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A Select Collection of Valuable and Curious Arts and Interesting Experiments

by Various

Learn classic valuable and curious arts including Water-proof gilding and silvering, The art of burnish gilding, Ornamental bronze gilding, enamel picture glasses with gold, wash iron or steel with gold, wash...

This Is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide

by Emma Vanstone

Building a rocket and learning about science has never been easier with This Is Rocket Science: An Activity Guide.

Fun experiments for kids and adults teach you how to build mind-blowing projects, each designed...

I Want A Puppy or a Dog

by Tristan Pulsifer & Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

A chapter book for young readers - dog information for kids includes 25 Color Photos of Puppies and Dogs.

Here’s the basic dog pet book for grade 4, 5, 6 or young readers age 8-12 about how to give loving and...

I Want a Kitten or a Cat

by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson & Tristan Pulsifer

Chapter book for kids ages 8 to 12 or in grades 4 to 7, with 30 color photos.

Here’s the basic pet cat book for kids about how to give loving and responsible care to a new pet kitten or cat.

If your child is...

Fun Reptile Facts for Kids 9-12

by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

Fun Birds and Reptiles Book for Kids 8 to 12!

Fascinating book about reptiles for children intrigued by animals! Available in print for schools and libraries, this book also makes a great gift for a child, or...

Fun Leopard Gecko and Bearded Dragon Facts for Kids 9-12

by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

Fun Animal Facts For Kids Who Like Lizards!

Kids who are hoping to get a pet lizard, or who already have one will be intrigued by these wild, weird and wonderful facts about the two easiest lizard pets there...

Fun Cat Facts for Kids 9-12

by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

What Surprising Things Can Your Cat Do?

If you love kittens and cats, you won’t want to miss this fun cat facts book! It tells you all about some of the strange, odd and weird things wild cats and pet kittens...

Fun Dog Facts for Kids 9-12

by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

If you’re just crazy about puppies and dogs, you won’t want to miss this fun dog book for kids! It tells you all about some of the strangest, oddest and most amazing things about pet puppies and dogs. Even...

Going Wild

by Michelle Mulder

Going wild. We don't see it as a good thing. And why would we? For most of our time on earth, humanity has been running from lions and other wilderness dangers. We've worked hard to make our local landscapes...

I Want A Bearded Dragon

by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson & Tristan Pulsifer

What makes the Bearded Dragon the best pet lizard? Find out in this book for kids 9-12.

Here’s the basic Bearded Dragon pet lizard book for children and first-time pet owners that tells you what it’s really...

I Want A Leopard Gecko

by Tristan Pulsifer & Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson

Is your child begging for an unusual pet? Little leopard geckos are a popular and easy-care lizard reptile pet for children 8-12. Find out why

This chapter book tells young readers ages 8 to 12 (or grades 3 to...

Everything You Know About Space is Wrong

by Matt Brown

Indulge your curiosity with this humorous and fascinating book that demystifies the surprising myths about space.

In the latest book from the Everything You Know is Wrong series, Matt Brown brings you a compendium...

Glitter the Unicorn goes to the Moon

by Callie Chapman & Bronwyne Carr Chapman

Glitter the Unicorn and her best friend Ellie receive tickets to go to the moon. They board a rocket ship. When they land on the moon they meet a moon queen that sends them on an adventure through the galaxy...

Secret Mission: Gravity

by Awakened Phoenix

Illustrated below are the various combinations of gravity amplifier lensing directions and states of operation and how they influence the movement of the craft.

See also DELTA & OMICRON configurations.

The illustration...

Still Think Robots Can't Do Your Job?

by Riccardo Campa

Is Artificial Intelligence qualitatively different from other means of economizing the use of labor? Are we on the edge of a jobless society? If yes, are we ready for it? These are a few of the questions discussed...


by Stacy Tornio

This book brings the underwater world of sharks to life with eye-catching photos and captivating information about these mysterious and unusual aquatic hunters. Readers will learn how sharks live and hunt under...

Wild Cats

by Stacy Tornio

From animals that look like small dragons to those that shed their skin and transform into fairy-like insects, explore the fun and fascinating world of the creatures that live around us with the Amazing Animals...

This Is Rocket Science: True Stories of the Risk-taking Scientists who Figure Out Ways to Explore Beyond (Science & Nature)

by Gloria Skurzynski & National Geographic Kids

..three, two, one… we have liftoff! From the award-winning author of Are We Alone? comes a title to propel young imaginations far into space. This Is Rocket Science explores the past, present, and future of...

The Origin of Species

by Charles Darwin

The Origin of Species is the magnum opus of natural scientist Charles Darwin. In the book Darwin presents the theory that populations evolve over the course of generations through the process of natural selection....

The Everything Kids' Science Bundle

by Sheri Amsel, Sheryl Racine, Tom Robinson & Joseph Snedeker et al.

With The Everything® Kids’ Science Collection learning has never been so easy—or fun!

Inside, you’ll find:

The Everything® Kids’ Astronomy Book

The Everything® Kids’ Human Body Book

The Everything®...