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Happy Fourteen # 2: Exploring Alaska,     Fun on the beach

by Donna Brooks & Kalpart

Entertaining and educational.

Happy Fourteen is a delightful collection of five books with ten adventures.

With comforting simplicity and gentle rhythms, Donna Brooks, celebrates the unconditional love between...

The You Cans and Their Big Adventure: Encouraging Positive Attitudes, Character Building, Self-Confidence, and Teamwork

by Missy Ohe

The You Cans and their teachers go on an adventure. While on the adventure they learn more about themselves and their teammates. Together they work through challenges and celebrate victories. They also learn...

Princess Juniper of the Anju

by Ammi-Joan Paquette

Juniper may have secured her kingdom, but danger – and adventure – are far from over. 

The land known as Queen's Basin is securely under Juniper's rule, and the time has come to focus on saving her father's...

The Sky Is Falling

by Ada Hopper & Sam Ricks

In the third action-packed adventure of The DATA Set series, Dr. Bunsen uses his newest invention—the Bunsenmunicator 3000—to communicate with aliens.

Earth to the DATA Set! HELP!

When bizarre lights streak...

Inspector Ratley Investigates: A story from the StoryBox series

by Fanny Joly & Philip Waechter

Inspector Ratley has just finished his breakfast when Zoe comes round in a panic. Her bike has been stolen and she needs the inspector’s help. Can Inspector Ratley solve the mystery?

Inspector Ratley investigate...

The Fairy Without Wings

by Nicola Gothard & Oana Voitovici

Aluna Lilova is a fairy without wings. Join her on a magical journey through the enchanted lands of Pixie Meads on a quest to follow her heart and find her wings. Along the way she encounters a beast who has...

Millie Vs the World

by Kiera O'Brien

Millie knows she's not what they say she is. She's not a unit: she's a girl! It's all just a crazy misunderstanding. If she could just talk to her Company without the police shooting at her - well, then they...

Puck of Pook's Hill

by Rudyard Kipling

Playing in the gardens of their home, Dan and Una come across Puck, an ancient fairy with a gift for storytelling. Plucking figures from history to weave his magical stories, Puck takes the children from the...

Rewards and Fairies

by Rudyard Kipling

This second collection of stories and poetry featuring Dan and Una and their adventures with the fairy, Puck, is a classic to treasure. Set in the surroundings of his Sussex home, Bateman's, Rudyard Kipling's...

Happy Fourteen book # 1: Adventure # 1  Adventure # 2

by Donna Brooks & Kalpart

Happy Fourteen is a delightful collection of five books with ten adventures. With comforting simplicity and gentle rhythms, Donn Brooks, celebrates the unconditional love between children and little puppies....

Overworld in Flames: Herobrine's Revenge Book Two (A Gameknight999 Adventure): An Unofficial Minecrafter's Adventure

by Mark Cheverton

Mysterious fires are burning the Overworld to the ground!

The NPCs of Minecraft barely had time to celebrate their victory over the spider queen and the king of the skeletons before terrible new crimes broke...

Skeleton Battle: The Unofficial Minecrafters Academy Series, Book Two

by Winter Morgan

After a scourge of griefer attacks and a change in headmasters, Minecrafters Academy is once again at peace, and Lucy is working hard to keep up in all her classes. Meanwhile, the school is gearing up for an...


by Jenny Martin

Mad Max meets Firefly in the exhilarating sequel to the sci-fi novel Tracked

Cash, the prince of Bisera and leader of the rebellion, is missing. Phee's uncle James is dead. And Charles Benroyal, once again,...

Mobs in the Mine: An Unofficial Minetrapped Adventure, #2

by Winter Morgan

Lily, Simon, and Michael are still trapped in their Minecraft game, but with new friends and a better understanding of their arch enemy Mr. Anarchy, they’re getting closer to finding a way home. But before...

The Lost City Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

by Daniel Blackaby

Cody Clemenson's ordinary life is turned upside down when he discovers a mysterious book hidden in an antique bookstore. A secret society emerges to steal the book - willing to kill anyone in its way - and a...


by Huw Davies

Fourteen-year-old ‘model pupil’ Davidde (his parents had trouble spelling) lives with his dad after his mother died. His father does his best, but when a new headteacher starts at his valleys school, Davidde...

The Skeleth

by Matthew Jobin

Discover for yourself why reviewers are comparing The Nethergrim to Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Ranger's Apprentice! The next great epic fantasy is here . . .

For the lords of the north, land is power. The...

Nick and Tesla's Solar-Powered Showdown: A Mystery with Sun-Powered Gadgets You Can Build Yourself

by Bob Pflugfelder & Steve Hockensmith

Kid inventors Nick and Tesla Holt have outsmarted crooks, spies, and kidnappers. Now they have to crack their biggest mystery yet: Where the heck are their parents? To outwit the criminal mastermind who’s...

The Magic Mirror: Concerning a Lonely Princess, a Foundling Girl, a Scheming King and a Pickpocket Squirrel

by Susan Hill Long

The twisty-turny journey of a girl searching for her heart’s desire—glimpsed in a magic mirror. Perfect for fans of Rump or Catherine, Called Birdy


A foundling girl with a crooked leg and a crutch doesn’t...

Theodore Boone: The Scandal

by John Grisham

Thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone knows every judge, police officer, and court clerk in Strattenburg. He has even helped bring a fugitive to justice. But even a future star lawyer like Theo has to deal with statewide...