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Accidentally Famous

by Kristen Maxwell & Sabino Kevin

Life may have its own special plans for you.

A well-meaning friend submits Iggy’s ink art to a big contest.  A quiet inkapus, Iggy finds himself suddenly thrown into the spotlight and totally unprepared—and...

Inkapus On the Move

by Kristen Maxwell & Kevin Sabino

Sometimes, you have to leave your comfort zone.

Iggy’s long time home, Crystal Cove, becomes polluted. So, Iggy and a few of his friends set out to find a clean place to live. This proves to be more challenging...

Dog Stories

by Various Authors

Twelve barktastic dog stories for children!

Featuring stories from bestselling Australian children's authors this collection will make dog-lovers of any age smile. Funny, touching, cute, fantastical, weird,...

Cat Stories

by Various Authors

Twelve purrfect cat stories for children!

Featuring stories from bestselling Australian children's authors, this collection will make cat-lovers of any age smile. Funny, touching, cute, fantastical, weird, disgusting...

Starfish's Special Day

by Dino Krampovitis & Konstantinos Krampovitis

Leo has another adventure, this time at the beach! Starfish has a special day, as she is gently fished out of the sea, and meets Leo. A beautifully innocent story, learning about nature, the sea and starfish....

Isaac and Amiculus

by Amanda Lewer, Wendy Monoghan & Rhonda Hunter

Isaac’s family is falling apart and the school bully is making his life hell.  The loneliness he suffers is alleviated when he moves in with his grandmother and a mischievous old soul in the form of a ginger...

The Great Big Paw Print

by Poppy Green & Jennifer A. Bell

Sophie Mouse discovers a giant paw print in Pine Needle Grove—and follows it right into a bear’s den—in the ninth charming book of The Adventures of Sophie Mouse series!

While Sophie and her friends are...

The Adventures of Pugley Bear, Home Sweet Home

by Sol Regwan & Echavez Alejandro

The Adventures of Pugley Bear, Home Sweet Home is a book for children ages 4 - 8 years of age. It's the story about a little bear who feels left out and unloved after his little sister is born. He feels so badly...

The Caterpillar That Learned to Fly: A Children's Nature Picture Book, a Fun Caterpillar and Butterfly Story For Kids

by Sharon Clark & Roberto Gonzalez

This picture book will delight children between the ages of 5 to 9. It is told in a unique story format from the perspective of Cutter a Monarch caterpillar. Children will learn fascinating facts about this...


by Jennifer Li Shotz

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine., Jennifer Li Shotz, comes a brand-new heroic dog to love!

Hero, a retired search-and-rescue dog, is not prepared for a stray puppy...

Piper Morgan to the Rescue

by Stephanie Faris & Lucy Fleming

Piper helps some four-legged friends find the perfect home in the third book of the brand-new Piper Morgan series.

Piper is super excited to help out at Bark Street, a local animal shelter in town. Who wouldn’t...

The Adventures of Big Sil Phoenix, AZ: Children's Book

by A.J. Bennett, Drew Lewis & Patrick Driscoll

Imagine, discover and explore amazing places around the U.S., in this children’s book series led by the loveable dog, Big Sil. The story is told through a unique combination of illustration and photography...

The Honeybee That Learned to Dance: A Children's Nature Picture Book, a Fun Honeybee Story That Kids Will Love;

by Sharon Clark & Roberto Gonzalez

This picture book will delight children between the ages of 5 to 9. It is told in a unique story format from the perspective of Hummy, a honeybee. Children will learn some fascinating facts and behaviors of...

Cowlicks & Freckles

by Robin S Garland

Using one’s imagination can help you succeed!

By accepting her awkwardness, but not her uniqueness as a person, Jelly Douglas sets off to build a dog walking business in order to earn money to buy a special...

The Fly Who Couldn't Fly

by Michelle De Serres

Malcolm the Mole comes calling to ask Harry to come and watch young Denzil the Fly take his first flight and off they hurry to see the sight. But when they arrive Mrs Fly’s in tears – young Denzil can’t...

The Frog Ballet

by Michelle De Serres

Summer has come to the garden, the flowers are blooming with pride and Harry, Melissa and Norman have work to do organising the Apple Cottage garden party. Melissa lines up all the little froglets in their pretty...

Harry Goes Sailing

by Michelle De Serres

It’s the height of summer and Harry’s feeling the heat. So he scurries off to the frog pond where he hops with Melissa the frog into the garden gnome’s little sailing boat. Hauling aboard a lily leaf for...

Florida Cheese

by Lee Trotta & Dace Likethefish

And you thought packing snacks for a trip was cumbersome!   Take a fun romp through the concrete jungle with three loud-mouthed mice, Bernie, Jonah, and Ebeneezer, who tempt fate trying to find some snacks...

We Love Grandma: A "Tail" of Unconditional Love.

by Brandi Russell, Kyler Russell & Elle Russell

We Love Grandma

By Brandi, Elle and Kyler Russell

10 ISBN:  0-9915386-6-8

13 ISBN: 978-0-9915386-6-9

Grandma covers our cheeks with slobbery smooches, takes us for walks, and sometimes pees on the floor!  But,...

The Dog, Ray

by Linda Coggin

When my death came it was swift. Swift as a running horse. It wasted no time. Daisy, age twelve, has died in a car accident. She finds herself in the afterworld, which resembles nothing more than a job center....