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The Show Must Go On!

You're Invited to a Creepover #4

by P.J. Night

Becca Hart has secretly wanted to act on stage for as long as she could remember—it's all she ever thinks about. Determined to make her dream come true Becca tries out for this year's school play, The Last...

Zombie Mommy

by M.T. Anderson & Kurt Cyrus

The Pals in Peril embark on a horrifying adventure of life and un-death that is “ridiculous in all the best ways” (Kirkus Reviews)!

Our intrepid heroes are home from their Delaware crime-stopping excitement,...


The Poison Diaries #2

by Maryrose Wood & The Duchess of Northumberland

Sixteen-year-old Jessamine Luxton is heartbroken. Her true love, Weed, the strange but intriguing young man who came into her life so suddenly, has disappeared. How could he have left her with no farewell, and...

Maya's Choice

by Earl Sewell

Maya's summer is shaping up to be unforgettable—in both good and bad ways. First she's sent to stay with her grandmother for a month. Living in the city, Maya is too far from her friend Keysha and her boyfriend,...

The Iron Knight

The Iron Fey #6

by Julie Kagawa

My name—my True Name—is Ashallayn'darkmyr Tallyn. I am the last remaining son of Mab, Queen of the Unseelie Court. And I am dead to her. My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl…

To cold faery prince...


by Norton Juster & G. Brian Karas

“[T]his ingenious foray into breaking into a new neighborhood makes for an amusing and appealing story,” raves School Library Journal.

Written by the acclaimed author of The Phantom Tollbooth, this Amazon...


by Robin Wasserman

Following the events of Frozen, Lia has adjusted to downloading her brain and living in a synthetic body. But fleeing her organic family to live on a compound with other mechs has its downsides. Especially when...

Poems I Wrote When No One Was Looking

by Alan Katz & Edward Koren

Bestselling author Alan Katz, of Silly Dilly fame, knows kid humor, and he knows just what subjects are funniest—from school to siblings to sports, this assortment of spirited poetry has something for everyone....

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked: The Junior Novel

by Perdita Finn

The Chipmunks and The Chipettes are enjoying the time of their lives on a spectacular cruise ship until . . . ’munk overboard! When the gang follows Alvin to the shore of a deserted island far away from their...


The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters #1

by L. J. Smith

The past is never far. . . .

Elena Gilbert and her friends saved Fell’s Church from evil spirits bent on destroying it, but the town’s freedom came at a price: Damon Salvatore’s life.

Damon’s death changes...

Tuesdays at the Castle

Castle Glower #1

by Jessica Day George

Part Home Alone, part Hogwart's "Room of Requirement," part Howl's Moving Castle, this delightful young novel from fantasy favorite Jessica Day George introduces readers to the Glower children, who, together...

Between the Sea and Sky

by Jaclyn Dolamore

She comes from the oceans;

he comes from the skies.

They'll find love somewhere in between

Battle Fatigue

by Mark Kurlansky

Growing up in the years following World War II, Joel Bloom always played war or baseball with his friends. They dreamed of fighting in the military or leading the Dodgers to the World Series. But by the time...

Break Away

by Sylvain Hotte & Casey Roberts

Alexandre McKenzie lives in a town on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River. Summer finds him riding through the bush on his quad or fishing in an inland lake. In winter he is a promising midget hockey star...

The First Family and their Struggle to Survive

by Carol Wiggins Gigante

Laughter. Crying. Pleasure. Pain. Despair. Hope. The range of emotions Adam and Eve must have felt is beyond our imagination. As they made a home for themselves outside of the Garden of Eden, they experienced...

Duck Boy

by Bill Bunn

His mom disappeared without a trace. Believing his mom abandoned the family, Steve Best can barely function. School is a failure. Home is a disaster. Even his attempt to save a duck from the school bullies led...

Slitgut and Emerald Eyes: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Thirteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

Captain Slitgut wants to be king of the Dragon Blood Pirates. First he steals the emerald eyes from the idol on Sabre Island, then he plans to come back and kill all the elephants! Will Al and Owen be able to...

Dead Man's Whirlpool: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Fourteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

Al and Owen return to the Dragon Blood Islands, only to be captured by Captain Slitgut. He forces them to walk the plank and they are sucked into the dreaded Dead Man's Whirlpool. No one makes it out of there...

Graveyard Diamonds: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Sixteen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

A fortune in diamonds is buried in a grave on Casket Island. Al and Owen set sail to find the treasure with Captain Gunner and his crew. But can they trust everyone on board? And what other secrets does the...

Ransom: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Seventeen

by Dan Jerris & Rory Walker

The dreaded Captain Slitgut has kidnapped Al's sister, Hally, and her friend Grenda. Al and Owen must rescue the girls, but a jungle of angry apes, a perilous cliff and three huge bloodthirsty dogs stand in...