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Amazing Eyes Up Close

by Melissa Stewart

Did you know that honeybees have more than two eyes? Or that a giant squid's eyes are bigger than dinner plates? AMAZING EYES UP CLOSE, in the ANIMAL BODIES UP CLOSE series, lets you learn all about how animals...

Mad Professor: Concoct Extremely Weird Science Projects-Robot Food, Saucer Slime, Martian Volcanoes, and More

by Mark Frauenfelder

Within these tantalizing pages lie the keys to the mysteries of science. For here, in strange and delectable detail, are dozens of hitherto secret experiments for concocting slimes and putties, inventing miniature...


by Anita Yasuda & Bryan Stone

Who invented the airplane? When were airplanes invented? And why do planes have wings if the wings don’t flap? Kids can answer these questions and more by jumping into the cockpit and soaring into Explore...

MythBusters: Science Fair Book #2: Confirm or Bust!

by Samantha Margles & Michael Massen

Even MORE myths to bust...in the safety of your own home! Do you have what it takes to be a MythBuster? Confirmed! Kid-friendly and age appropriate, this fun follow-up book to the successful MYTHBUSTERS SCIENCE...

Maple Leaf in Space: Canada's Astronauts

by John Melady

The launch of a spaceship is exciting and thousands of people come to watch. What makes it even more exciting is when we see fellow Canadians like Robert Thirsk, Julie Payette, and Guy Lalibert onboard. Maple...

Lego Man in Space: A True Story

by Mara Shaughnessy

The true story of two boys who launched a Lego Man into space!  With over 3 million views on YouTube and covered by almost every major news outlet in the world, the story of how two boys launched a Lego man...


by Donna Latham & Andrew Christensen

Canals and Dams: Investigate Feats of Engineering invites children ages 9 and up to explore the innovation and physical science behind the amazing waterways and barriers our world depends on. Trivia and fun...

Why You Shouldn't Eat Your Boogers: Gross but True Things You Don't Want to Know About Your Body

by Francesca Gould & JP Coovert

You won't be able to resist picking this one!

Itching to know what bugs live in your eyelashes, why you get goose bumps, or how ants can be used to heal a wound? Use this delightfully disgusting collection of...

A World in a Drop of Water: Exploring with a Microscope

by Alvin Silverstein & Virginia Silverstein

Fascinating introduction to the world of single-celled organisms recounts the feeding, reproductive, and defensive strategies employed by an array of curious creatures: amoeba, paramecium, suctorian, hydra,...

Physics Experiments for Children

by Muriel Mandell

Over 100 projects demonstrate composition of objects, how substances are affected by various forms of energy — heat, light, sound, electricity, etc. Over 100 illustrations.

The Motorboat Book: Build & Launch 20 Jet Boats, Paddle-Wheelers, Electric Submarines & More

by Ed Sobey

There’s more than one way to power a toy boat. Electric motors, balloons, gears, water jets, belt drives, chemical reactions, steam, and even gravity can be used to propel a small ship across a pool. Also,...

The Wind at Work: An Activity Guide to Windmills

by Gretchen Woelfle

Explaining how the wind works, what windmills have contributed to the past, and why they offer environmental promise today as a source of clean, renewable energy, this revised and updated edition offers a glimpse...

Friends of the Earth: A History of American Environmentalism with 21 Activities

by Pat McCarthy

The history of American environmentalism is the history of men and women who dedicated their lives to protecting the nation’s natural heritage. Almost singlehandedly, John James Audubon introduced the study...

Yellow Animals

by Melissa Stewart

Birds, fish, insects, and more! This book is filled with beautiful yellow animals. New readers will be entertained by the variety of species while practicing the word yellow and a few other terms.

Green Animals

by Melissa Stewart

Frogs are not the only green animals in our world! Author Melissa Stewart introduces new readers to a variety of green animals in this easy-to-read title. GREEN ANIMALS lets readers learn to recognize simple...

Orange Animals

by Melissa Stewart

ORANGE ANIMALS allows new readers to read simple text that corresponds to the photo on the facing page. The titles in the ALL ABOUT A RAINBOW OF ANIMALS series help beginning readers practice their reading skills...

Red Animals

by Melissa Stewart

Does that monkey really have a red face?! Author Melissa Stewart introduces new readers to a variety of red animals in this easy-to-read book. RED ANIMALS lets readers learn to recognize simple repetitive words,...

Blue Animals

by Melissa Stewart

Who knew so many animals were blue?! Another title in the ALL ABOUT A RAINBOW OF ANIMALS series, BLUE ANIMALS lets new readers practice their colors with vibrant photos and simple text.

Purple Animals

by Melissa Stewart

Bet you can't name nine purple animals! Well, young readers will after they finish reading PURPLE ANIMALS. This title allows new readers to read simple text that corresponds to the photo on the facing page.

Nature's Champions: The Biggest, the Fastest, the Best

by Alvin Silverstein & Virginia Silverstein

Astonishing information about 29 species of animal and plant life, including the world's fastest runner, the best jumper, the oldest living thing, and other natural wonders. For ages 10 and up. 50 illustrations....