Indigenous people have been faced with...

The Old North Trail

by Walter Mcclintock

In 1886 Walter McClintock went to northwestern Montana as a member of a U.S. Forest Service expedition. He was adopted as a son by Chief Mad Dog, the high priest of the Sun Dance, and spent the next four years...

STORIES OF GEORGIA (USA) - 27 illustrated stories

by Joel Chandler Harris

From the storyteller behind the Uncle Remus stories comes a young person's history of Georgia. Herein are 27 stories about prominent people and events in the History of the State of Georgia which stretch from...

SPIDER WOMAN - The Story of Navajo Weavers and Chanters

by Gladys A. Reichard


A Navajo Legend goes “Spider Woman instructed the Navajo women how to weave on a loom which Spider Man told them how to make. The crosspoles were made of sky and earth...

The 10 Largest Native American Tribes - US History 3rd Grade | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Native Americans were divided into different tribes, each following their own customs and traditions. If you look at them closely, you will see subtle differences in each of these ten tribes. Traditional reference...

The Heart-Shattering Facts about the Trail of Tears - US History Non Fiction 4th Grade | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

By reading this book, you will gain the historical knowledge behind the Trail of Tears. You will be met with heart-shattering facts so be prepared. The purpose of this book is not dishearten you but to empower...

Maria Tallchief : The First Native American Ballerina - Biography of Famous People | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

How did a Native American woman become a famous ballerina? What struggles did she win in order to claim her title in the world of ballet? How did the world receive her? Read about the story of Maria Tallchief...

What Happened Before, During and After the Battle of the Little Bighorn? - US History Lessons 4th Grade | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Let’s examine what life was like before, during and after the Battle of Little Bighorn. What were the differences in terms of customs and traditions? Was life easier or more difficult during each of these...

Into An Indian Tent : Native American Indian Homes - US History Books | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Have you ever been inside an Indian tent? It’s not your traditional home with defined divisions. It lacks architectural depth but it is rich with customs, traditions and history. By learning how the Native...

1, 2, 3 Little Indians! Native American Indian Clothing and Entertainment - US History 6th Grade | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Learn more about the Native American Indians in this educational book for 6th graders. This time, you’ll be learning about their clothing and means of entertainment, two topics that will tell you a lot about...

The World is Full of Spirits : Native American Indian Religion, Mythology and Legends - US History for Kids | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

The Native Americans hold very sacred traditions. They believe that spirits are everywhere in nature. In this history book, you're going to learn about the Native American Indian religion, mythology and legends....

Men, Women and Social Structure - A Cool Guide to Native American Indian Society - US History for Kids | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

All societies follow a social structure. How each structure looks like depends on the local culture, customs and traditions. This US history book for kids will provide an easy-to-understand guide to Native American...

The Life of a Native American Indian Child - US History Books | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Imagine for a while that you're a Native American Indian child. What would life be like? With the help of this US History Book, you don't have to imagine without help! Inside the pages are pictures and child-friendly...

Native American Leaders From Then Until Today - US History Kids Book | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Meet the eight most famous Native Americans in the pages of this book! Who were these natives who surprised the world with their talents, resilience and intelligence? They defied all odds and became beacons...

The Native American Indian Approved Means to Gather Food - US History 6th Grade | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

How did the Native American Indians gather food? They definitely did not go to the supermarket! Instead, they planted and hunted. Learning about how the natives lived without technology will lead to a deeper...

Getting to Know the Native American Indian Tribes - US History for Kids | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

There are several Native American tribes introduced in this US history book for kids. By going over the facts of the most influential tribes, you will see subtle similarities and differences. You will also be...

Are Indian Reservations Part of the US? US History Lessons 4th Grade | Children's American History

by Baby Professor

Here lies the big question on territory that once plagued the Native American Indians. Are their reservations part of the US? Let’s explore the answer in this history book for fourth graders. An additional...

Early American Indian Tribes | 2nd Grade U.S. History Vol 4

by Baby Professor

One little two, little three American Indians! You will be learning more than just counting little Indians the moment you open this educational book. You will be learning about their culture, tradition, history...

The Oregon Trail

by Francis Parkman

On April 28, 1846, Francis Parkman, who had already decided that he was going to write the history of the settling of America, and Quincy Adams Shaw set forth from St. Louis up the Missouri River and onto the...