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My Weird Reading Tips

by Dan Gutman

With more than 23 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading!


The ability to read critically is an essential skill vital to success in school. For example, do you know what point...

The Beginner's Bible People of the Bible

by Zondervan

Help your little ones dig deeper into Scripture and grow closer to God with The Beginner’s Bible People of the Bible, a must-have with The Beginner’s Bible Storybook—the perfect way to introduce young...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Adventure Cat! (Chapters)

by National Geographic Kids & Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Join three fantastic felines as they embark on the adventures of their (nine) lives in this colorful Chapters book, filled with photos and fun facts.

Meet Dusty, a Siamese cat who gives the phrase "cat burglar"...

Polly, Stubby & Al

by Donahue B Silvis & Fuzzy Duck Design

BEN and SARA DONOVAN live in a small community called Wolfe Lake with their two daughters, six year old MEGAN and eight year old KATIE. They have two pets, Polly a multi-colored talking parrot and Stubby a tan...

Emma and the Ice People

by Dave White & Barbi White

As children, we have no fear of the unknown. While Emma had been told to stay close to their hotel, not listening to her parents had chilly consequences … in a positive and groovy kind of way.

This special...

The Cupcake Gang

by Tyrisha L Blackwood

The Cupcake Gang is a early reader children's story about three friends looking forward to some afternoon fun at the park. This story is intended for young readers to help promote child litercy across the world....

The Butterfly Ball

by Robyn Dellaway

The story tells of being your own person and not a follower. Have faith and all things work out. Keep to your values.

The Young caterpillar wonders why she is different but things change as the life cycle changes....

Our Awesome God Made the World

by Lesley Robbins

Do you want to know what happened after God made the world?

Our Awesome God Made the World tells the stories of people like Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses and, of course, Jesus. It gives an overview from “In...

The You-Song

by Joanne Otto

"The You-Song" celebrates, in a way young children can understand, the unique and vital place each of us occupies in God's world and encourages them to fill their place in it with joy. Written by a teacher who's...

Reading is Fun! Imagine That!

by Ruth A. Radmore

The first installment in a new educational activities series designed to help children expand their creativity and improve their reading and language skills, Reading is Fun! is a collection of children’s story-poems...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Danger on the Mountain: True Stories of Extreme Adventures! (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Gregg Treinish, Kitson Jazynka & National Geographic Kids

Accomplished outdoor explorer Gregg Treinish loves adventure! Whether it's spending two years hiking the remote and perilously high Andes Mountains or coming face to face with wolverines, lynx,...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Animal Superstars: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Talents (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Aline Alexander Newman & National Geographic Kids

This entertaining and humorous chapter book will feature animals who can perform amazing acts like riding motocross, foretelling the weather, and playing a guitar. These stories will enchant readers and empower...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Monster Fish!: True Stories of Adventures With Animals (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Zeb Hogan, Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld & National Geographic Kids

For Zeb Hogan, bigger is better – especially when it comes to fish. From sawfish to alligator gars to giant stingrays, Zeb's on a mission to save the world's freshwater giants. In this cool Chapter book, you'll...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Dog on a Bike: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Talents! (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Moira Rose Donohue & National Geographic Kids

Based on the hit feature in National Geographic Kids magazine, Amazing Animals, we bring you three heartwarming tales of animals with incredible talents, including the stories of Norman the bike-riding dog and...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Kangaroo to the Rescue!: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Moira Rose Donohue & National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is back with another installment in the Animal Heroes line of National Geographic Chapters books. Get ready to meet more amazing, medal-worthy critters in this action-packed collection,...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Parrot Genius: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Talents (NGK Chapters) (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Moira Rose Donohue & National Geographic Kids

A pig that does math tricks. A parrot that seems to know what she’s saying. A flying pig … um, pug. These animals know what it means to be in the spotlight. Meet Mudslinger the superstar pig, Einstein...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Together Forever: True Stories of Amazing Animal Friendships! (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Mary Quattlebaum & National Geographic Kids

A fluffy chicken and a pup on wheels? A goat and a donkey who are inseparable? Puppy and cheetah best friends? This new chapter book features all kinds of heartwarming, awwwww-inspiring—and completely true—stories...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Diving With Sharks!: And More True Stories of Extreme Adventures! (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Margaret Gurevich & National Geographic Kids

Fans of Shark Week, Sharknado, and all things shark-related will want to sink their teeth into this exciting shark-infested chapter book. Join real-life cave divers, extreme photographers, and researchers...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Tiger in Trouble!: and More True Stories of Amazing Animal Rescues (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Kelly Milner Halls & National Geographic Kids

Follow the journey of Nitro, a tiger kept in captivity in Kansas. His story starts when the county sheriffs visited a Kansas property and decided to confiscate all big cats from their owner. Lions were sent...

National Geographic Kids Chapters: Courageous Canine: And More True Stories of Amazing Animal Heroes (National Geographic Kids Chapters)

by Kelly Milner Halls & National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids Chapter books pick up where the best-selling National Geographic Readers series leaves off, offering young animal lovers who are ready for short chapters lively, true stories just...