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Big Noisy Trucks and Diggers

by Caterpillar

Start up the engine, blow the horn and start digging! Imagine yourself in the operator's seat of a tractor, a giant excavator, a landfill compactor, a wheel loader and a massive off-highway truck. Big Noisy...

Hooray for Hair! (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)

by Tish Rabe & Tom Brannon

The Cat in the Hat goes on a hairy adventure in this leveled reader for independent readers all about—what else?—hair! It's Crazy Hair Day at Sally and Nick's school, and the kids can't pick a style to wear....

King Cecil the Sea Horse (Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat)

by Tish Rabe & Christopher Moroney

When Sally and Nick need to learn about babysitting, the Cat in the Hat takes them to meet an expert: King Cecil the Seahorse! That's because when it comes to having babies, seahorses give birth in a very special...

Who Invented Home Video Games? Ralph Baer

by Mary Kay Carson

There are few kids who don't enjoy home video games, but do they know who invented the first one? Learn about Ralph Baer's life and the first home video games ever made. Invent your own game, too!

Terrific Tongues Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that an alligator snapping turtle uses its tongue to get food? Or that a cow uses its tongue to clean its nose? Learn all about how animals use their tongues to get food and scare enemies.

Talented Tails Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that a spider monkey can use its tail like an extra hand? Or that squirrels use their tails for balance? Author Melissa Stewart explores how animals use their tails to move, balance, and stay safe....

Who Invented Television? Philo Farnsworth

by Mary Kay Carson

It seems like televisions are everywhere, but do you know who invented the first one? Learn about Philo Farnsworth's life and how he invented the first television. Create your own cartoon show, too!

Nifty Noses Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that an elephant can use its trunk to pick up tree branches? Or that polar bears have the best sense of smell of any animal on Earth? In NIFTY NOSES UP CLOSE learn all about how animals use their...

Fantastic Feet Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that one sea star has hundreds of feet? Or that a camel has only two toes? Learn all about how animals use their feet to run, dig, and stay safe in FANTASTIC FEET UP CLOSE.

Incredible Ears Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that hippos have their ears on top of their heads? Or that the African elephant has the biggest ears of any animal? Learn all about how animals use their ears to stay safe.

I Love Our Land

by Carol Greene

Why is land so important? It is where our food grows, and what we live on. Find out how to keep our land clean and safe in Carol Greene's I LOVE OUR LAND.

Out of This World Jokes About the Solar System: Laugh and Learn About Science

by Melissa Stewart & Gerald Kelley

Author Melissa Stewart explores the solar system in OUT OF THIS WORLD JOKES ABOUT THE SOLAR SYSTEM. Read fascinating science facts about the solar system, including some about planets, sun, and asteroids. Finally,...

Shockingly Silly Jokes About Electricity and Magnetism: Laugh and Learn About Science

by Melissa Stewart & Gerald Kelley

Q: How do you catch an electric eel? A: With a lightning rod. Discover interesting science facts about electricity and magnetism with author Melissa Stewart, and then learn some incredibly silly science jokes....

Amazing Eyes Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that honeybees have more than two eyes? Or that a giant squid's eyes are bigger than dinner plates? AMAZING EYES UP CLOSE, in the ANIMAL BODIES UP CLOSE series, lets you learn all about how animals...

Mad Professor: Concoct Extremely Weird Science Projects-Robot Food, Saucer Slime, Martian Volcanoes, and More

by Mark Frauenfelder

Within these tantalizing pages lie the keys to the mysteries of science. For here, in strange and delectable detail, are dozens of hitherto secret experiments for concocting slimes and putties, inventing miniature...

Deadly Storm Alert!: The Dangerous El Niño and La Niña

by Carmen Bredeson

Twisting tornadoes leveled small towns in Florida. Floods washed out roads and homes in Peru. Severe droughts in Indonesia caused roaring forest fires, leaving animals starving. Is it possible that all these...

Deadly Waves: Tsunamis

by Mary Dodson Wade

On March 11, 2011, an earthquake rumbled off the coast of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. Buildings trembled, some collapsing, and fires started. But the earthquake had stirred up something even deadlier: a tsunami....

Fiery Volcano: The Eruption of Mount St. Helens

by Carmen Bredeson

From his observation point just five miles from Mount St. Helens, geologist David Johnston said "This is it!" before his radio went dead. Johnston watched the volcano explode. His body was never found. During...

Trace Evidence: Dead People DO Tell Tales

by Stephen Eldridge

Footprints . . . fingerprints . . . clothing fibers . . . hair. Wherever you go, you leave some evidence, or pick some up and take it with you. For this reason, detectives and forensic scientists have been using...

Gun Crimes: Dead People DO Tell Tales

by PhD Michelle Faulk

For trained firearm investigators, a bullet, casing, or trajectory can tell a story. Where was the shooter standing? Did the bullet come from his gun? From early cases like the St. Valentine's Day Massacre to...