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Cinders (Horse Diaries Special Edition)

by Kate Klimo & Ruth Sanderson

In this Dog Diaries–meets–Horse Diaries Special Crossover Edition, a horse with a bad reputation meets his match in a no-nonsense fire dog and the biggest, hottest flames Chicago has ever seen!


In the...

Ghosts and Goblins and Ninja, Oh My!

by Walker Styles & Ben Whitehouse

A team of ninjas descends upon Pawston in this fourth Rider Woofson adventure!

When the sacred scroll of Bark-Jitsu disappears, the Sensei goes to his student Westie for help. Can Westie and the rest of the Pup...


by Fred Helfers

Welcome to the World of Detection Dogs. This manual is designed to assist a handler of a detection dog to enhance their team's proficiency in the detection of a trained odor. It is the author's belief that the...

Meaty Beatty: The Torturous Tale of a Butcher Turned Bad

by Kate Willatts

Exploring the darker side of people's interest in exotic species both for food and as pets, Meaty Beatty' is a fun novel which aims to raise awareness in the middle grade age group of illegal animal trafficking...

Puppy Pirates Super Special #1: Ghost Ship

by Erin Soderberg

Dogs and pirates combine in the new chapter book series that’s sure to appeal to fans of Rainbow Magic, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and PAW Patrol!


Ahoy, mateys! Set sail for fun and adventure on a...

Malkin Moonlight

by Emma Cox

Every journey begins with a paw step ...

Malkin is a small black cat with a magnificent tail, and he's destined to be a hero. He just doesn't know it yet.

On his third life, Wild Malkin falls in love with Roux,...


by Mike Storey

Bill is a young Teddycat, which means he’s one of the most special--and mysterious--animals in the jungle. Teddycats can climb higher than any other mammal around. And because the Teddycats can climb so high,...

Dunder and Munster in The Rescue

by Monique Pham-Louie & Byron Louie

"The Rescueis a story about Dunder the German Shepherd and the day his parents brought home Munster from the animal shelter - changing both of their lives forever. "The Rescue" shares the message of hope,...


by Tracy Edward Wymer

Seventh grader Eddie is determined honor his father’s legacy and win the school science fair in this fun and quirky debut novel.

Eddie learned everything there is to know about birding from his dad, including...

The Brave Little Misha: Survive

by Gabriel McMichael

Misha has fallen ill and is admitted to the hospital. She does not want to be taken from her new family, and she is scared of what might happen to her. Misha finds the courage to face her illness head on. Once...

Class Pet Squad

by Dan Yaccarino

Every school needs a little help now and then, especially PS 1000.

Sure, just like your school, PS 1000 has teachers, a principal, and a maintenance crew, who all keep everything running smoothly, but they don't...

Monkey Love

by Vicktoria Kraemer

Jimmy is a perfect playmate. He makes everything more fun,

from banana scented bubble baths to dumpster diving, he loves it all!

Sure, there are some bumps and bruises (and a little monkey poop)

along the way...

Ladybugs for Loretta

by Lois Wickstrom & Francie Mion

Loretta is a mischievous girl who lives in a cabin high up in the Colorado mountains.  She loves her garden and the ladybugs that protect it.  But where do they go in the winter? On a cold winter day when...

Tuesday Takes Me There

by Luis Montalván & Bret Witter

From New York's Staten Island Ferry to a double-decker bus in Washington, DC, a delightful service dog, named Tuesday, narrates this fun and exciting journey ― with his disabled veteran partner ― to a very...

Cody Harmon, King of Pets

by Claudia Mills & Rob Shepperson

Cody Harmon doesn't love reading, math, spelling, or really any of the subjects that Miss Molina teaches in her third-grade class. But he lives on a farm and he loves animals--he even has nine pets--so when...

Never Box with a Kangaroo #11

by Nancy Krulik & Sebastien Braun

Sparky goes down under!

When Sparky chomps on his magic bone, this time it kabooms him to Kangaroo Island, Australia! There he discovers a fox terrier puppy named Mick who's lost his family. But Sparky has a...

Indoor Cats

by S. B. Aguinaldo

Indoor Cats by Canadian-Australian author S.B. Aguinaldo is a story for young children. It has subtle messages about facing fears, being willing to see another’s viewpoint, and being content with who and...

Sally the Snake: The Quest to the Beginning

by Michelle Boomer

What happens when your home is threatened? When all life is at the mercy of an unknown? Or worse, that you’re being hunted? This is Sally’s reality and she has to act fast before time runs out and all...

Bees in Loretta's Bonnet

by Lois J Wickstrom & Francie Mion

When Loretta dropped her armload of firewood on the hearth, a mysterious tube fell from between the logs. It was a leafcutter bee nest. Loretta took it back out to the woodpile and watched as holes appeared....

When Friendship Followed Me Home

by Paul Griffin

Perfect for summer reading, a breathtaking middle-grade novel about happiness, loss, and an unforgettable dog named Flip

“This story convinced me all over again that love and imagination are life’s biggest...