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Make It Glow: LED Projects for the Whole Family

by Emily Coker & Kelli Townley

Everyone loves to play with light and this collection of kid-ready LED projects will have young Makers exploring electricity and electronics while opening up a world of endless fun! Makers, tinkerers, hobbyists,...

Forrest Mims' Science Experiments: DIY Projects from the Pages of Make:

by Forrest M., III Mims

Forrest M. Mims is a revered contributor to Make: magazine, where his popular columns about science-related topics and projects for Makers are evergreen treasures. Collected together here for the first time,...

Frightlopedia: An Encyclopedia of Everything Scary, Creepy, and Spine-Chilling, from Arachnids to Zombies

by Julie Winterbottom

From "arachnids" to "zombies," an encyclopedia-style book for kids featuring the world's most frightening places, most gruesome creatures, and most spine-chilling ghost stories.

Gravity Will Always Pull You Down...: A Child's Introduction to Gravity

by Lawrence Martin & Rebecca Weisenhoff

Gravity Will Always Pull You Down...Unless You're an Astronaut is a fully-illustrated 40-page book for elementary school level.  The book begins with a color illustration of a child jumping up and down; the...

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi: An Introduction to the Fastest-Selling Computer in the World

by Shawn Wallace & Matt Richardson

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It is a capable little computer which can be used in electronics projects, and for many of the things that your desktop...

The Tiny Traveler: Japan: A Book of Nature

by Misti Kenison

From the tiniest bonsai to the peak of Mount. Fuji, your toddler will follow a beautiful nature trail through Japan. This new book from Misti Kenison in the Tiny Traveler series explains natural elements in...

Science Experiments You Can Eat

by Vicki Cobb & Tad Carpenter

With revised and updated material, a brand-new look, and hours of innovative, educational experiments, this science classic by award-winning author Vicki Cobb will be devoured by a whole new generation of readers!...

Lives of the Scientists: Experiments, Explosions (and What the Neighbors Thought)

by Kathleen Krull & Kathryn Hewitt

This fascinating new installment in the popular Lives of... series of collective biographies is full of juicy tidbits about history's greatest scientists.

Cosmic Catastrophes

by David Aguilar

In the vast realm of outer space, accidents happen all the time. Things bump into each other. Stars blow up. Space rocks smash into planets. Black holes gobble up everything in their path. The sun is burning...

Explore Forces and Motion!: With 25 Great Projects

by Jennifer Swanson & Bryan Stone

Everything moves! Kids run around the playground, cars drive on the road, and balls fly through the air. What causes all this motion? Physics! Forces and motion rule the way everything moves through space.


ER Vets

by Donna M. Jackson

With dramatic full-color photos throughout, award-winning author Donna Jackson brings to life the inner workings of an animal emergency room, profiling the important work ER veterinarians do behind closed doors....

Where Is the Amazon?

by Sarah Fabiny, Daniel Colón & David Groff

Without risking life or limb, readers can explore the wonders and beauty of the Amazon in this Where Is...? title.

Human beings have inhabited the banks of the Amazon River since 13,000 BC and yet they make up...

Chemistry: Investigate the Matter that Makes Up Your World

by Carla Mooney & Samuel Carbaugh

Have you ever wondered what makes up everything in the world around you? Or what exactly is the difference between solids, liquids, and gases? Have you wanted to know what causes two substances to react or change?...

Bridge to the Wild: Behind the Scenes at the Zoo

by Caitlin O'Connell & Timothy Rodwell

With stunning photographs and exemplary narrative nonfiction, the Sibert Honor-winning creators of The Elephant Scientist, Caitlin O'Connell and Timothy Rodwell, give readers a heartwarming insider's look...

Crow Smarts: Inside the Brain of the World's Brightest Bird

by Pamela S. Turner & Andy Comins

In the newest addition to the ever-popular and authoritative nonfiction Scientists in the Field series, the team behind The Frog Scientist take you on a research trip to New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean...

Because of an Acorn

by Lola M. Schaefer, Adam Schaefer & Frann Preston-Gannon

Because of an acorn, a tree grows, a bird nests, a seed becomes a flower. Enchanting die-cuts illustrate the vital connections between the layers of an ecosystem in this magical book. Wander down the forest...

The Story of Science: Newton at the Center: Newton at the Center

by Joy Hakim

Readers will travel back in time to ancient Babylonia, Egypt, and Greece. They will meet the world's first astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists and explore the lives and ideas of such famous people as...

The Story of Science: Newton at the Center: Newton at the Center

by Joy Hakim

In volume three, students will look over Albert Einstein's shoulder as he and his colleagues develop a new kind of physics. It leads in two directions: to knowledge of the vast universe and its future (insights...

The Story of Science: Newton at the Center: Newton at the Center

by Joy Hakim

In volume two, students will watch as Copernicus's systematic observations place the sun at the center of our universe—to the dismay of establishment thinkers. After students follow the achievements and frustrations...

Gorillas Up Close

by Christena Nippert-Eng, John Dominski & Miguel Martínez

Have you ever wondered how experts train a gorilla? Or what design features make a great gorilla habitat? Did you know that some gorillas can solve problems on giant touch-screen computers?

Filled with facts...