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When Mom's Away

by Layla Ahmad & Farida Zaman

Things are changing for one little girl whose mom is a busy doctor. When her mom has to be in quarantine?sleeping on a cot in their garage to keep the family safe from the virus?the girl does her best to be...

Summary of They Both Die at the End

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of They Both Die at the End

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera is a young adult, science fiction novel published in 2017. Set in a dystopian alternate version of New York City in September 2017,...

Jack and Koukie

by Robert Blake & Marie-Lyne De Sève

Have you ever behaved like others, even if you felt that it was contrary to what your heart was telling you? The strength of Jack and Koukie with regards to bullying is that it encourages children to stand of...

THE VINLAND CHAMPIONS - A story of the First Viking Settlement in North America

by Ottilie Liljencrantz

It happened first in the history of the New World lands that the Northman Biorn Herjulfsson saw them when he had lost his way in journeying to Greenland. But he lacked the adventuresomeness to go ashore and...

48 Grasshopper Estates

by Sara de Waal & Erika Medina

A little girl uses imagination and inventiveness to spread friendship through her community. But will she find a friend of her own?

Whether it?s a supersonic sandwich maker or a twelve-tailed dragon, Sicily Bridges...

THE SUN MAID - An Adventure in America's mid-West

by Evelyn Ramond

There are things which never age. Such was the heart of the Maid who remained glad as a girl to the end of her century, and such the marvellous Chicago with a century rounded glory which is still the glory of...

The Adventures of Old Man Coyote - a visitor arrives in the Green Forest

by Thornton W. Burgess

All of a sudden a strange, ethereal, howling emanated from somewhere in the Green Forest. "Listen," whispered Jimmy Skunk to Peter Rabbit as the strange howling sound echoed through the Green Forest. “I am”...

High Five! (Catwad Book #5)

by Jim Benton

Catwad, Blurmp, Pigmichael, and more of Jim Benton's hilarious comic creations return in this roaringly funny fifth graphic novel!

In this poignant and emotionally wrenching tale, famous curmudgeon Catwad faces...

The Little Butterfly That Could (A Very Impatient Caterpillar Book)

by Ross Burach


?Will elicit plenty of giggles." -- Kirkus Reviews

Which way to the flowers?

That way. 200 miles.

How am I supposed to travel that far?!

You fly.

Can I take a plane?


Then I'll never make it!


The Little Butterfly That Could (Digital Read Along) (Butterfly Series) (Ebook)

by Ross Burach


?Will elicit plenty of giggles." -- Kirkus Reviews

Which way to the flowers?

That way. 200 miles.

How am I supposed to travel that far?!

You fly.

Can I take a plane?


Then I'll never make it!


The Great Cookie War

by Caroline Stellings

Life in her traditional Mennonite community is peaceful, if a little dull, for twelve-year-old Beth who dreams of being an artist. She goes to school, helps with the cooking and cleaning at home, and works with...

The Case of the Burgled Bundle: A Mighty Muskrats Mystery: Book 3

by Michael Hutchinson

The National Assembly of Cree Peoples has gathered together in the Windy Lake First Nation, home to the Mighty Muskrats?cousins Chickadee, Atim, Otter, and Sam. But when the treaty bundle, the center of a four-day-long...

Good as Gold (Whatever After #14)

by Sarah Mlynowski

The fourteenth book in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series featuring fractured fairy tales for fearless kids!

Guess where we are this time? The magic mirror has sent me and my brother, Jonah...

Do You Know Me?

by Libby Scott & Rebecca Westcott

Everyone else in Tally's grade seems excited for their class trip... And she knows she is supposed to be too. Ever since her classmates found out she is autistic, Tally has felt more comfortable being herself....

Mirror's Edge

Impostors #3

by Scott Westerfeld

The danger rises and the deception grows in the heart-stopping third book in the New York Times bestselling Impostors series!

Frey's return to the city of her birth isn't going to be an easy one. She and her...

Luckily it's not raining

by Marzia Stella

Marta Rice, a modest baker in a small town was faced with losing her dream job. All her life, what she wanted was to live quietly as a baker, and earn modestly for her and her mother but, life isn't a wish granting...

MOTHER WEST WIND'S WHEN STORIES - 16 animal "When" stories for children

by Thornton W. Burgess

This volume is dedicated to that most priceless of possessions, the hearts of children, still innocent and unsullied by the world.

Herein are 16 priceless “When” stories where children are told “when”...

The unconventional guide to screwing-up friends

by Hank Fredo

Jack is a goal-getter. The one guy that knows how to achieve his dream and remains completely unstoppable.

Ever wanted to know how to get ahead? Get the girl of your dreams, a contract or that promotion you've...

Uncle Wiggily and The Flying Rug + two more Unggle Wiggily stories

by Howard R. Garis

UNCLE WIGGILY and the FLYING RUG is one of many Uncle Wiggily picture books by Howard Garis and contains 3 action-packed children’s stories with 29 colourful illustrations.

UNCLE WIGGILY is an engaging elderly...

Percy’s Museum

by Sara O'Leary & Carmen Mok

A sweet story about embracing change, the excitement of discovery and the wonder of nature and new friends.

A young boy moves from the city to a new home in the country. He misses his friends, but at least it?s...